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I've been jelqing for more than 6 months. This is what I have learned.


When I’m talking about erect jelqing, I don’t mean squeezing or short uli type exercises. I mean getting your dick hard and jelqing for 10-15 minutes (or trying to). Thats what i don’t recommend. I disagree also that you need to make your dick bigger when done jelqing erect than it normally is erect to have done some good. I think erection is to be avoided. Having some experience is no excuse to use a damaging technique like erect jelqing. Its never good. A burst vein is always a stroke away. Any urolgist will tell you that any strong manipulation like squeezing and such of an erect dick is something to be avoided because you can damage the dick easily in this state and cause scarring and peyrones like problems. Erect jelqing is way too stressful on the dick and can cause unrecoverable scarring and trauma. Basically beyond the help of rest days.

Also, I did gain a lot of girth from doing my new routine - it was erect jelqing that took away my length and girth.

Here is what I do. First of all my “routine” is very simple.

I do not warm up using hot water or heat. My only warmup is part of the jelq itself. I’ll get to that.


First off, I use vaseline as lubricant. Its hard to cleanup but it lasts long for uninterupted jelqing.

I use an overhand grip. I do that because I can get further into the base versus underhand jelqing. The pull seems stronger too. Another big reason is because underhand jelqing makes my fingers hit my sweet spot which gets me erect - something I don’t want.

As far as pressue goes - it varies. Don’t be rigid with it. Vary the pressure. Sometimes I start with a really tight grip and my dick connection says ouch and midway through I adjust. Alter your grip a little. Try to go for a “medium” grip. Don’t over tighten. One principle I would recommend is it is better to go too light for a few strokes than to go too hard.

Your dickhead should swell at the end of the stroke, filling with blood (yuck). But dont be neurotic about it. You should notice slight swelling. It doesn’t have to turn into a big basketball or something.

I spend about 2.5 seconds on each stroke. I aim for 2-3 seconds on each one. I stop at the beginning of the head. I alter my hands back and forth both overhand. Sometimes I switch from hand to hand just as the other hand is finishing. But most of the time I stop the first stroke completely, drop that hand, then start the next stroke (thats the way the pj does it btw) with the other hand.


Like I said, I don’t warm up like most do. I simply go to the bathroom, pull out my pretty much flaccid dick, put vaseline on it and start jelqing. Want to see your head baloon? Start your jelq from total flaccidity - anyways - I then jelq for 10 to 15 minutes max. Usually 10 minutes. It never gets very hard maybe 60-70% at most. But by the time I am done, it looks very engorged and very long hanging. Most of the time I finish with a hot bath and then shower but not really for a warm down. I do it just because I want to get the freaking vaseline off so I kill two (some would say three) birds with one stone.

I do this 5 times a week with two rest days. Rest days means no pe activity whatsoever. Jerking off and fucking is fine. In fact, it is encouraged (lol). Just no jelqing stretching or even thinking about pe allowed (lol).

That is one schedule I use. Sometimes I’ll do that for one week and then I’ll do a 15- 20 minute jelq routine every other day. I am convinced that this is actually the best way to go. You jelq then you rest. You jelq, break down whatever is broken down that then comes back bigger and stronger and then restart the process again. It makes sense to have a rest day in between your jelqings. This way your dick definitely repairs the damage (or most likely does) and then you can build on top of it instead of just always being in a state of recovery. You want to grow.

I probably will go totally with this way soon (every other day) its just that I like jelqing so 5 days a week with a light 10 minutes is more fun.

I don’t ( I use to) do any stretching or squeezes right now.

I find using the jelq this way is very legnth and width stimulating.

Its also very gentle and extremely time efficient.

But try jelqing like this for 10 minutes 5 days a week with the weekend (sat, sun) off. Don’t do ulis or stretching or any of that. Just try this for two weeks and then note your flaccid size and see if you notice anything different. Do it for 4 weeks and then check it for erect length and girth.

Or you could do 15-20 minutes jelq only as described every other day like: mon, wed, fri, sun, tue, thur etc

The trick really to all this I believe is:

1). Working with blood which becomes more difficult as you near erection.

2). Length of time of workout. Personally, I have found 10 minutes (and I’ve jelqed for hours at a time when I first started) is more than adequate for stimulating growth if you rest properly (give adequate length of time for rest)

3). Rest days. This is very critical. It is important to have rest days. The growth happens then - not when you are squeezing your dick (that is the stimulus). Like I said, its probably best to use a day on day off approach but 10 minutes 5 days a week I think can still work (as long as you don’t do more than 10 minutes and are not too aggressive.)

That’s it. It is simple. And seems to produce results at a blindingly fast rate.

But dont believe me. Try it. It will be very difficult. Most people think that to get something done they must show extreme effort.
When you are use to a halfhour/hour long daily routine - this seems like a joke. But try it and dont cheat (do more) and see if it does not give your dick a whole new perspective.

Oh - I just made the bp measurements comments because some like to assert that it is the correct way to measure when it is no more correct than nbp measuring. And nbp gives you the extra advantage of being true quotable length. But whatever makes anyone happy I guess.



One last thing you could also try is a split routine. Many people rave about crazy fast gains doing this. Basically they jelq or do squeezes every other day and do length exercises every other day with sunday off.

Personally, i think the jelq takes care of both length and width and can be used exclusively every other day. Again, what i think is working there is the rest day between emphasis. Also, these people do very light emphasis on length and width on the respective days generally.

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Hey newbie,
How do you know for sure that your gains now were not caused by the foundation you layed with the erect jelqing?

How long have you been doing the 50-70% jelqing?

Did you stop for any length of time when you quit erect jelqing?

I would still like to know who these “others” are, that share your opinion.

Also, who are the guys that have caused themselves damage by erect jelqing?

And why did you, a newbie at the time, start erect jelqing after reading all the warnings?

Maybe that is the reason it did not work for you.

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I did

it because I read of people who made great gains doing this on message boards quite like this one.

People try stuff you know? I did learn that not only is it dangerous but like I said, worse than ineffective. At least for me and I suspect maybe for others too.

How do I know it wasn’t the foundation that I built earlier?

Thats an easy one. Because when ever i approached the routine I use now, I made fast visible gains. But being a reader and explorer, I was learning and looking for new stuff. Many people have this seductive authority about them with incredible claims of gains that I just had to try it. When i tried longer routines with more stuff, the gains stopped and in some case reversed to the point of impotence. Of course, then i thought I had to do more to get gains and I got caught up in what I belive many are caught up in - a viscious cycle of doing more and more and getting less and less from it until finally you take that two week long break and maybe recover your dick. Once I started looking at what i was doing, it was clear to me that i was overtraining and probably were most others too.

When i lost the hardheadedness and pe obsession, and just did it for 10 minutes - my dick said hello growth.

As far as injuries go, I read all the time of people injuring themselves using erect jelqing or sqeezes. In fact on your board and on other boards on the internet. Blood spots on your dick are not good. Sorry.

Erect jelqing. Call your nearest enlightened urolgist and ask them about squeezing the dick when erect - you might be shocked about what he has to say about it. Forget vein bursting - how about internal scarring and permanent damage?

I’m not selling anything. I’m just sharing my own experience with the hope of helping others get their dicks bigger.


Do you really

want the number? Lol.

Ask any urologist. I’m not giving you the number to mine.

I’m also not mentioning other message boards and their owners by name because they have rights to privacy. But I’ll tell you this. The consensus is : NEVER JELQ ERECT OR EVEN CLOSE TO IT! lol
Some of these feel people deliberately tell others to do this like a sick joke. I generally don’t believe that. I think people just get caught up in overtraining where the climax is that you are pe’ing 24 hours a day lol. They get enthused and want to share it and then need to defend it if for their own convincing.

But whatever. We all have our paths to take.

I guess its possible that some have gained girth using “advanced” erect jelqing technique. But it didnt work for me, doesn’t work for many and may produce long term irreversible scarring damage that may not be immediately apparent according to urologists.

Hey but maybe the urologists are wrong and I needed another 6 months to be really advanced enough to use the advanced tehcniques. I guess anything is possible.


And these are non-commercial boards? Where there is no concern that a member might sue the owner of a paysite? Or do you think maybe the owners of these boards might be saying this to protect themselves if a newbie, like you, comes along and jumps right into an advanced exercise? Even though he should have seen all the warnings?

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kinds of boards. Some are commercial and some are more just a board set up with a banner or two. I have discussed this with many and I hear what you are saying - yes they don’t want to be sued - but thats covered in whole usually when you enter - you know this is for informational purposes only.
The whole thing is somewhat dangerous not just erect jelqing.

But no, I’m talking about peoples experiences with it and its effect on their dicks. Most people i have spoken with said it caused impotence. The few who tried and modified the routine to lessen impotence experienced shrink. This was my experience as well.

It seems like there are two disticnt camps ( well not that distinct but you know what I mean) in this pe thing.

There are those who do very long routines and for whom pe is almost a lifestyle and identity. Then there are those who do much shorter routines and rest often. They believe easy does it.

I guess I fall into the second camp. Maybe there are sub camps and summer camps but I believe in general less is much more and economy of effort should be the goal not some long routine.

Anyways, my suggestions have worked for me and they are really easy to do so I suggest if anyone is stuck in a rut to try it - it might help and will probably be much gentler than what they are doing now anyway.



I think this is a great board. I hope I haven’t offended people here (too much, lol). Obviously, if you are doing long advanced routines and it is working for you and you are gaining regularly, then that is great (although a urologist might disagree).

My post is aimed at people who are going nowhere and are frustrated with the high amount of work they do for little or no return. I was there for awhile. It sucks.

Peace and later.

Hi all and Newbie,

Just a few points. When I first started pe’ing last year sometime, the site I started with had erect jelking as one of its girth excercise and Im not sure if it gave any warnings about it, and if it did I didnt see it. Well, being a beginner I found it more pleasurable performing the erect jelks and a few weeks into it while enjoying the jelking session my grip got a bit harder than I should have had and just as you said, blood was oozing out. I didnt know what to do. Of course, I quit pe’ing for a while until I came across another site that gave the warnings of erect jelking, then I realized what had happened. I personally dont think that it should be encouraged because there are no signs that you are squeezing too hard and the only evidence of it is after the damage is done. I think that the other methods are much safer for girth.

Secondly, my two cents about the bp and nbp measurements. I think that the bp measurements is much more accurate for monitoring gains than nbp because when you hit the bone, the ruler cant go any further thus eliminating ang errors unlike the nbp, it is so easy to press 1/8” without noticing. If you gain 1/8”, it would be very difficult to see that measuring nbp. There is room for error using nbp method. Whenever I want to check for any gains say after two weeks where there may be about 1/8” gain, I would always measure bp and once I see that gain bp style, I know that I had gained 1/8” , but by nbp, I always think that I probably pushed the ruler in too much and then I would have doubts. BUT, if I want a true measurement of my dick, I would measure nbp to get a general idea of my true length. By measuring bp, I dont consider that my true dick length even though it looks better. When you measure your height, you stand on a solid surface and measure at the top of your head. You dont stand on a flexible surface that can move and try to be consistent on marking how low the surface sunk while measuring.

The problem with bp

measuring is this idea of hitting the bone. I say again depending on your tolerance for pain, you can get different measurements depending on how hard you push on any given measurement day. You can infact push harder or lighter than what you did last time. Clearly, if you pushed as hard as you can, you would impale yourself. I mean, can you remember how hard you pushed the last time? Also, can you remember exactly where you begin the plunge? Also, there can be things that affect the size of that fat pad area that have nothing to do with dick. If you are bloated for some reason, has your dick gotten smaller? No.

My point being, if there is room for error with measuring bp, which is actaully a lot more complicated and as such has more room for error than nbp, why do it at all when you can get a quotable measurement which is versatile in that it tells you growth status and can be used in advertisements (lol).?

If bp involves a measure of eye, why not use that eye and lightly rest the ruler where your dick begins? How light? Just touching. There is little difference with just touching. In any case, the same difference exists with bp. So why not get the bonus of accurate measurement (true measurement) of nbp and use that instead?

Personally, my measurements have varied wildly with bp measurements. Up to half an inch difference at times. As I eliminated my errors, like using different widthed rulers, slight differences in posture, I fould that I could always push more and that i was never sure how much i pushed the last time. This I what believe accounts for most of the discrepancies. Not to mention it freakin hurts!

But I also wonder if the fad pad is subject to effects that the rest of the body is and if these effects can influence the measurement.

Ironically, I found that when I gained 40 lbs a year ago, my nbp did not change at all. It looks a little smaller because I am biiger. But the measurement stayed the same. I just dont see the value of this way.

One last thing

When I would puch the ruler in really hard, I noticed sometimes I contracted my stomach muscles (as a brace against the pain I guess or to steady myself in space) which would swing my pelvis forward a little which changed the measurement. So unless you are nalyzing exactly what you are doing and remembering that from measurement to measurment, I think you can fool your self with bp. I guess best would be to do both but take the nbp as the real measure as the only thing that really matters is effective, existing dick.

This contraction can also

cause that fat pad to become very taught btw. There are muscles in that area and muscles are a whole different ballgame. They can vary wildly in size and contracture depending on simple things like temperatue and stress state. So again, I think its clear that what bp represents is a lot of unknowns while nbp presents the challenge of resting the ruler lightly at the base (I’m not saying there will be no discrepancies - just less) and has multiple benefits including no pain, versatility of usefulness of measurement and potentially less delusion.


Bp v NBP

At what angle do you measure? Do you push your dick down so that it lies parrellel to the floor? Do you measure standing up or sitting down?

Although I agree that “true dick length” is NBP (hey, after all, that is what is seen when the other, be it man or woman, whips out your one eyed snake), IMO the best measurement system is BP. Why, do u ask. Simple, newbie.

You say go NPB to where your dick comes out and have it just touching. I don’t know about you, but the angle between my penis and lower stomach is not a sharp 90º angle. The skin/fat/muscle curves, so dpending where exactly I place the ruler, and the angle of my penis to the the floor, cause many variations. Few would disagree with me on this point.

Admitably, BP measurements can vary too, but not to such a great extent as NBP. I push the ruler (or object) into the skin at the same point (I have a mark which allows for this) and push right to the bone. It hurts somewhat, but for me it is accurate, and when doing it repeatedly, or using other objects (eg thin pencil case, shampoo bottle, even kitchen utensils) and then measuring them, the results have a minimal deviation from the mean.

As a more accurate measuring system for me, I use BPFSL - bone pressed flaccid stretched length - and with my fingers in a ring below my glans pull out my dick and with the other hand push in the ruler. It gives me a very constant measurement, but all must be weighed up. My BPFSl is 20cm, but I KNOW I DONT HAVE a 20 cm dick. however, it gives me a good base from which to see gains.

And as others have pointed out in the past, when you thrust your member into some orifice, do you do so up to the point where your BODY comes into contact with the vagina :thats: (or anus) :rear: or do you go forward and plunge the BP penis in as far as the blighter will go, bone hitting bone, which can sometimes be a little painful.

I agree that a 6” dick must be a visible 6” (ie. NBP ) or one is only cheating himself, but for the sake of MEASUREMENT AND CONSISTENCY BP is more accurate.



If you are getting a consistent measure than that is cool imo.

I find that nbp can work quite well, if you measure from the same spot. I find the spot to be right where the penis begins, right above the penis. I measure when it gets the typical just above horizontal angle. And it is very accurate - and does show growth.

I don’t know what the hell bp is showing - maybe my stress levels of the day lol.

But to each his own and respect to all.




You keep on talking about scarring, what to you mean?



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