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I've been jelqing for more than 6 months. This is what I have learned.


Like I said, I have gained 40 lbs (way pre pe) and saw no differences in my nbp length (i’ve always been a measurer lol).

As far as studies, especially dick length studies, very few use bp measurements that I have seen. I think thunder showed me one which if i remember correctly had errors in it.

All penis length and size studies measure from the base - not from the bone.

Lets take the hint.

There is too much variance in bp measuring due to variance in the area between base and bone on the same person and amongst other people.

Hey newbie,

Most of the size studies don’t tell you how they measure or the measurements are done by the subjects, real accuracy there. I don’t remember which study I told you about, but if you look at any of them closely, they all have flaws of one kind or another.

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Well, regarding stretching

like I said, it might not happen but theoretically - with all other parts of the body if you stretch ligaments, the ligaments lose ability in time to support the area - allowing other associated structures to stretch as well further degrading ability of area to remain firm as designed. In other words, what happens when you cut a lig as in surgery? Sag city.

Maybe this doesnt happen or wont happen but for me, I’m going for stretch in 3d and leaving my ligs for the most part alone.

I think the other

day or week there was a playboy study posted here quoting some study and they said - measured from the base.

All studies do it like that. All the major ones have in the past.

Think about it. Where is the point where you start the ruler plunge and how do you determine that?

What? By eye? If we are doing eye, we can forget bp and measure nbp and get the real length straight off.

BP is like some elaborate convuluted and inaccurate version of nbp. I think people fall for it because it seems smart. But if you look at it closely, it is just as inaccurate if not more than nbp. Plus, its not the real measurement to boot!

Criticize all you want folks, but this has been an informative post and dialogue.


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> like I said, it might not happen but theoretically - with all other parts of the body if you stretch ligaments, the ligaments lose ability in time to support the area - allowing other associated structures to stretch as well further degrading ability of area to remain firm as designed. <

Where do you get this from? Is this just your opinion, or do you have studies, reports of others or a little science to back it up? The body is an adaptive mechanism, remember, so surely they will get stronger by hanging weights. This can be proved by the continual need to increase the weight in hanging so as not to halt progress - the ligs have adapted and become stonger, able to resist the weight, so it needs to be increased.

Wadda ya say to THAT!
go newbie go newbie go!

A good reply


It’s good people are not getting mad. We are just talking. I could be wrong. We could all be wrong.

Anyways - this is basic science. If you ever done static stretching or yoga - you know that the one thing you do not want to do is stretch ligaments. It will happen a little bit - but it is best to minimize this as much as possible.


Unlike muscles, which can contract and lengthen, ligaments do not stretch back once they are stretched (at least not on their own. This can be a disaster if you stretch ligs in your knees, arms, back, legs etc you know, in your body.

Now, could this be bad for your dick? I don’t know like i said earlier. Could the ligaments lose some of their supporting features or cause other supporting factors to lose some of their function especially in time? Maybe. Maybe not. I for one will not go there to find out.

I have found success with simple and regular (with regular rest days) jelqing which in no ways stresses the ligs like hanging. It basically just grows the dick out from the head on up.

From everything I have read, ligament stretching is a bad thing especially if it is extensive.

Just to affirm

It is bad because ligaments help hold parts of the body together in special relationships. If the ligaments are stretched, these relationships can be changed. In many parts of the body - the change is bad - laxity, pain and unsteadiness.

I don’t know if this laxity would apply to the penis. I guess it will be interesting to see any studies done in the future on effectiveness of hanging and pe in general.

I also don’t like hanging because - it seems to involve ridiculous amounts of time and seems like if ever there was potential for injury, hanging is where its at. But honestly, it doesn’t seem like the growth mechanism is very well understood. And with what i know about ligs in general, I’ve decided its not for me.

To be fair

The penis is different from a closed knee joint. Obviously bib and others have had much success with hanging. For reasons I’ve stated earlier however, I remain wary of it and I really dont need it as I have found a great routine for me that takes little time and seems to really work fast. Its time and cost and everything efficient.

And to be honest, I am after total efficiency with the best possible results.

just a few questions for you. First of all, I think you all can debate for the rest of this year on which technique of measurements is best, but the final analysis is that its an individual preference thing and I think
most guys will tend to lean towards the bp measurements because it looks better in the stat Personally errors are an individual thing too, because bp and nbp I get basically the same accuracy of measurements. Once you establish your personal starting point whether its at the bone or at the base of the penis, you just have to be consistent every time and I dont have a problem finding my starting point either way.

Question.. when jelking, do you use a medium or a strong pressure grip, or both?
Do you include any type of pulling or squeezing in your routine?
When you say rest, do you mean sleeping rest, or just no pe excercise for that day rest. and how much sleep do you think is sufficient per day to encourage growth?
Im asking you this seeing that you had such a fabulous success in growth in the past month or two, so you must be doing something right. I think with your success, we should not be discussing which measurement is correct or accurate, but we should find out what you did in the last two months to encourage over one inch growth in length.
Do you do any girth excercise such as uli’s or megasqueezes etc, from reports ive heard, they are very good girth excercises and some folks gained up to 2-3” in girth doing their own pesonal form of uli’s. What do you think?

newbie your initial gains in lengh from jelqing are from stretching the ligs! apperently you didnt want this, so if you did your homework you would have been doing squeezes to achieve girth not jelquing! why did you think you got such fast results in lengh, thats called the initial 1/2 inch to 1/1/2 inch lig stretch!
you should also not put down routines that work for others because they dont work for you!!!!!!!!!

cyber 8/1/4 by6


If we’re going to talk about dick size - and we do a lot of that here - there needs to be some standard of measurement (and of method) so that our reporting comes from the same level playing field, and so that each individual can track his own growth using the same bases of measurement each time. BP is easy and more reliable than NBP in that some of us have a sloping arc between our pubis and the base of the shaft. (Where, exactly, does the shaft begin and the pubis end? Most guys will go for whatever guess gives the larger measurement.) BP sort of clears that up, at least for me.

I can’t agree with your views on erect jelks/squeezes. There are caveats all over the archives of this site warning newbies not to do these until they have many months of PE behind them because they are potentially dangerous. However, for those whose tissues are seasoned to PE exercises and have learned to “listen” to their dicks - to feel what is happening at all times - erect exercises, begun moderately, can be a great PE benefit.

Some guys here are doing stuff I refuse to try (they wouldn’t do some of the stuff I do), but many of them are also reporting enviable gains. These routines work for them and without gross reported damage. Keep an open mind, is all I’m suggesting; report your own experiences. The rest of us can decide for ourselves what is good for us.




Good Answer!

Hmm. the measuring controversy

I had lot of probs measuring as anyone whos read any of my posts already know.

Finally, I’ve decided to BP by pressing the ruler in the same place , “directly above my penis without stretching any skin back from the shaft” as hard as I can to minimize discrepencies caused by fat in the pubic region. I do this 3 separate times with the fullest erection that I can possibly get and I do the measurement at the peak of a PC flex. WHEW! A pain in the ass, but I found this to be the most accurate way. I take an average of the 3 measurements “morning , noon and night on a non PE day”…. which dont really vary that much from eachother.

I simply cannot get a non Bp measurement without it varying by an inch between measurements. Quite a varience.

In defence of newbie, however, I understand that everyone is different and maybe the Non-BP works for him, but I am the opposite.

If I were to suggest anything, I would say to do what works for you so you have 3 close as possible measurements from eachother on a non PE day using different techniques. Experiment and find for yourself what method is most accurate for you.


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