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I've been jelqing for more than 6 months. This is what I have learned.

I agree with newbie here.

Though i am an on/off jelqer, i can see the difference betweeen jelqing totally and partially erect.

a couple of months back i jelqed in totally erect stae and it seems that my member started to loose erect girth.

but then again,as a bodybuilder, i know what works for me may noy not work for other guys.


Good Gains.

Over what time frame have they come?

When you jelq 50-70 percent, do you feel good internal pressure?

Do you ever feel soreness even with minimal time?

Feel free to add any details that might tell us more.

Thank You Newbie!!

I like to give everything a go - except jelqing …… almost every injury report I’ve read on any of the forums seems to be caused by jelqing - don’t know why hanging has got such a bad name, we rarely hear of hanging injuries. So I tried NBP measurements like you suggested and I think they’re fantastic. In 3 days I gained 0.5” erect length - is this a record? And I’ve discovered a great new miracle pill for PE - diuretics!!! I discovered this by accident, like so many of the best discoveries, because I have a problem with fluid retention. So now I can now thow away my hanger, stop jelqing (if I ever started) and just take diuretics for instant penis growth I can measure! Forget the BP measurements, (they’ve still stayed the same), no, from now on for me it’s NBP only - for real penis measurements! Thank you Newbie, I’m so glad I tried it!
lil1 :horse:

BTW, the last time we discussed NBP/BP you claimed to have put on 60lbs with no difference in measurements. Now you claim 40lbs …… Hmmmmm. So which is it? 20lbs is a big discrepancy……………. not something one forgets in a hurry.

BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Actually, to be exact, it was more like 48 lbs but the point is still the same. Actually, my weight gain or loss is a work in progress. Being overweight is not good.

Don’t take diuretics!

Jeesh what do I got to do hold your hand all day?


Diuretics cause loss of crucial minerals that are not easily replaced through supplementation regardless of what some supplement pushing quack says. Do not use them except for emergencies.

As far as hanging goes, to each his own but i aint using no heavy weight on my dick with the goal of stretching my dick ligaments whole inches! Hey but if it works for you, great.

As far as injuries goes and their potential - oh sure jelqing is so damaging but hanging a 10 pound weight on your dick for a half hour is lots of fun and certainly couldnt injure your dick. All you are doing is putting tremedous pressure on structures that not meant to stretched anywhere else in the body.

Hey but wait!

This is just your dick.

I get it now. Hmmm…..

The reason I say scarring is because this is what many urologists say.

I know a friend who has a urologist who accepts pe as an alternative to surgery with the exception of doing stuff to your dick when it is erect. The problem here is the erect penis, which is very suceptible to injury in that state. If you injure your pipi bad enough during erection, which is an easy thing to do, you will scar. There is very little potential for healing when something is scarred. Over time, you could end up with a fucked up dick.

I’m not giving anyone here a number to a urologist. If you are really that interested, research it. Better yet, ask a urologist.

Don’t believe me, the info is out there and hardly needs documentation. Its like asking - so water is wet? Just where is your research mister? Show me the facts!

Look it up yourself.

Peace guys.

Yes, some of my best jelqings have been very very short. I think intensity is important.

In time, you will probably want to raise the time you jelq for - but we are talking maybe a minute a month here. People way way over do it.

A lot of people here seem to be afraid of making a strict comparison between pe and weightlifting. While its true the dick isn’t a muscle, it is an object subject to forces that can cause its state to change overtime like the way weightraining affects muscles. It is very similar to weightraining.

Many here state: oh rest days are very important! But then they talk about doing something for half an hour and do the same thing again the next day.

Doesnt it make more sense to actually rest if rest days are so important? Do you really think your dick will store growth from day to day? It won’t. You have to rest it to grow it. Logically, the best possible way would be to jelq (or whatever) would be to rest and heal and make your microgrowths and then start the process over. Otherwis you are jelqing, not totally healing and doing that again! Ouch!

Actually rest days are more than important - they are the only way growth happens. Although I talk about a 5 day 10 min routine, like I said, I think the every other day routine is superioir. I believe the gains came from that not the 5 day. I’m switching over totally to this way. I’m going through jelq withdrawal right now (lol)

Its very addictive this pe. Anyways, makes sense to me to jelq then rest, jelq then rest - this way you can be pretty sure that you have healed and are building on top of growth. It is like weigthlifting.

As far as 50-70% being taxing - hell yeah - in fact it is far more more taxing for me than erect jelqing was because you can tidal wave the blood to your dickhead over and over - just easy does it.

Whatever, I’m not an expert at this stuff. This is just what I have discovered at about 6 months into this.

We could argue about bp and nbp (which I admit is kind of a silly argument - just find a consistent way to measure and you will be fine. I just have issue with people who say it is the gold standard or correct way - if look at bp, it has the same problems as nbp plus bonus ones! lol) and the benefits of jelqing or hanging but seriously - I have heard nothing but bad about erect jelqing. If it works for you, fine. But i’m just relating my experience and i wish everyone here the best.

But I have shared it thunder. We all know erect jelqing is dangerous thats why we dont recommend it to newbies (lol). I just think this idea needs to expanded to everyone. How advanced do you have to be that an easily injury producing technique is valuable.

Why do so many experience impotence with it? Are they not advanced enough?

Would anybody here deny that ej doesn’t cause impotence in many practicioners? The first thing I ever read on the net about pe was some guy in a forum posting about how his dick doesnt get hard anymore and then he asked - should my dick be so erect when I do it lol. He then rested and recovered.

I agree that some practices are suitable for people with more experience. You are not gonna hand the controls to a 747 to someone who is very good at flying model airplanes or even somone who mastered taking off in a cessna. But there are some practices that are never good regardless of state of experience. I suspect ej is one of them. Maybe I’m wrong but there are many who agree privately with me.

In any case, it would great be to see more (or any) studies done on pe and pe techniques.

I’m not gonna post anymore on this issue until I can report very specific facts and the reasons and mechanisms behind them as to why ej may be bad.

Good luck guys with your gains and peace!

Later guys



Do look for some, too. I know Thunder, Uncut, myself and a host of others have actually spent alot of time searching the web for “urologist studies” on PE specifically. Unfortunatley, the findings are of slim pickin’s once one weeds out the advertising studies and the claims found on alot of paysites. Still, I believe there has to be some actual studies out there somewhere or at least injury reports of some type. Maybe they just don’t make it into med lit? Should sometime in the future considering the popularity of PE on the web, even if sketical folks join just for curiosity. Most of what I have ever seen on this are really warnings by analogy more than actual case studies of known cause and effect. Granted, the analogy part may in fact be accurate in some respects, but then the process of PE is (to me) different than the spontaneous and often haphazard events that lead to dick injury during sexual activity. Most injuries I’ve come across in lit have some connection to sex. Funny, I always thought that a masturbation injury would be more common judging by where I think the average humnan get more orgasms from. Especially in early life with males. Not may folks hot wrap before sex or masturbation and warm-up slowly. Peyronies seems at best poorly understood and that’s where most of the “scarring’ stuff seems to be studied. Newbie, if your going to embark on a search, you might try words like “injury” “tunica albuginea” “corpora cavernosa”…shit like that. Alot of the urology journals can be had for free, but some require a bit of membership, be it email or pay. Not exactly doubting you in entirety, but I think you will have some trouble finding an actual case study on jelqing after sorting through the analogy and specualtion by the med community. I hope you do find success, good luck and fruitful searching to you. groa

I know. Thats the reason I haven’t come with facts backed by urls pointing to extensive studies straight off. There is only a lot of what people say and of course there is very little scientific merit in that (but there is a measure). I’m gonna see I f I can get permission to post what an actual real live urologist says - but even this can be dismissed as opinion or as the medical community defending its expensive surgery procedures.

I’m gonna also try different keyword searches than the obvious stuff. Google is a very business oriented search engine so anything near the top of the results got their by seacrh engine savy marketers. The way to really find the gems is to use less common phrases. The ones the marketers haven’t optimized for.

Anyhow, I’m gonna try and get a blend of stuff however until long term studies are actually done, whatever i present here could still be dismissed for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

Thanks for the well wishes!


You might include AltaVista’s engine in your search. I’ve found there’s much more medical info there and from more trustworthy sources than Google.




Thanks for the tip. I’m gonna query a few engines and search around a few other places and see what I get. I’ll try to report back in a few days.

Later guys

half twist jelq

Hi. I just want to share something I do part of the time when I jelq. Maybe someone’s talked about this before, but I can’t find it.

I encircle the base of my cock with one hand in the underhand position, but I take my glans with my other hand and twist the head of my penis one half turn, so the slit is horizontal.

I jelq that way for five minutes or so, and then twist my dick the other way and do the other side.

It seems to hit the sides of my cock better than with just a straight underhand stroke, and you can use the side of your thumb to really emphasize one chamber at a time.

An overhand stroke natually hits the sides pretty good, so I do that too.

How can you keep getting results from doing the same thing? Don’t you have to progressively add on to your workouts if you expect to keep getting gains?


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