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I've been jelqing for more than 6 months. This is what I have learned.


Newbie, this is the most informative thread I’ve read in this forum. I think the reason why I haven’t gained anything is because I need more rest days. I’ve been stretching and stretching all day, then a 30 minute jelq period 5 days a week to get some length gains. It’s probably killing my penis. I’m going to take your advice and do every other day of 20 minutes of jelqing. I’ll try that for a month or two. But first I’m going to take a week off to start fresh. Do you think if I do a 5-10 minute stretching period before jelqing will hinder my gains? Has anyone else been following newbies routine and got fast gains?


You and I definitely see eye to eye on a lot of things. I am very eager to try your routine next month. I am taking this month off to completely heal. In a few more days, it will be my one year anniversary of PEing. Congratulations on the inch gain by the way.

If I remember correctly, my dick always looks its fullest the morning after doing a non-erect jelqing session. I never put two and two together and realized that erect jelqing might be bad. When I made my best gains in fact I was making a concious effort to avoid erections while jelqing.

I agree totally with you regarding what might be the ideal amount of time necessary to jelq. I think it is probably a bad idea to jelq more than 10-15 mins.

Isn’t it funny that whenever someone brings up a new way to approach PE, people jump all over you to provide hard evidence. It never occurs to them that some of their own ideas are based on nothing but speculation and hearsay. I guess an idea only deserves to be questioned if it is unpopular. At any rate, I don’t care to much what the urologists have to say. The best way for me to know if an idea is correct is to try it.

Hi guys…first of all I have to say that even if I amo a newbie I already experienced a couple of injuries (trombosis, bruises)…and now I agree with newbie:take it easy…and by the way, I`m sure we have more important things to do then jelquing or hanging 2 hours a day!

I have some information about the scarring that you may find useful.

I haven`t got precise informations about it`s relation with erect jelqing but it`s easily understandable.

When you cause constant small damages inside your corpora cavernosa they (sometimes) tend to scar becoming hard, this causes obstructions in the blood flow and limitates the elasticity….so….it happens that your cock gets hard only to let`s say 1 inch from the head….not pleasant…..

My experienc

I have been around over 3 years, and done it ALL.

I never gained much in girth UNTIL I began full erection jelqs and
Horse Squeezes, and I never come close to bursting a vein because
I am in shape down there.

Newbie, i agree with your views on jelqing and intend to follow a ten minute, 5 day a week program. I don’t hang or manual stretch, simply because the thought of hanging weights on my unit scares the heck out of me. I tried manual stretching once and suffered a sharp lig pain.


When you have a moment:

Exactly how do you do full-erect jelqs?

I’ve tried a couple times, but my dick at 100% doesnt have much give at all to move blood foward. I’m doing something wrong or missing something -


So, has anyone had success with this routine or one of the like recently? Does anyone know of someone who has?

Want some candy?

I think experienced tried this for a month but received no gains.

I too experienced a loss of size when I erect jelk. I tried erect jelking for 1 month and lost 1/4” in girth and also a little length. It’s not for me.

By the way, I gained it back when I went back to the 70% jelks and squeezes.

Originally posted by luvdadus

Nearly every good study does bone pressed measurements, this is to correct for the suprapubic fat pad. If I gained 35 lbs my nbp measurement would decrease by about 1”, however my bp measurement would not change. Yes I have noticed that posture convary results of bone pressed measurements by up to

1/8-3/16” depending on how hunched over you are. If you are careful to be consistant with measuring posture bp measurements are remarkably accurate, varying less than 1/16”. My nbp measurements vary by up to 5/8”. The reason that bp are more reliable is because it completely removes the possiblity of “ruler creep” (ie the edge of the ruler inadvertantly being put deeper in the fat pad than before).

You’re absolutely right. If a guy measured only NBP and measured again, NBP, after losing 25 lbs, did his dick really “grow” that extra length? Obviously NOT. While it’s true that BP lengths aren’t “obvious” to the eye (as NBP length), I believe it gives a truer measurement. As a bonus, one should measure both. But when I read measurements, or do my own, I look for BP.

question to jelqing


im very new to this, too.

i read many post and threads and this one pleased me mostly because i am sceptical since there is no scientifical proof and i dont wanna hurt myself.

my question is as following:

do i have to perform kegels while jelquing? and do i have to start a jelq of the top from my stomach or somewhere higher?( its hard to grip the penis there).

newbie, do u stretch + kegeling at the same time ?

Hey grin nice to meet you,

Don’t kegel to start with, get used to jelqing first. Its important to take it slowly and be careful to avoid injury.

>do i have to start a jelq of the top from my stomach or somewhere higher?( its hard to grip the penis there)<

You need to start each jelq stroke at the base of the penis and go toward the glans. Hold the penis at and angle that is comfortable but once you’ve been jelqing for a short time expermient with angles from pointing at the ceiling to pointing at the floor.

>i am sceptical since there is no scientifical proof and i dont wanna hurt myself.<
Feel free to continue to be skeptical. This kind of thing requires a certain amount of dedication to succeed at though, if you can be skeptical but still dedicated then cool.

Take care when starting, injuries come very easily in the first few months. That said you need to do enough work to be effective.

Hope that helps.

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So this could by why I seem to have made a lose in the last week or so ?? You see I’m mainly going for girth, so have been mainly only doing erect jelqs. I am going to try less than 80% erect jelqs for 2 weeks and see if I gain………will update here.

It’s a shame that I might have to stop erect jelqing as I really quite enjoyed it.

You have to move the blood forward or outward in order to gain the length or girth. 100% erect jelking doesnt allow much movement so the gains will be minimum. The only erect excercise that works for me are the Horse squeezes. They are powerful girth excercises combined with slow jelking.


according to your less-is-more theory, what do you think about light stretching over long time periods to make cells growing? (Penimaster etc.)
My idea is to do your routine, letting it heal under a light tension on the off-days without putting real stress on it.
I imagine a balloon you have fully expanded (jelqed) until there is a little hole in it (broken cell) and it deflates (you stop jelqing). Wanting it to grow, it would be better to repair it in a lightly inflated state with a suitable tension that does not make the hole grow until it’s unrepairable (over-trained), than to repair it completely deflated.

English is not that easy :-)

Good Gains!



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