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I've been jelqing for more than 6 months. This is what I have learned.

Don’t give up, there’s gains to be had for all in PE land. I promise you that much ;)

Starting stats:- Dec11th2008 7.2"bpelx6" meg.Mar23rd09 8.375"bpel x 6.125"meg. Mar10 8.4" bpelx6.125" meg.

Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

Personally I jelq around 70% erect and I have noticed good gains

Jelqing mainly with some stretching

I have just started out with my first newbie routine. Did a lot of reading and some practice, but only now formed my first routine that I could stick to for at least a few months. Similar to the one suggested by luvdadus, but modified:

“5min hot wrap
2min manual stretch
10-15min jelq
Some kegels(enough to reduce erection)
Some hot wrap
5min manual stretch
5min how wrap
Some kegels(don’t really count them)”

When I start with a stretch I can not last more then 1-2 minutes, before I go semi-erect(that is why my initial stretch is only 1-2min). Then I shift directly to jelqing. I do mix wet and dry jelqing techniques simultaneously(using lubricant). Occasionally adding some squeezes. All together jelqing lasts about 10-15minutes. After jelqing I do some kegels to come back to flaccid state. Then I add some hot wrap and do some stretching again.

To sum up everything, I do mix up the routine and insert some kegels in between to control my erections. I have this problem with manual stretching. I believe it is not useful to stretch semi-erect penis. Is it? When I start it goes semi-erect too quickly. My first routine might look a little bit too much, but I did have some experience with PE before. I tried some exercises, tried some crapy extender, but nothing consistent. I decided to dedicate myself to PE and be persistent. After reading through thundersplace forum I feel that it might work :)

Any advice or comments on my routine would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

I’m’ also new in PE, but I think your routine is enought for the first mounth, .it’s not to much.

Originally Posted by kooljohn
Don’t give up, there’s gains to be had for all in PE land. I promise you that much ;)

Thanks for the motivation!

Past (2013): BPEL 6.2in. - 6.4in. x BEG 5.0in & BPFSL <6.75in. ... Present: BPEL 7.188in. x BEG 5.625in. & BPFSL 7.5in.

1st Goal: BPEL 7.063 ACHIEVED | 2nd Goal: BPEL 7.6

My PE Thread | Picture set: 1st | 2nd | 3rd - Good luck with those gains! :surf: .

I think 100 jelqs after proper warm up a day every other day is more than enough for newbies. Trust me,it works. I have tried the classic newbie routine. As a result I had erection problems.100 to 200 jelqs a day on a 5 day schedule is ineffective. At least for me. It wrecks your libido. I have been doing this for 2 weeks: 5 minute warm up, no stretches,100 proper jelqs (fingers digging to the base of the penis) 5 sets of 20 with 10 2sec kegels between sets. I started at NBPEL 6.3 and girth was about 5.4.Fifteen days later I m 6.7x5.6 and my erections are so firm that almost hurts. Get some choline. I think it helps fast recovery and growth.

Hey guys I think I am in to something here. I noticed that excessive kegeling can and will cause hard flaccid.. I ‘ve always done about 100 kegels a day.. Hard flaccid occurred and stayed almost permanently. I have also noticed that my scrotum felt very hard , stone like. I could not even massage it lightly without applying hard pressure. It just wouldn’t relax. So I figured this. To all routines that involve jelqing you are using kegels to sent your blood to the penis right?. Especially dry jelqing. So, if you do , say 100 reps, how many times did you kegel? Plenty right? So why do more than that? I think that people who are using jelqs should not do more than , I don’t know say 20 or 30 2 sec kegels? Can anyone else confirm that? I stopped excessive kegeling and my flaccid starts to look better.

Oh and here’s something else I’ve also recently started PE again due to an injury.. Nothing crazy.just a few jelqs after proper warm up. At 50% -60% erection I’ve noticed that jelqing felt good and productive. Then at my 60 -65 rep I ‘ve noticed that the tunica started to feel harder.. You know not jelly like any more. I thought that my erection went up BUT , it didn’t My erection stayed the same and started slowly to weaken.. So I stopped. No pain. No injury. I am starting to think that I should jelq as long as my penis feels like jelly. If it feels harder with no erection gained I think anyone should stop as I think it starts to be unproductive because it’s harder not to say impossible to move blood up to the glans and can possibly cause injury by increasing your grip strength to achieve the proper blood movement to the glans.. What do you think? Does this makes sense? I am a very observative guy. It’s my job to watch for details.

Originally Posted by newbie
When I’m talking about erect jelqing, I don’t mean squeezing or short uli type exercises. I mean getting your dick hard and jelqing for 10-15 minutes (or trying to). Thats what I don’t recommend. I disagree also that you need to make your dick bigger when done jelqing erect than it normally is erect to have done some good. I think erection is to be avoided. Having some experience is no excuse to use a damaging technique like erect jelqing. Its never good. A burst vein is always a stroke away. Any urolgist will tell you that any strong manipulation like squeezing and such of an erect dick is something to be avoided because you can damage the dick easily in this state and cause scarring and peyrones like problems. Erect jelqing is way too stressful on the dick and can cause unrecoverable scarring and trauma. Basically beyond the help of rest days.

Also, I did gain a lot of girth from doing my new routine - it was erect jelqing that took away my length and girth.

Here is what I do. First of all my “routine” is very simple.

I do not warm up using hot water or heat. My only warmup is part of the jelq itself. I’ll get to that.


First off, I use vaseline as lubricant. Its hard to cleanup but it lasts long for uninterupted jelqing.

I use an overhand grip. I do that because I can get further into the base versus underhand jelqing. The pull seems stronger too. Another big reason is because underhand jelqing makes my fingers hit my sweet spot which gets me erect - something I don’t want.

As far as pressue goes - it varies. Don’t be rigid with it. Vary the pressure. Sometimes I start with a really tight grip and my dick connection says ouch and midway through I adjust. Alter your grip a little. Try to go for a “medium” grip. Don’t over tighten. One principle I would recommend is it is better to go too light for a few strokes than to go too hard.

Your dickhead should swell at the end of the stroke, filling with blood (yuck). But don’t be neurotic about it. You should notice slight swelling. It doesn’t have to turn into a big basketball or something.

I spend about 2.5 seconds on each stroke. I aim for 2-3 seconds on each one. I stop at the beginning of the head. I alter my hands back and forth both overhand. Sometimes I switch from hand to hand just as the other hand is finishing. But most of the time I stop the first stroke completely, drop that hand, then start the next stroke (thats the way the pj does it btw) with the other hand.


Like I said, I don’t warm up like most do. I simply go to the bathroom, pull out my pretty much flaccid dick, put vaseline on it and start jelqing. Want to see your head baloon? Start your jelq from total flaccidity - anyways - I then jelq for 10 to 15 minutes max. Usually 10 minutes. It never gets very hard maybe 60-70% at most. But by the time I am done, it looks very engorged and very long hanging. Most of the time I finish with a hot bath and then shower but not really for a warm down. I do it just because I want to get the freaking vaseline off so I kill two (some would say three) birds with one stone.

I do this 5 times a week with two rest days. Rest days means no PE activity whatsoever. Jerking off and fucking is fine. In fact, it is encouraged (lol). Just no jelqing stretching or even thinking about PE allowed (lol).

That is one schedule I use. Sometimes I’ll do that for one week and then I’ll do a 15- 20 minute jelq routine every other day. I am convinced that this is actually the best way to go. You jelq then you rest. You jelq, break down whatever is broken down that then comes back bigger and stronger and then restart the process again. It makes sense to have a rest day in between your jelqings. This way your dick definitely repairs the damage (or most likely does) and then you can build on top of it instead of just always being in a state of recovery. You want to grow.

I probably will go totally with this way soon (every other day) its just that I like jelqing so 5 days a week with a light 10 minutes is more fun.

I don’t ( I use to) do any stretching or squeezes right now.

I find using the jelq this way is very legnth and width stimulating.

Its also very gentle and extremely time efficient.

But try jelqing like this for 10 minutes 5 days a week with the weekend (sat, sun) off. Don’t do ulis or stretching or any of that. Just try this for two weeks and then note your flaccid size and see if you notice anything different. Do it for 4 weeks and then check it for erect length and girth.

Or you could do 15-20 minutes jelq only as described every other day like: mon, wed, fri, sun, tue, thur etc

The trick really to all this I believe is:

1). Working with blood which becomes more difficult as you near erection.

2). Length of time of workout. Personally, I have found 10 minutes (and I’ve jelqed for hours at a time when I first started) is more than adequate for stimulating growth if you rest properly (give adequate length of time for rest)

3). Rest days. This is very critical. It is important to have rest days. The growth happens then - not when you are squeezing your dick (that is the stimulus). Like I said, its probably best to use a day on day off approach but 10 minutes 5 days a week I think can still work (as long as you don’t do more than 10 minutes and are not too aggressive.)

That’s it. It is simple. And seems to produce results at a blindingly fast rate.

But don’t believe me. Try it. It will be very difficult. Most people think that to get something done they must show extreme effort.
When you are use to a halfhour/hour long daily routine - this seems like a joke. But try it and don’t cheat (do more) and see if it does not give your dick a whole new perspective.

Oh - I just made the BP measurements comments because some like to assert that it is the correct way to measure when it is no more correct than NBP measuring. And NBP gives you the extra advantage of being true quotable length. But whatever makes anyone happy I guess.



One last thing you could also try is a split routine. Many people rave about crazy fast gains doing this. Basically they jelq or do squeezes every other day and do length exercises every other day with sunday off.

Personally, I think the jelq takes care of both length and width and can be used exclusively every other day. Again, what I think is working there is the rest day between emphasis. Also, these people do very light emphasis on length and width on the respective days generally.

Wish I would’ve read this when I first got into PE, which was around the time this was written. In fact, the best run I’ve had in all those years is back in feb of this year when I did a jelq only routine for 10 minutes every other day. Not only did my dick look and feel bigger, but my EQ was the best it’s ever been with any routine I’ve ever tried. This includes routines where I’ve stretched/jelqed several days in a row and even owned a bib hanger back in 2003. The only thing I regret from this year is that I became impatient and started adding days and intensity then became injured, which is where I’m at right now. I understand some people just need more resistance, but this routine newb describes in this thread should be a reference for people just starting out. The only thing I would recommend in addition is a proper warm up.

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A couple jelq questions

1. Do you stand up, sit up straight or sit back on a couch?

2. When the first hand does a full jelq and is firm at the glands, do you completely release it before starting the next stroke with the 2nd hand, do you get a grip at the base and then release the first hand, or do you get a grip and go half way through the stroke and then release first hand?


I’m starting Newbie’s routine and will report monthly. I will do jelq only 20 minutes every other day with 2-3 min warmup before and after.

Starting (29.11.2015) - BPEL 7” x 5”

NEWBIE rutine symptoms results

Hi, I started Newbie rutine about 3 weeks ago. I’m using avocado oil for lubrication. I’m doing it like that, I’m doing it like that:

Workout about 3-4 days and then one day break.
Number of sets: 3( before bath, after bath and before sleep)
One set looks like that, 50 warm up jelqus, 2x100 regular ones(sometimes more, depends on how much I control erection)
Ok, start size(3 weeks ago, started about 16.11.15), begining size, about 5.7” ) after 2 weeks I saw increse in size to 6-6.1”
So in fact geting 0,5 inch or slightly more in month is posible but like someone mentioned before first month or 2 are giving good results but later it fades. I have a few questions to experienced users:
1. On break day I got some minor pains, mostly in head. Is this indication that it grows ? ( I don’t have those symptoms on workout days)
2. After seeing some results in such short time what can increse speed and efficiency of this method ?
One thing which makes me laught is that scientists standpoint is that jelquing, stretching and any other size increse method is that they dosnt work. Why it like that, people got results, some even over 2 inches in matter of a year, visible results,with photos ,and doctors are still telling its not working. I think this is the case with many medical trials and they results. Anyway this is great forum.

Many doctor’s know it’s working, but if they tell the truth who is gonna buy all the shit pharmaceuticals companies sell?

Headaches, sweats, bowel issues,fevers etc have been mentioned by other members while on PE as I can recall. In my opinion it’s a way your body reacts cause it doesn’t understand what exactly is happening. Usually, growth follows and symptoms like these dissapear.

The first 6 months of PE I had bowel issues, sweats and a little weakness. Guess what. When the symptoms stopped my penis was bigger.

I don’t know if that thing happened to everybody, but it happened to me. Everybody is different.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.


Thanks for reply, my target is same as Yours, about 7” BPEL, needs about 0.7-0.8” to get there, I noticed that my erection gets lover right now, I mean I would say I can’t get past 80%, weird thing is at this level I have same size as month ago at full erection. Reading that there are many more weird symptoms I understand it may be normal. I was wondering are there any suplements which may increse growth speed. As for doctors, its bad thing that we live in world where most important thing is money and instead of helping people those with power and knowledge cheat on us for profit.


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