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I've been jelqing for more than 6 months. This is what I have learned.

Heeeey, go fall out of a tree.. Preferrably high ones.

Stretching your ligs for your penis and stretching your ligaments on your knee or shoulder is completely different. Yes ligs, like you said, don’t retract all the way after being stretched and this is very detrimental if it’s around a joint like a shoulder or knee because you need that joint to have strong short ligaments to hold it together. Otherwise it would just be dangling and the joint wouldn’t be able to move because the bones wouldn’t be in contact with each other since the ligs are stretched, but what you are completely forgetting is the fact that ligs are not the ones to make the joint move! The muscles are. So what this means is that although stretching your ligs on your knee is bad because your knee would fall apart, doing it on your dick is fine. Your dick is not a joint so all the ligs are doing is holding the dick to your body NOT MAKING IT ERECT. The hardness of your erection is not effected by your ligs because as you stated before they don’t retract/compress like muscles, that is not their job. The hardness of your dick is determined by how much blood is being held in it. The ligs job is just to hold your dick to your body. So stretching your dick ligs is fine because it doesn’t affect their ability to keep your dick to your body, but stretching your knee ligs, since it is a joint and holding two bones together, isn’t fine because then the muscles can’t make your leg move because it would just be a dangling mess since the bones aren’t being held together. Also stretching your ligs actually makes them tougher and stronger. It’s similar to strain hardening in materials. When you put something under an axial load the stress it endures stretches the material but after the load and stress are removed the material retracts a little bit from it’s stretched state, however still longer than it’s original length, and actually becomes harder and stronger. So for all the purposes of PE the results of stretching your penis ligs are perfect. But like you said before because the ligs don’t retract all the way again, stretching ligs on any joint would be extremely detrimental, but we are not doing that here are we. So stretching your dick ligs is 100% okay.

Ive gained nearly 3 inches from erect jelqing and i do low reps, all in one year… im at 7.25eg now Cemented…

I have had great gains with erect jelqs, and it feels better too.

Started: E .Length 7,0" E .Girth 5,0" F .Length 4,8" F .Girth 4,0"

Now: E .Length 7,3" E .Girth 5,8" F .Length 5,5" F .Girth 4,8"

Volume increase: 28,7%

Has anyone had good success with flaccid jelqing?

At what erection percentage is the penis for it to be considered flaccid jelqing?

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“I have gained over an inch in length and .75 in width in just one month”

Hmmm sounds too good to be true.

Newbie,I totally agree,jelqing an erect penis just feels wrong,like something is going to break,if eel so much more comfortable with my member not too soft and not too hard,nice and swollen with some amount of stiffness but flexibility there.congrats on the gains bro!

Is Newbie still around?

This is a good thread to read.

Originally Posted by newbie

4) Start your jelq from total flaccidness and let it build.

This is something I do too. When I get fully erect and let it subside and then try to start the routine it feels all wrong. Especially for O bends but even for jelqing. The feeling of the penis when jelqed from flaccid, is completely different. You know that all the blood in there is blood that you have pumped into it. I am not really going for girth and don’t jelq that much, maybe 3 5-10 min sessions a week. But yeah.. this is something I don’t see talked about much but it seems to make a big difference.

Why not have the best of both worlds? This is what I am trying at present, both flaccid (about 20% erect) jelqs and high erection level jelqs. What I do is let it build up to a 100% erection and then then jelq slowly with a moderate grip. The erection will subsequently go down and I will continue to jelq until I’ve done 15-20 reps in the 20% stage. Then I work myself erect again and repeat. This way I get 15-20 reps in each part of the spectrum… 100-80% erect, 70-50% erect, 40-20% erect, repeat. This way I can hopefully stimulate both length and girth gains efficiently. It feels like its very effective.

sounds like a good idea pwpp

The people who said they would try jelqing at 30%-50% never reported back. Newbie is gone but what happened to the guys who stretched and jelqed at low intensity who wanted to prove this point on this thread.

I’ve done some extreme hard jelqs before and now I’m trying just a softer massage type jelq to try and tease length gains instead of yanking length gains out of my body.

Any updates on the five or six guys that where going to try this for a few weeks?

I noticed the date you joined Thunder’s was 2002. You haven’t tried this until now? Have you done any PE in the previous years? I hope your right with Jelquing. I am only wanting an 1” extra in length. I have been doing mainly girth exercises, I have never consistently jelqed. I am going to try your plan.

I noticed the date you joined Thunder’s was 2002. You haven’t tried this until now? Have you done any PE for the last several years?


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