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I've been jelqing for more than 6 months. This is what I have learned.

Great thread, great discussions for PE, classic!!! I recommend anyone new here or to PE reading this thread from the beginning and trying to understand it. Even people not new to PE can get some good PE information to think about for there PE routines from here. :D

Originally Posted by mravg
It is a good thread however.

Yes, it is a good thread, but I didn’t really get much out of it from Newbie, other than a lot of hot air. Could someone please explain how a nbp measurement doesn’t change after gaining & then losing 48 lbs??? That’s total BS. And yes, nbp is what you see, but bp is your ACTUAL length. You can have the pubic fat pad lipo’ed & BINGO, extra length. Did your cock grow? Nope. Is it now bigger nbp? Yep. Frankly, I don’t believe that Newbie gained anything from PE. In fact, I don’t believe that he PE’ed at all. I think that he was just trolling the message boards trying to be the expert about something & it just happened that this was a board about natural penis enlargement. I’ve seen people like him on Usenet for years. They’re always right & everyone else just doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Results be damned! Facts be damned! It’s a good thing that there are people like Newbie to set us straight. ;)

Hey, you’ve been PE’ing & have gained 2” of length? Well, that can’t be right, because you didn’t do it my way. Oh my GOD, you’re not doing bp measurements are you??? What sort of witchcraft is this? Burn him!!! You’ve the Devil in you boy!!! ;) Whenever Thunder would ask him to provide something to back up his claims, he never did. And, then he brought up the “fact” that all “enlightened” urologists say that erect jelqing is the devil’s work. ;) OK, so he didn’t exactly say that, but you know what I mean… The only useful information that I got from this thread was from Thunder, Dino, Avocet, Wad, SS4, Lil12, Memento & Luv. The fact that Newbie completely discounted Luv’s information was, I thought atleast, very funny. I mean Luv is an MD afterall, what the hell would he know about the human body? Right? :) I mean he only gained 2” in length from natural PE. Why the hell should we listen to him? Right? Right??? All hail Newbie!!! All hail Newbie!!! Our Father who art in Heaven, Newbie be thy name, thy Kingdom come….

And, did anyone else find Newbies claim of an inch gain, in such a short period of time, complete BS? Especially from such a light routine of 50-70% jelqing. Quite frankly, I would find this degree of length gains difficult to believe even if you were hanging heavy weights for long periods of time. But, I don’t see how such little time investment & so little stress to the penis, could create this much growth in such a short time. And about that… At first he said that he gained this in 1 month & then he said that the gain was from the previous 2 months. Which was it, 1 or 2 months? At first he said that he gained & lost 40lbs. & then he said that it was 48lbs. Which was it 40lbs. or 48lbs.? Nothing that he said seemed to have any value or consistency, at all. It’s lucky that the information that he was providing wasn’t likely to cause harm, because sometimes these BS artists can cause real harm when people follow their advice.

In this case, no harm was done, but I don’t believe any gains were made either. Did anyone here try his routine & gain 1” in 1 month? Did anyone here gain even a quarter of this length in 1 month, from this light routine? I could believe a claim of .25” in 1 month from this, as a newbie gain for any easy gainer, maybe even .50”, but not 1” or more. I checked Luv in the database & I noticed that he gained .625 in 1 month, early in his PE, but I’m betting that it wasn’t from a light jelq routine for 5 days a week. I didn’t check, so I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I, personally have learned quite a bit from others here & it chaps my ass to see someone like this, come in here & call people here “advanced idiots”, just because he disagrees with them or “thinks” that he knows more.

Like I said before, I don’t believe that Newbie PE’ed at all, but on the off chance that he was for real, I think that he was really clueless for discounting the heavier routines of others here as the work of idiots. Was Bib an “advanced idiot” for hanging such heavy weights for such extended periods of time? Hell no. Did he grow a considerably bigger cock? Hell yes. If only all of us were such idiots… People need to understand that what works for some, WILL NOT work for others. If I tried a jelq routine like the one that Newbie was touting, I wouldn’t gain shit & I’m sure that I wouldn’t be the only one in this boat. Conversely, some here may do very well with this sort of routine. Don’t judge what obviously works for others as idiocy, just because YOU don’t need to work this hard.

I still stand by my claims above. :)

Thickone, you got very worked up over this didn’t you? I don’t think there is any reason to be upset.

I don’t doubt that some people can gain from flacid jelking. Newbies gains may be hard to believe, but I am a very slow gainer so there are many claims of gains on this web site that are hard for me to believe.

He apologized for his comment about idiocy when Thunder pointed it out. He was just making his opinion known about the dangers of erect jelking.

I agree with you that the other members who contributed to this thread had valuable input. You may disagree with newbie but he shouldn’t offend you.

As for nbp measuring, I also prefer this method. I want to know how much more “visible dick” I am gaining.

Newbie sounds like he knows what he’s talkin about, overtraining eill get you no where

Well from my own experience I can say that overdoing things doesn’t help, at least this is for me. It took me three month to break my plateau. I surely upped the intensity during that time such as that I literally pulled the living shit out of my dick. But nothing happened. When I returned to my newbie routine I managed to break my plateau. Of course my basic jelqing and stretching is more time consuming than what newbie suggest - about 45 Minutes to an hour per day. But still, what helps me gain is an intensity far less than what I potentially physically can do. I cannot claim any record gains, it took me 7 month to add one inch to my BPEL measurement. But still, I find that I am pretty much a fast gainer.

Therefore, I believe that overtraining is bad. But, of course, the line between growth stimulation and overtraining is different for everybody. So why can’t newbie’s line be as low as 10 minutes jelqing per day ? I truly think this is possible.

I personally feel that I have started to overtrain my penis due to weaker erections. So for the hell of it I’m going to try this routine (or something similar) for a 2weeks to a month to see if it works. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Start (6-10-05) BPEL: 6.7" |EG: 4.6" |NBP: 5.9"

Now (10-26-06) BPEL: 7.75 |EG:5" |NBP: 7.05"

Hello, I have a question for Newbe (if he still is here then lol )

I have read all that you wrote about the stretch of the penis and how dangerous/risky that is.
With weight and all that.

But wat about length/stretch devices like Jes-Exstender/andro-penis and all the others.
It`s medical proven , the all doctors say it, this is working, this is the best way to gain length and girth in they say but it’s this true or just bulshitt ?

I have used the jes for two month now and my gains are like zero but it take time they say.

But wat shall I do now ?? After I have read all your treads I begin to think this is waist of time and werry
Dangerous to proceed with.

I mean, we talking about 8-12 hours a day and 7 days a week.

I don’t feel any pain or Wat so ever but if this is not helping me to get a bigger penis I will
Throw it away right away.

All this is so confusing, so many people say so much stuff, hwo shall I believe ??

The doctors or you ?

>if he still is here<

He’s not or hasn’t been for a while

>It`s medical proven , the all doctors say it,<

You obviously don’t read many threads around here. There is a recent one where this Doctor is shown to have been bullshitting.

Read this:

Doctor behind Extenders a fraud

Yes I do but have short memory :)
They also say that is working

My mom told me once, that I must not believe all I read ( go figure eh )

But some of you guys use the weight and that is going well right ?

But if it’s some, is there any different when using weight or using jes ?
It`s the same thing right.

>My mom told me once, that I must not believe all I read ( go figure eh )<

Clever woman.

>But some of you guys use the weight and that is going well right ?<

Check the Hanger’s Forum for people’s thoughts on that.

>But if it’s some, is there any different when using weight or using jes ?
It`s the same thing right.<

Completely different. One is large stress short time period the other is not much stress, long time period.

Hi, Newbie!
Am I reading it correct?

Originally Posted by newbie

I’m using a a light 5 day a week 10 minute jelq routine and I have gained over an inch in length and .75 in width in just one month

To say it again you claim that your dick explode in one month (I don’t have another word for it - 1 inch in a month?????!!!!!).
I don’t want to challenge your integrity, but it sounds unbelievable! If we say we speak about a average penis (6 inches NBP), then the increase of 1 inch means 17% increase in length! That is to claim that somebody that was 6 ft tall has become 7 ft in a month. But even this compression is not true to the scale. Because we speak of increase in girth also. The new, one-month-old dick would be 50+ % bigger volumetrically than the old one!!! WOW!
Probably God just did a miracle for you that he has never done for somebody else!
Be happy and don’t assume that everybody would get a 50% bigger dick in a month just with 10 min of jelqing every other day. I have tried this technique months ago. It doesn’t work for me. My dick needs a good workout - at least 25 min of jelq. per day 6 days a week. I have grown about an inch this way [not in a month though] and not a single millimeter with the 10 min jelq.
So you see everybody is different.

A few things I think we should all consider here:-

1. Newbie gains can be quick. I gained 1 inch in length and 0.5 inch in girth in my first 3 months. I think Newbie gains come easily. They did for me.
2. I think Newbie gains come easily on a very light schedule. They did for me.
3. (And this is where I think Newbie is wrong). I think that gains become increasingly harder and harder to obtain over time and progress. You reach a point where your light schedule just doesn’t get you any more results. What works as a Newbie doesn’t neccessarily work indefinitely.

So after getting no results for a few months people change their routine to incorporate some more advanced techniques to keep the gains coming. This is perhaps where erect jelqing comes in. Personally I’ve never done erect jelqing but I did start Horse 440’s which helped me make more gains after having none for a while.

Just an observation, but lack of sleep stops my gains. We had a new birth in the family and my sleep has been broken and less than I need. I’ve noticed that my gains have stopped. My gains in body building have also stopped. Sleep is important for making physical progression of any kind! I’ve started sleeping in my lunch hour at work to try and combat this effect. Here’s to sleep!

Cheers, G Started at 6 x 4.5 - Jan 05 Current 7.1 x 5.1 Goal 8 x 6

Amazing post if you take it with a grain of salt, as a newbie who has severely overtrained exercising EVERYDAY I am going to try a day on/day off routine and lighter jelqing, seems like it is definite it will work because what I am doing now definitely isn’t.

Usedtobe:7.00 x 4.50

Currently:7.25 x 4.50

Wannabe:7.26 x 4.51

HI Guys,

Sorry for intruding (I’m not sure that 6 months of PE qualify me as a Main Member) but maybe I can help. Because of my academic/scientific background in Engineering I started PE with an open as scientifically rigorous approach.

Being naturally skeptical, I set a very simple rule to determine if it could work for me (one have to be prepared to accept that PE might not work much, if at all, for some).

So, in order to remove any doubt about error measurement, different sate of erection (they sizably vary) as self-deception, knowing that I struggled to reach a 5.5’ with a 100% erection when I started PE, I decided that I was going to:

A) measure my penis by comparing it to the length of the very same object over time,

B) I was going to disregard any measurement which shown less than ¼’ increase, and

C) if and when I will reach 6.5’ with an 85% self-induced erection (in other words, not by getting oral sex by Carmen Electra after 6 month spent in a submarine with an all male crew) then, not only I will be able to have scientifically proven that PE works for me, but also have a scientifically accurate growth rate for my penis.

In conclusion, I think we all measure ourselves too often and although I well know how rewarding a 1/8’ increase can be, I’d say wait 6 months, and see how it feels to measure a full inch and a half increase (I’m a slow gainer unfortunately and I don’t stretch ligaments because I think it can be dangerous in the long term).

Leave the margin for error and only consider 1/2’ icreases as a real gain.

End of the rant : )



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