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Is it true the girth gains hinder length gains?

Is it true the girth gains hinder length gains?

I read in a thread that Girth gains will hinder length gains? Is this true?

I don’t think this has ever been proven, but it does make sense that it is easier to stretch a thin cable than a thick one.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Originally posted by luvdadus
I don't think this has ever been proven, but it does make sense that it is easier to stretch a thin cable than a thick one.

My opinion:
Maybe if my penis was a cable, but I don’t think it does too much of a difference ie. when stretching your penis is (should be) flaccid (soft tissue), so the pulling force goes straight to ligs no matter how thick your penis is…

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It has something to do with the math of it all. Volume and all that other happy shit that I suck at. You know geometrey and all. It is explained in other posts how in theory it goes.

But I will try to say it simply. The more girthy your dick ,the more area(volume) that is being stretched. More is harder to accomplish. God, I suck at math! Somwone else will have to do a better job at this. I cot “C”s in my math classes! Sorry!

Twatt and Luv… I totally know what you mean (physics etc…), but I don’t think that there’s so much difference. Maybe if you had 10” vs. 4” girth, then you’d probably had to pull/hang a little harder. Penile tissue is so soft and easy to bend etc.. (>90% of pull goes stretching ligs or so…) so I’m not giving up on this issue, I’ve spoken ;)

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It seems to be a consessus around here. Maybe it could be false or truly dependent on the individual. PE especially hanging is one of the newest “Sciences” around.

I don’t want to experiment and slow down on any length I could grab especailly with hanging. I am starting off small at 6” by 5”+. I really need to chase length then worry about my girth down the line. I guess I just have my goals set up differently.

If you do find and prove this rule wrong. I will be sure to send you a bottle or case of whatever American Beer or Liquor you care for. On me.

I am trying to come up with a program that intergrates my Bib Hanger with my Power-Jelq. I figure I can pull some early fast length out with some girth too. But figure anything under 6” in girth is relativley safe.

If you have any idea on how to do this, please post. Tell us your observations, hypothei, and theories on this. Back it up or just try and explain it well. I would be glad to brainstorm this out with you if you cared to. Thanks! TT

I have always wondered about the “thick cable” analogy. It doesn’t really make any more sense than the penis as a muscle. After all we are stretching the ligs right? Girth increases don’t, to the best of my knowledge, increase the thickness of the ligs.

That said, I am sticking with length exercises, just in case.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Yes, but you are also stretching some skin with that of course whic means more surface area and more work to be completed. While the ligs take Most of the brunt some new stuff must be building in the blood chambers or the tunica itself.

I put the argument as work. It is like mowing a lawn. Ever mow the side walk to street barrier of grass it is super long but thin. One maybe two swipes from the mower side by side and it is done. Now imagine doing that length by 35’ ft wide. the result more work. Which means more energy or time must be devoted.

It is just a rambling of mine. That’s they way I see the problem without explaining the physics and science of it all. Maybe I am wrong. Just an idea. I am hoping to not attack anyone personally with my idea. If I have it wrong, I apologize. Please explain it to me better so I can “see” what you mean. Thanks! TT

First, let me say I do not know about the veracity of any of this. My comments on length vs girth were simply what I perceive as common sense.

To break this down in the simplest terms, there are a couple of points you have to look at.

First, does all length come strictly from lig stretch or growth, or does length also come from tunica stretch or growth. In my experience, at least half of my length came from tunica stretch or growth, going by the amount I gained to, and then past my navel. The increase in lig stretch should not have affected this measure very much.

That leads to two other questions:

If indeed length comes from tunica stretch or growth, then is there any difference in the ease or amount of gains possible from differing tunica’; the amount of collagen material to be found in differing penis of varying girths?

Then, when doing girth exercises, does the tunica stretch or grow laterally?

Since the tunica is the limiting factor in girth, provided there is sufficient blood flow, it is obvious the tunica does stretch or grow. Which is it? If it only stretched, then it should become weaker. Since there are no reports of torn or ripped tunica, it would seem that it probably grows, with new material filling in as it becomes larger to handle a larger girth, and subsequently remaining at the same strength laterally or possibly stronger. That is my experience. Mine actually has more material.

So, if girth gains do provide more material, is that material as strong, or stronger than the original girth. Beats me, but I would tend to think it is stronger. Much stronger. So, would length gains be harder or easier considering this new material, attempting to stretch it lengthwise. IMO, yes.

On another related note, starting from scratch, do thin guys or thick guys have more trouble gaining length. I have no concrete data, and there is anecdotal evidence either way. But in general, over the years, it seems to me that guys who start thin have a much easier time gaining length, than guys who started thick. All I can say is it is a strong general impression.

For what it is worth,


Honestly guys, I have very mixed feelings on this issue. I myself when I still jelqed made my first gains in length AND girth in the same time frame with one basic exercise…jelqing! Sure, it makes sense from a logical standpoint that it should be harder to stretch a thicker penis than a thinner one…then again it also seems logical that a penis would be made thinner by hanging weights…this of course is false. I wont even try to sound like an authority on this issue though…just thought I’d chime in.

Hey everyone,

Just a theory, but the way I see it is girth gains could hinder length gains because if your working 2 different areas at the same time it will be harder for your body to repair both as quickly as it could heal just one.

It’s kinda like starting 2 jobs at one time. You would not try to paint your house and put a roof on it at the same time. You would first accomplish one task then start on the other.

This may not make any sense, but it’s my 2 cents.

Bib said
“On another related note, starting from scratch, do thin guys or thick guys have more trouble gaining length. I have no concrete data, and there is anecdotal evidence either way. But in general, over the years, it seems to me that guys who start thin have a much easier time gaining length, than guys who started thick. All I can say is it is a strong general impression.”

Well I started from scratch rather thin and I’m only going for length. I was 5.25 nbp girth unknown. I’m currently at 6.5 bp (5.75 nbp) with 5 girth. I guess this puts me on the thin side?.?. My routines have always been length oriented, starting from basic jelq / stretch with occasional ulis, evolving to intense half erect jelqs (again for length as I understood at the time) and stretches to now mainly hanging with a one day a week “uli thing” for girth maintenance. I’m also in the opinion that length gains will be easier if I concentrate more on length now and girth later. While I’ll never complain about girth gain, I’m just trying to make the most efficient use of the time I spend pe’ing.

I’m also thinking about adding some long session pumping but at lower vacuum (longer session goes against everything I’ve learned and practiced) in a smallish tube that would enhance length but hinder girth. I would do this lower intensity pumping to ‘hold’ open the microtears from hanging for a longer period of time. This sounds logical to me. What do you guys think?

who cares?

well probably most guys, except for me….

I do not want any more length. I already have wasted inches.
All I want is girth and am finding it difficult to achieve :(

I experimented with some squeezes when I started PEing. Just easier for me to wrap my brain around I guess. I am mainly after some length, and 99% of my routine these days is strapping on that miracle of modern science, the Bib Hanger. Having a fatter dick means more tissue to stretch, that does make since. Is it harder to gain girth on a longer penis? More tissue to fatten up. Guess we need another study,lol. Till then I will continue to stick with working on length and getting to the girth later, just in case.

We are all part of some cutting edge medical experiments. In 20 years will they be doing ” A&E’s Biography” on Bib and others?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I am not going to say anything more about this subject, but I think we can probably draw some conclusions from modemmers experiment groups… Like folks under 5” vs. over 5” girth with same routines, how will length come… Let’s see, interesting..

A Man behind his mask.

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