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Is it true the girth gains hinder length gains?

Basic physics!

Which is easier to stretch - a thick rubber band or a thin one?

We need to remember that growth is achieved through micro-tears. It’s basic physics that a thicker rubber band is going to be able to support a greater weight before it stretches to the same extent as a thinner one. This means that if you are thicker, there is a very good possibility that you may need greater weight to achieve the same amount of micro-tear inducing stress than someone who measures less in girth. Of course, there are lots of variables in the equation, every one’s physiology is unique, but the fundamental physical principle remains constant for everyone.

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

So is it safe to say that I should, (just to be safe), concentrate more on length and then work on girth? I mean, I am not very thick to begin with and it seems like length would be easier to achieve?


I would say it depends. I mean what exactly are your goals exactly?

For me I would love to have a monster sized dick. I know some guys’ say it is impractical. But I disagree my my viewpoint. I am almost seven feet in height. So any girl would rightfully expect me to have a baby’s arm holding an apple underneath. I wish! I mean a girl that goes out with a really tall dude is usually hard to find in the general population.

So my plan is to chase as much length as humanly possible than go after as much girth as possible. Hanging with ADS assist and some jelqing via Power-Jelq. Possible use of strtching to subsitute and or supplement the hanging. Still formulating the strategy.

But yeah chase the length first, some girth will arive with it too, so don’t go ape over it. Just look for really slow or small girth gains while chasing the length. Than once you hit x or really close to x go to the girth routine.


My main goal is to really put on length and eventually girth. I’ve heard girth makes more of a difference with women since the first 3 1/2 inches of the vagina feel everything. The other is pretty much numb in most cases.

I am trying to get to around 6-6.5 inches, not too much, just to get me in the normal range. I currently peek at 5 inches, by 4.5. Do you think this would be possible with just manual exercises? I’ve been reading about many guys doing hanging but I thought hanging made you penis thinner? any input on that and do you have any suggestions on what workouts I should try to get my gains? Thanks.

One of my biggest problems is my limited time.

Quik 123,

I’ll try and answer any and all your thoughts here as best as I can.

I do agree girth does more of the work on the female. But in my idea of how stuff works, length is what sells the deal. I mean the girl looks and says wow that is really long! All girth with no length makes you some sort of little fireplug. I mean does a girl say he was really thick like a bat or he is well hung. The semantics of hung means to hang to me. It testifies to length. Remember, you want to get the girlto do you. A nice length usually means no disappointments to a girl usually. I mean would you take being 12” by 5”? Or would you take 10” by 7”? How about 8” by 8” instead?

You seem to be not to far away from your length ideal. So you may really luck out on this one. You could in theory just get away with Jelqing and get what you want fairly soon.

Hanging doesn’t thin the member out. nope just another misconception by thoise that don’t like hanging. Most likely started by some Paysite guy selling you information instead of a product. It is not like he is selling a Hanging Device so why say it is ok? Why put Money in another person’s pocket? People can be inately greedy and do things in their own self-interest.

The whole debate over whether this can be acheived with just manual stretching is best summed up by a friend of mine DoubleLongDaddy. Look for his posts here and also at , There on the Pe Forum he tells his mostly stretching routine that took him from around 6.5 till 9.5 in or around a year. Look it up.

Time is ver precious to me too. I wish i found this site or another like it two years earlier I would be huge now. I still live my parents and have zero privacy. I have a Bib Hanger and a Power-Jelq yet never get a chance with them. Damnit. With little time I am very hesitant of breaking the length firsdt rule. I don’t want to get a slower investment cause I was greedy. I mean if I am going to do it, I might as well make every damn second count!

Little to no money is needed for this. Manual stretching may work as well as simple ass jelqing. Perhaps if you would care to invest 35 bucks buy a Power-Jelq. Read the opinions here and on PeForum on it first and decide for yourself. You have very resonable goals. I wish you well with them! TT

I don’t know but one thing when I was doing erect stretches and squeezes I was having a real hard time getting length gains. Now that i have split my workout and only do length or girth my length gains have started again.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

How about stretching legs???

Is it easier to stretch thinner or longer legs??? LOL, do you think the medical community gets their panties in a wad over that? Probably not to the degree some of us do over this issue…and legs are many times thicker than penises, yet legs get stretched by traction several inches longer…hmmmm….

Dino, could you please expound on your reply. When you say that you are doing split work outs now, what would that entail? Do you do length one day, then girth another, does that mean that you do not work both girth and length in the same day? Any reply you give would be appreciated. You have been a mentor in my short PE career, which has yielded me a hair under an inch in a hair under three months.


Any one else watching the Insomniac/south park hour?

When working on/getting length out of the ligs i dont think girth matters(because of the inner penis stretches out), but if you work on length by working your tunica i think that the girth matters, making it harder to strectch because of the “bigger cable”. But i dont know anyway????


Of late, I have worked just length or girth for about three months at a time.
I’m on length right now and I pretty much just hang, I do a lttle manual strteches and a little bit of jelqing for health. Soon I’m switching over to all erect jelqing and squeezes. So far it seems to be working for me, but your getting great gains an inch that fast is absoultly amazing.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Bibs theory makes sense to me and I planned on going for only length, but then got girth and loved the look of it more than length, so now I do a combination. My current girth exercise is maintaining an erection for 30mins with a cock ring and hot wrap and some very gentle bends and jelqing in this state. Then I immediately do manual stretches and feel the girth stretch really helps. If you cant blow up a long sausage ballon what do you do? you pull it a few times and then it stretches laterally easier. I find the opposite works with my routine, I stretch laterally and then find I can stretch easier and longer. I do not measure but I can manage an A stretch far far easier after my girth routine.

A thicker penis will take more force/weight to stretch it the same % length. Just think of an elastic band with a weight on the end, if you replaced it with 2 elastic bands it would not stretch to the same length. The weight will need to be increased in proportion to achieve the same % length increase. I imagine in my enlarged cock ring state that the cells are all stretched like over-full balloons, so when the ring comes off they are still enlarged and when I manually stretch I lengthen them more easily.
Also I feel I am stretching more manually since I can grip at the very end rather than hanging half way up the shaft. When I feel I need to turn back to hanging I will though. Cables etc elongate elastically as a % of length so a 4” elastic band may grow to 6” under 1lb, a 8” similar band will grow to 12” with the same 1lb weight. So guys starting big should in theory grow even more due to the % factor (not fair really!).

So if I started at 6” and grew to 10” in 5 years if my penis had been cut to 3” originally I should only have got to 5” after 5 years using the same routine (this is simplified and ignores inner penis). So I see hanging at half way down as less productive under the same weight. HOWEVER it is far easier to hang for longer and with more weight than manual stretching so may be better for some in the long run. A thicker penis will be able to handle more weight as it represents many elastic bands under a fixed weight, so hanging is almost essential for big guys.

Hope all that crap makes some sense to somebody…

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

Girl claims she had a huge ex? Stick a spider in the bathroom or a mouse in the kitchen and when she comes out screaming ask her how big the spider/mouse was...

Maybe I’m completely wrong but this is what I think:

I don’t think girthsize affects lengthgains from the ligs, also your ligs don’t get thicker or stronger when you gain girth.

With an equal tunica thickness but with a bigger girth you would need more pull to get it stretched as much but I think this just means you need to stretch it harder to get the same gains.

After a girthsession you have a temporarily plumplook with a bigger girth than normal. This means your tunica is temporarily thinner. Wouldn’t this make it easier to stretch lengthwise?

I’ve always combined length and girth routines btw.

I’ve noticed that I tend to lose length when I gain girth. Just the last few weeks I’ve added a rice sock to my routine (wrapped around the base during hanging) and it seems like I’m gaining both width and length now. Way to early to say, really. It could also have something to do with the 4AD gel which I still use every second or third day.

from a purely physical POV, my take is that greater girth would simply require a greater force to give the same stretching stress on the tissue, so im guessing that you would need to pull harder or hang more weight as your girth goes up.

there are probably other physiological factors though…

This is very simple physics, let’s get it clear.

Stress = Force / Area.

To keep stress constant when area is increased, you need to raise the force.

So going by this alone, assuming guys with thicker penises pull harder than guys with thinner penises, there is exactly the same amount of stress in both penises.

>Cables etc elongate elastically as a % of length so a 4” elastic band may grow to 6” under 1lb, a 8” similar band will grow to 12” with the same 1lb weight. So guys starting big should in theory grow even more due to the % factor (not fair really!). <


1. The elastic behavior of materials varies with specimin size/dimensions, so that cable example isn’t necessarily true.

2. We’re not interested in elastic deformation. Elastic means it returns to its original position without permanent deformation. We want permanent deformation.

That’s not to say the ideas mightn’t have some validity, but the point I want to make is we are far too uncertain of the (probably incredibly complicated) mechanisms at work here to go about predicting anything, especially from such basic theory.


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