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Is it true the girth gains hinder length gains?

Hey everyone, whats up?

I was wondering whats everyones position on phallioplasty( penile enlargement). And was also wondering if anyone has had it done in this forum.

Originally Posted by quik123
I read in a thread that Girth gains will hinder length gains? Is this true?

Not true

Guys, I’d like to hear your “2008” opinions on this subject.

I feel like I’m gaining some girth in the past weeks, but the highest point (length) I reach in the cylinder (yes, I also do some pumping) since November or December is basically the same.
I wouldn’t mind changing my routine a bit, and try and incorporate some more length exercises, and less time on the cylinder, but I wouldn’t like to compromise my girth gains. On the other hand, I feel like my length has reached a plateau, and I’m afraid it will stay that way.

Once again, I’m confused. Give me your best advices.

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I think it\'s amazing, the way that love can set you free...

As much as I enjoyed clamping i realised that, for me, I had to stop because I was stopping my length gains. I will be measuring again at the end of April and I will find out if my theory was correct.

Hmmm.. I’m going for girth then length then girth then length.keeping it balanced, making sure my cock is well balanced and healthy.

Starting: (15X11.2 cm)(EV:9.13ci) Current: (17.5 X 11.9cm)(EV:12.07ci) Future: LONG AND THICK

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All measurements are BPEL and Average girth (top shaft erect, mid shaft erect, and base erect) Journey Began on 1-20-10 Target date: 8-30-13

Be greedy and go for both at the same time like me. If you have the time that is.

Ha I kind of am but don’t have a bib to start hanging yet. Once I get one this summer I will be doing both

Starting: (15X11.2 cm)(EV:9.13ci) Current: (17.5 X 11.9cm)(EV:12.07ci) Future: LONG AND THICK

Short term goal: (18.1X12.2cm)(EV:13.08ci) Long term goal: 22X16 cm EV: 26.31ci

All measurements are BPEL and Average girth (top shaft erect, mid shaft erect, and base erect) Journey Began on 1-20-10 Target date: 8-30-13

Originally Posted by Bib
First, let me say I do not know about the veracity of any of this. My comments on length vs girth were simply what I perceive as common sense.

To break this down in the simplest terms, there are a couple of points you have to look at.

First, does all length come strictly from lig stretch or growth, or does length also come from tunica stretch or growth. In my experience, at least half of my length came from tunica stretch or growth, going by the amount I gained to, and then past my navel. The increase in lig stretch should not have affected this measure very much.

That leads to two other questions:

If indeed length comes from tunica stretch or growth, then is there any difference in the ease or amount of gains possible from differing tunica’; the amount of collagen material to be found in differing penis of varying girths?

Then, when doing girth exercises, does the tunica stretch or grow laterally?

Since the tunica is the limiting factor in girth, provided there is sufficient blood flow, it is obvious the tunica does stretch or grow. Which is it? If it only stretched, then it should become weaker. Since there are no reports of torn or ripped tunica, it would seem that it probably grows, with new material filling in as it becomes larger to handle a larger girth, and subsequently remaining at the same strength laterally or possibly stronger. That is my experience. Mine actually has more material.

So, if girth gains do provide more material, is that material as strong, or stronger than the original girth. Beats me, but I would tend to think it is stronger. Much stronger. So, would length gains be harder or easier considering this new material, attempting to stretch it lengthwise. IMO, yes.

On another related note, starting from scratch, do thin guys or thick guys have more trouble gaining length. I have no concrete data, and there is anecdotal evidence either way. But in general, over the years, it seems to me that guys who start thin have a much easier time gaining length, than guys who started thick. All I can say is it is a strong general impression.

For what it is worth,


Yeah yeah, I know this is a REALLY old thread, but what is everyone always telling the newbies to do? Search first, so that’s what I did.

The bolded portion of Bib’s text seems to make sense, but what if after gaining girth, a decon break was taken? Would that new material in the tunica get more pliable over time?

Also, how much length does just straight jelqing usually tend to give? I’m pursuing girth at the moment, not only because that is the main thing I want, but also because I just plain hate stretching but I really enjoy jelqing. It would be nice to get really long though. Still hoping for 8 long in the years ahead! ;)

I am glad to have read this thread. In a thread over at the PEgym by Blink 2000 written in 2010, he referred to this very thread. It was put out that this was a theory (length before girth) and he posted some statements from a few of the members here at Thunders. I know this is an old thread but it creates the perfect chance to get updates from the very members that were in on this when it was first discussed so many years ago. I would love to hear from any of the members that posted way back when Bib first started this thread to see if now after many years later any of you feel that is was proven to indeed be a fact that length must be achieved before girth. This thread has its own fame as a theory at the PEgym

Some of the names mentioned were Bib, who is no longer here, Big girtha, Wadzilla, Dino9x7, RWG, Monty and Hobby. I know there were a few more and I may have named one or two fellas from a different forum. If I did so I apologize but if any of you guys are still actively posting I would love to have your opinions. I have seen a few of you guys are still around. I think it would be great information and a chance to look at the view now compared to the view so many years back.

If there is a desire for Blinks’s thread at the PEGym I would be happy to link it. Really looking forward to replies from any of the members that were in on the first few posts, at least from those that still remain and participate at this fine site,

My interest on this is pretty high, I am at 6.0 MSEG and length has slowed to a crawl.

Man, there are so many opinions out there.

Here’s mine :)

Penis thickness shouldn’t matter. I would say it just takes more force to accomplish one’s objective. So let’s say we have 2 rubber bands the same length, but different thicknesses. A thick rubber band will require more force to stretch out to a certain length, and a thin rubber band would require less force to reach the same stretch measurement. IMO, although each requires different level of force to reach the same length, they are both reaching the same stretch points, & I believe they both should therefore have the same results (with few exceptions). So of course, I’m only talking about rubber bands, & the penis is constructed of all sorts of different materials. So when looking at it from the penis, the material that is strongest or most resistant for a given force will need to be lengthened before for the 2nd, 3rd, etc… materials will lengthen. So let’s say the greatest resistance comes from the ligaments. As they stretch out, the force moves down the chain to the next greater resistances. I can give more clarity if anyone wants to dialogue further.

I believe one of the biggest problems is that no 2 penises are constructed identically in material, even if they look identical from the outside. One penis may have heavier duty ligaments, & so on. Therefore, guys with heavier duty ligaments may run into more difficulty achieving results, unless :) their ligaments are more flexible & give in easier to external forces. There is also the matter of temporary vs permanent gain, & how much work (time & force) so that the material permanently retains the newly reached stretched lengths. So I would say that once a new length is reached, one must continue stretching in order to keep that gain.

So….. I work length & girth together. I have other reasons but I don’t want to write a book. HAHA! But I will say I believe greater results in less amount of time can be achieved by working on the whole picture.

Ok, I’ll stop there & see what you all think about this.

The above theory is flawed, once one knows the anatomy of the penis. It could still be true that girth hinders length, though, although this poll seemws to show that a bigger girth is no problem for length gains

Girth and length gains

I tried not to place too much detail into my explanation but appreciate your expertise Marinera. I consider you an authority, but even when reading various comments from the authorities, I’m reading different theories. If we read what the medical community has to say, they would say penis enlargement is not possible without surgery, although some have acknowledged minimal results may be possible through different types of exercises. I know the rubber band analogy is flawed, but it serves a purpose in my explanation & why I believe as I do. I’d would love to continue this discussion because there are so many members coming up with opposing theories.

I remember reading that the penis is constructed differently than a bone. The bones fibers are intertwined, but for penis to get hard & stay erect, the fibers are crisscrossed vertically & horizontally.

I have not been convinced yet whether the penis actually grows new cells, as the theory goes for stretching. OR whether indeed, the fibers holding the penis & keeping chambers in place are stretched. Maybe combination of both.

To keep simple, to maximize growth through a gain curve (time & lenth/girth gains), I would stretch by pulling/pushing externally which is only one direction, length, & stretch internally, force blood inside to push outwards on the chambers.

If I were to stretch only, I could get minimal girth gains because as chambers stretch out, there is some give in lateral stretch, meaning more girth. If I force blood, it would be more even pressure to the chambers, but more to girth, & less to length because of resistance of longitudinal fibers. Although both will have impact on length & girth, but to different degrees.

got to go, but will post & be back :)


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