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IPR the sky is the limit?

I would like to admit that I was wrong about the overall importance and structure of the suspensory ligament. Some members may have noticed this right off the bat, but I need to clarify that I was wrong for the members that did not know otherwise. I wrongfully thought that the suspensory ligament ran from the pubic bone to the glans. I was mistaken. There is a structure in my penis just below the skin and superficial fascia that becomes rigid when I stretch the shaft at any angle. Even though I had seen a couple of illustrations of the suspensory ligament here over the years, I somehow forgot and continued to believe that the rigid structure in my shaft was the ligs. It seems that the dorsal thickening of the tunica is what I’m probably feeling. I’m not 100% sure about this yet. Regardless, we do know that the lining of the tunica is made up of collagen. Possibly, some of the information about elongating ligaments and tendons can carry over to elongating the tunica, since all three structures are made up of collagen.

Here is evidence that Inflammation, Proliferation, and Remodeling occurs in ligaments. It may or may not occur in other types of connective tissue. It is all said to occur in a continuous microhealing process.

Cells in the body are subjected to complex mechani-cal loadings, consisting of tension, compression, shear,or combinations of the three types of load and defor-mation. Researchers have studied the mechanical stimulation and behavior of cells in vitro (1, 11, 13, 14,40). Hsieh et al. (14) studied human fibroblasts fromthe anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in vitro under equibiaxial strains of 5 and 7.5%, show-ing that cell strain induced expression of types I and IIIcollagen. They suggested that remodeling of ligament tissue may take place by a continuous microhealing process whereby scar tissue (predominately type IIIcollagen) is formed and later matures into remodeled tissue.

So, scar tissue is formed, then it later matures into remodeled tissue. Again, this occurs in ligaments. Now, the question is whether or not this occurs in other types of connective tissue in the body.

The link for this study is:

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I think the idea is that the injuries that take place during PE are very small, essentially micro-tears, that may cause some soreness but not the kind of acute symptoms described in the TL extract.

This is yet another reason I doubt that scar tissue plays a very big role in PE. The TL extract also indicated that very small injuries heal over with virtually no sign of damage. I’m fairly certain most if not all PE induced injuries fall into this category.

Yet another idea to munch on is that we’re really not causing much inflammation, and that inflammation is really not the goal of PE. We’re applying traction, pressure, or stimulating blood flow to induce growth. Not to be negative on any particular PE theory, but inflammation and IPR healing in general may have no connection to why we gain. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that inflammation actually slows gains.”

ModestoMan - IPR the sky is the limit?

I think like you, the process of cicatrization is the key!

I think you have to read the reparation process of ligament or tendon, if it’s not done…

The process is long and too many things appear during. Look for an article who speack about that and you will can see (what i’m going to talk it’s too simplified) : first we have scar tissu ( collagen type N°?) and after some week it becomes collagen type 1.

Scar tissu is metabolic collagen, who are more breakable. This is good but if you dont let the collagen type 1 appear , then you have inflamation ,and the part where are the tension, if you continue to PE, is at the same place. That’s why we have to wait few day after a “good” session of PE.

But scar tissu is metabolic collagen, and we have some fluctation with differents peoples.

I have read also, that electricity influences on the proportion of type of collagen durin the cicatrization and vitamin A, E influences also.

Heat can expand collagen whitout breaks if you heat up it at 133 farenheit degree.

If write here, it’s to have some points of view about my knows, because I’m french and on french’s thread nobody can debate with me about “science” of PE and researchs.

I’m looking for a safe girth routin who work…

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