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IPR the sky is the limit?

IPR the sky is the limit?

For all the guys that has tried the IPR routine.

What was your EL gains before you started the IPR routine?

How many rounds have you completed?

And how much erect length did you gain each round?

It would be great to use this thread to find out how effective the IPR routine really is, And also find out if the gains decreases for each round, Or if the sky is the limit. Please use your EL gains not your FSL gains.

I will go first

I had gained 2 cm - 4/5” before starting the IPR routine.

Two rounds

First round: 0,2 cm - 1/10” (the break before I started was to short)

Second round: 0,5 cm - 1/5”

I gained 0” during my first round and then gave up.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Way to go Modesto! That’s inspiring! Anyone else gain 0”, or are me and Modesto the only two?

"Debate the idea..."

To get an average, And to find out how effective it is, we need to know about the ones that didn’t gain also, Thanks for your replies Modesto and goon baby.

I gained 0.25 inches length in 6 weeks with IPR.

I have completed 3 rounds. I gained 0,8cm in the first round and 0,4cm in the second round (only 17 days decon between the first and the second round). I gained nothing in the third round and believe it was because I only had 1month decon and started with far to little weight (a little to much experimenting).

Originally Posted by doghound
I gained 0.25 inches length in 6 weeks with IPR.

I think you got a better erection.

0” here, and feelings of shame, guilt and gullibility.

Originally Posted by Klayton
I think you got a better erection.

No, I gained 0.25” in 6 weeks, like I said I did. Trust me on this one. I know my dick inside out.

For those of you that tried and tested Xeno’s IPR/ babbis’s newbie routine, I’m curious:

1) What would you rate your hardness both prior to and after the routine?

2) How often, on average over the last year, do you either a) have sex or b) masturbate. If you have sex 5 times a week on average, and masturbate 3 times a week on average, than the answer to this question is 8.

3) Were you a newbie prior to the routine? And if not, did you decon before going into it?

Also, please state what routine you used…

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Originally Posted by goonbaby
Way to go Modesto! That’s inspiring! Anyone else gain 0”, or are me and Modesto the only two?

Originally Posted by Klayton
0” here, and feelings of shame, guilt and gullibility.

I have read the routine ModestoMan used for his IPR-trial but I have not read your routine goonbaby, nor have I seen your routine Klayton. If it would not be to much trouble, could you guys post your routine or give me a link to it?

Oh, Klayton, I can relate to the feelings that you are talking about when it comes to PE. I did PE very consistently for a long time before I saw any gains. One of my biggest problems in the beginning was being honest with my self regarding my length measurement. I wanted to gain so bad that I continually kept changing my measurement method.

I realize that statements made by me will not have to much impact on you guys since I have a commercial account now, but I am a very honest man and honestly believe that IPR or at least similar ways of doing PE on will help most guys to gain. I am a open minded guy and not a 100% IPR-guy. I want to find the most effective ways to PE so everyone can gain.

So, if you do not mind, let me take a look at your routines and maybe I can offer some advice for changes if you guys want to try another period?

Also, I may have been a bit paranoid regarding my plans for a commercial PE site and held back my picture proof for my two hanging periods.. I will post them shortly in my progress log.

To answer remek:

1. My hardness has always been excellent, so no difference.

2. Probably 5 times total on average per week.

3. Yes, I was newbie to hanging and only had about one month decon before my first hanging period.

Here you can find the routine I used: - The log of babbis


1) The same, Pretty hard, But it can be less hard right after doing the routine.

2) Between 2 and 6. Average around 4.

3) No I was doing hard core PE for months without any EL gains, FSL seems possible to increase with brutal force but not EL. First time I took a two weeks decon break, Second time a two months decon break.


I had a month decon break.

1. The same

2. 4-5 times a week

3. Not a newb. Had a month of decon before I started IPR.

I phase: started at 300 jelqs per workout, and added 10% more jelqs at every workout. After jelqing, hung 1.5 lbs ADS for 7-8 hours. Took next two days off, then repeated the process. I did this 5 times, for a total of 15 days for the I phase.

P phase: I hung 0.75 pounds ADS every day without fail for 6-12 hours, depending on my schedule and activities. I did this for four weeks.

R phase: nothing. I let it rest for two months.

Total EL gains are 0.25”, and they’ve stuck around well after my R phase ended. So for me, it IS for real. Please note that my decon was such that my dick was pretty soft before I started this routine, and during the routine I worked pretty hard. My jelqs were usually tight 5-second jelqs, and believe me hanging 1.5 pounds ADS for 8 hours can get pretty sore after a while. It takes some effort.

Thank you for the replies guys!

I am hoping if we dissect everyone’s routines, experience, etc, then we can get to the bottom of why some people are gaining and others are not. Hopefully we can get some guys that didn’t gain to reply too.

I was originally thinking that maybe the guys who didn’t gain were either a) using too much intensity or b) the opposite — not enough intensity. I am hoping that looking at the answers to the above questions will provide some means of rating everyone’s penis strength. With this in mind, PI’s are probably the best indication of penis strength, so if it’s not too much to ask, what were your PIs prior to and after the routine?

TGC Theory | Who Says The Penis Isn't a Muscle?

"To leave the world a better place, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived is to succeed." - Emerson


PIs prior: very good. I was really horny, penis was in excellent shape, frequent night wood, etc.

After: my dick was pretty bruised and I was glad the routine was over. I was starting to get a sore spot around the rim of the glans where the ADS rings would make contact for 8-9 hours a day, and the ligs felt a little sore. Note that even though my dick was banged-up, I still had good EQ.

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