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If you want bulge


If you want bulge

If so, don´t use boxers. But, instead, if you want to feel your enhanced longer and thicker flaccid dick dangling between your legs all day long, and especially if you also have stretched your ballsack to have low hanging balls as a complement of PE, then try switching to loose boxers. From my experience, it just feels good.

Any comments?

I seem to hang lower and fuller when I go “commando”. If I wear boxers or briefs my penis has the turtle effect. Even my ball sack pulls up tight in underwear. Of course I have to wear underwear when I am in dress pants.

I was wondering will this reduce my sensitivity?

I was just wondering. Is showing a bulge a “gay thing”?

Or are straight guys interested in showing a noticeable bulge in their pants also?

Most young guys I see on the street today are mostly wearing baggy pants. What’s the deal?

I just watched a program on History Channel this morning and they mentioned that in the 16th century, men used to wear a piece of cloth (I do not remeber the name for it) between their legs to lift up the penis. This was done to make an impression on the ladies (not other men).

So this is by no means something new (what is?).


Cod piece?

"If you build it, they will come".

I really haven’t heard of any guy wanting a bigger bulge in pants. Maybe in speedos or undies.

Originally Posted by tryn4more
Cod piece?

Hmmm, good question try4more. I know men wore cod pieces (a padded cover for the crotch in men’s breeches) that were molded in the shape of a permanent erection. King Henry V111 was the owner of the largest cod in England.
So to have a cod piece only the size of flaccid bulge doesn’t seem to fit in when other guys were walking around with erect sizes on.

Does a cod piece sound anything like what they described? Your description could be part of the overall package that also helped push the cod piece forward?

Of course a cod piece isn’t practical these days for having even just a flaccid bulge. Wind up unexpectedly in a hospital and it would be tough to explain this as just an interest in following 16th century practice.

In my opinion if you are trying to somehow amplify the visual effect of your bulge you are gay, or you are trying to attract another gay. If we are talking statistical significance then the only people interested in your bulge are homosexuals. If your doing your PE properly you will have a nice bulge without mystical manipulations. Now, take that pear out of your pants.

bodie, that was a highly ignorant statement. Keep your redneck homophobe thoughts to yourself, where they belong.

Yeah phreakk, bodie is rather ignorant. I know plenty of women who keep their eyes on dick level just like I keep mine on tit level. Nothing strange about that. Walking the streets yesterday with my dick wrapped creating a visible bulge was great fun. I wrap with something similar to the TheraP. I hear that the wrapping given time actually makes the dick larger in the flaccid state. I would love to have that size flaccid without any aid. BTW I don’t mind guys/gays checking me out as long as women do to :)

What statistical significance are you referring to? Besides I hope you realize that women can be homosexual as well. I doubt that they’re interested in the content of mens pants. But hey, what do I know?

A lot of girls check out guy’s bulges. I don’t know where the idea that only a gay man would comes from, that’s just crazy. I have a close friend and some time ago she was telling me how she can’t help but check out a guys bulge, that it’s almost involuntary (sort of like some of us and tits :) ). She said that her eyes just automatically go to it , especially if its prominent.

What’s that line from “Officer and a Gentleman,” oh yeah, “only things that come out of Texas are steers and queers.” Just loved that move.

I enjoy a good bulge, there is nothing wrong or gay about a bulge. Its eye candy.

Guys look at women’s breasts and legs, women look at bulges. Seems fair to me.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Originally Posted by sunshinekid
I enjoy a good bulge, there is nothing wrong or gay about a bulge. Its eye candy.

Guys look at women’s breasts and legs, women look at bulges. Seems fair to me.

Don’t forget a woman’s hips, butt, and hands also. Poor women, all they get to enjoy looking at is a man’s bulge. Ahhh, it feels good to be a man…

bodie, to say that only gay men crotch watch is way off bud. Try walking through a college campus and see how many women you can catch staring at your crotch, you would be suprised!

I don’t get the original post for this thread, he says if you want to enhance your bulge than don’t wear boxers. He then goes on to say that you should wear loose boxers instead because they will help your presentation? Maybe a language mix up. I would agree with others on here and say that when I go commando is when I have the best looking bulge.

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Besides bulges, there are women that are into looking at butts on men. Don’t know how often ( not as often as butt watching I believe), but some women are into biceps and/or chests on men. I see women bulge watching all the time, and if you are showing a good bulge a few women will stare.

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