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Get a bigger bulge, more glances, easily!!!

Get a bigger bulge, more glances, easily!!!

Got a nice cheap and easy way to enhance your bulge. And it is very stealthy. You can use a urinal and no one will know what is up. It is not obvious like a velcro wrap. Invisible under clothes. You can just wear boxers, briefs, sweat pants, or swim suit and no one will know you are wearing a bulge enhancer. But you will have a great big healthy, but not artificial looking, bulge that will attract the attention of bulge watchers. you will be getting glances form women and men alike. It is made of 3/4” elastic that may be purchased at Walmrt or anyplace that sells fabric and sewing materials. Buy a package for a buck or two. Find the length that will fit around your waist snugly but not tightly. Cut to correct length. Use a needle and thread to sew the 2 ends together. Actually you can use a safety pin to join the 2 ends but the ends fray after a while. Thus you have a loop of snug but not tight elastic that is 3/4” wide. Place it around your waist kind of high but not above your under shorts. Now pull the loop down in the front and place it under your balls and sack. Instantly your whole package is pulled forward and upward into a nice round bulge that sticks out in a seductive way. Pull up your shorts. Bulge city! Slip on your jeans or pants and get prepared fore bulge glances. The elastic forms a “V” in the front that lifts your whole package up and out but the strap can not be seen unless you are nude. In the back it is a band that is below your shorts. If seen under a swim suit or workout pants at the gym people will think it is a jock. You will certainly get the attention of bulge watchers. The bulge is real obvious but not artificial looking. Had to share this with my buds on the board. Keep pulling it! MXL

Holding steady at about 8.7” X 6.25” EBPL

That’s a pretty nifty idea. I’d like to put this addition on some of my favorite jeans and shorts. Thanks for the tip.

The ballzinger gives a great bulge too! I always see women staring at my johnson. Thanks zinger, lol!


Excellent! Will do this at some time.

Also I did look around and there are designed underwear that do just that! C ring underwear have a sewed in strap that work like you described.

Start stats NBP: 6.7 inches length, 5.12 inches girth.

Goal: 7.0x5.6 // 18x14,3cm nbp

Current: 6.8x5.314

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