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Flacid length and bulge

Flacid length and bulge

What do I do wrong? Some threads have discussed how to place your willie and what to wear to get an impressive bulge in your pants. However, mine doesn’t look that impressive. Maybe I am to demanding, my flacid length is 6 1/4” and my flacid girth is almost 4 1/2”. Shouldn’t that be enough?

Must be what you’re wearing. You’ve got the stuff.

Loose, baggy pants with 25 pockets aren’t going to hint at anything underneath let alone show a bulge, but we’re in a fashion phase of drug-runner pants for men for the most part.

Still, it’s possible to find well-cut slacks and jeans for sure. Choose light colors and slacks with a fairly high rise without a half acre of fabric in the front. Forget pleats if you want to show off. With a higer rise you then have the option of putting your whole package on one side or the other.

Your Thunder’s Fashion Consultant,



Hey Priapos

Try this. Wear boxers, take your balls and dick and pull them through the fly and wear pants, shorts or what ever over top. By putting your “lunch” on the outside of your boxers will push your package forward and create a good bulge. You can take it a step further and do a nice jelq session before and really show off in the engorged state. Also hang your dick on the opposite side of where your pant fly is. For me it’s the right side. I get a good noticable bulge this way.

It’s quick, easy, free, and comfortable.


Hey guys, first post here.

Anyway, nice suggestion goodwood. I’ll have to try that.

Priapos, you certainly have what it takes and trying different clothes may make a difference. The other thing, though, might be just the way you’re hung. My personal opinion: it’s harder for guys who are hung high to show as nice a bulge as guys who are hung low, even if both are the same size. This is something I just recently figured out. There is a large variation in how high or low the penis and scrotum are placed on the body.


Would you care to elaborate around what you just said? For instance, in my case I started with a small scrotum, quite tight to the legs. It also seems as if the bag is creeping up even closer after starting peing. Could this be the reason why it doesn’t look much? I am thinking of using ball rings to lower the scrotum an inch or two (partly because I operated an hernia and the scrotum isn’t symmetric). Anyway, I thought the high placed balls would press out the johnson and make it look more but it may well be the other way around.


Sure Priapos. What I’m talking about isn’t really about how close your testicles are to the base of your penis. What I’m talking about is how high or how low the WHOLE PACKAGE is.

I was curious about this, so I got a bunch of nude pictures of various men and lined them all up side by side. When you look at them that way you can see very clearly that some men’s penises sit high on the abdomen and some sit lower, more down between the legs.

Or look at it this way: have you ever noticed tan lines, especially tan lines from speedo type swimwear? You’ll notice that some guys have their penis and pubic hair right in the middle of the pale, untanned part. Other guys have their penis way at the bottom of the pale part. That’s due to the difference in how high or low it is on their body. (Of course, you adjust for different swimsuit styles.)

This difference explains a lot of things. For example, why some guys’ balls touch the chair when they sit down and other guys don’t, even when they are they exact same size. Or why some guys show a bulge in everything they put on and others don’t unless they wear something tight.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, there’s nothing you can really do about it. Pretty much, wherever it is is where it is (I’m about in the middle.) What I was saying before is that I think men whose whole package is down lower have better bulges in general, because there’s less fabric down there. Also, when it’s down low it tends to be either on one side of the inseam or the other which makes it look much bigger than when it’s just sort of hanging out in the middle.

That’s my 2 cents. Hope that clears it up somewhat.


I tend to think a bigger bulge also depends on the balls.

Balls provide a bit of padding that pushes the dick into the spotlight. You’ve got the dick no problem, I would work on stretching the balls down a bit further and see if that starts making a difference.

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