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If you want bulge


Biffy: I left the Beach in shame, my potato between my legs.

Strapping Cousin, oops, cough, cough, err, umm, Roussee: Bring your Cousinf home some sloppy seconds, will ya.

cead mile failte :lep:

Originally Posted by tryn4more
” What does this link have to do with this thread? Just wondering? “

I had responded to bodie, and Thunder followed up with “bodie is taking some couch time”.

Which I took as, bodie was getting a “time out”. The link leads you to a doll that is seen at Hot Rod shows-they are called time out kid’s. Sorry, thought it was funny. I have a fucked up sense of humor.

I should have paid more attention!

All I know is that my wife has told me that women do look at the bulge in a man’s pants. She said that she looks at my pants to make sure that I’m not showing too much. I asked if women even pay attention and she said most do! She’s told me that I’m just to big for certain kids of pants and shorts.

I have a white pair of sweats that I wear and if I’m not care full to keep them riding low you can see my whole unit. I was wondering why some women were staring with a smile. Yes, it was a boost to my confidence, but not the image I would like to portray.

I go commando all of the time. I have to buy the right kind of pants to make sure that I’m not over-exposing myself. I’ve found that the flaccid hand is great. I just like to be free…

Haines underwear made a killing on a commercial that ran a few years ago. Two women eating lunch sandwiches on a city park bench look at the crotches of passing men and ask each other, “Briefs, or boxers?”

Of course they look. Some are subtle about it and others not.



Originally Posted by beenthere
Hmmm, good question try4more. I know men wore cod pieces (a padded cover for the crotch in men’s breeches) that were molded in the shape of a permanent erection. King Henry V111 was the owner of the largest cod in England.
So to have a cod piece only the size of flaccid bulge doesn’t seem to fit in when other guys were walking around with erect sizes on.

I came across something concerning the codpiece in modern times.

Eldridge Cleaver, a rapist of many women, and later a born again Christian, eventually became a fashion designer. He began designing around 1975 or so it appears. He was selling a line of “anatomically correct” pants for men. What made those slacks “A.C” was the codpiece in front, a huge pouch designed to contain, and call attention to the penis. Cleaver appeared on The Phil Donahue Show to debate the feminist author, Susan Brownmiller, about rape and about the pants, but I’m drifting off topic here and will start another thread concerning Cleaver’s life if anyone is interested.

So, in modern fashion, a codpiece didn’t have a permanent erection molded as in the 16th century, but the idea of getting eyes to look there was still the same.

It’s flattering to catch a woman checking out my “bulge”. Certain pants do a better job of showing it off.

Chicks’ll be checking my stuff out, and to cover it up they’ll ask me, “What kind of jeans are those?” I know they’re asking because of my shock cock. I love it. I love getting attention from women. Especially that kind.

As far as bulges being “gay”… nah. It kinda depends. I think if you stuff a rolled up sock in your pants it’s more desperate than gay. It’s also quite obvious when there’s something fake in there. Sure, guys might be peeping my bulge, but it’s not like I’m looking at other guys anyway, so I wouldn’t notice. Let ‘em look. Let them gawk and then burn in their iniquity. Bring on the bitches!! Getting your crotch scoped by a gal is the ultimate compliment.

I stare at women like a lecherous pervert… I wish they’d do the same for me and return the favor. I’d love it if a girl looked at me like a piece of meat. It would make my day.

I wear a uniform for work and I’ve gone “commando” quite a few times. It’s more comfortable, but I gotta watch out. If I start getting an erection, there’s no “containment”. Next thing I know I’ve got this pipe on the inside of my thigh and it’s kinda obscene. I can’t wear boxers. Never did. They always bunch up like a diaper under my jeans. I’d rather free-ball, or wear my usual briefs.




"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


My natural bulge gets a lot of glances, and an occasional stare, from the women. When I catch them catching a glimpse, I give them a big smile. It’s amazing how many smile back. The Mrs. is shy about this kind of thing, but one of her friends talks about it all the time. Her husband, according to her, is well hung.



"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Great topic… I have caught many women looking at the bulge over the years and I love it. And given how sneaky women are… if I caught 10 women… it means 10 times that do it and never get caught!!! :-)


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