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I got a straight answer out of TWO ladies about size!

And those words come out of the mouth of a person who never had any sexual encounter with women whatsoever. No experience….

Secjay, you’re overdoing it a bit.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


years ago I took my wife to the adult toy store for a dildo, she went right to the 8x6 dildo passed by the smaller ones and the bigger ones she knew the size she wanted. It only took one min for her to decide.


Uncut, Im just saying that if it’s possible to fit something that obviously large into a pussy Eg two whole hands, then well, wouldn’t you call that flexible??

I can’t stretch my mouth that wide hehe

I’d always been turned on by seeing a big one stuffed in a girl, I’m totally straight, but it was exciting seeing a woman getting so much pleasure…

My gf has had a bit of experience and she’s seen ones that she’s said no way to, and ones that were too long, etc, and I’m the only guy so far that she’s ever had that she could cum with (I attributes this more to my style and the fact we share a closeness rather than my size). This has been good though because it’s opened her up to experimenting a bit, and one of the things I wanted to get was a dildo that was a bit bigger than me. We had bought a little vibrator when she was pregnant for the times I was at work and she needed something, but it’s broke now due to a couple moves and so we tried something jelly-like rather than hard plastic.

There were a couple ones she said NO WAY to which were about 9x6-7 and seeing the above posts I can’t say I blame her, most chicks say 7-8 but they don’t realize how big that is!

Measured for the first time last night (you’ll see more of me round here), and I was at 6”x4.5ish (almost 4.75 but i’d rather round down for safetys sake). I thought the dong we had gotten was an even 8x6 because it seemed rather large (my measurement was BPEL btw), and measuring myself up against it, I had the same width looking down, but it was longer in height (girthwise).

This kinda sucked because when I thought it was 8x6 I figured I’d be about 7 :D But it turns out that she can’t get that last inch in. We’ve used it and gotten her turned on, but she still can’t get that in and attempts to usually end up with a pained face. She’s stated she likes my lxw (but like most I’m kind of doing this for me, I don’t think she’ll complain if I’m 6” in girth or 7-8” nonbp’d either), mainly because she can sit up (best position for her orgasms), and depending on my horniness, take it all.

Perception is really the thing though, her dong looks huge because the whole length is out there and there’s not an inch that has to be forced out or anything, my last gf had only been with two guys and those were only bj’s and one night drunk she was telling everyone I had a big one (i didn’t stop her :) ), so I’d say most girls think every one is a ‘normal’ 7 or so.

Just like the joke that goes, why don’t women make good architects?

Because they think 5” is 9” :D

Anywho, hello, I’m off to the newbie forum, keep this thread to the top though, women’s perspective and experience w/diff sizes is really interesting.


Womens tastes

Hi guys
I am in my fifties and had more than a few women in my time.Until I started PE I was about 5.5 X 4.5 and never had any complaints even had a couple of threesomes to make life interesting.I made sure that whilst fucking I gave the clit what it wanted by ” cat flapping”.They cum every time you dont need to be big.My current long term partner has had a hysterectomy and we were worried that the surgeon might have shortened the vagina to much.My current length is now 7 3/8 but I still cant reach the end so no prob.The cat flapping still works ok. I’m glad to say.The extra length is good for me and means I can do positions that were impossible before.
It really is all about compatibility and technique size is the icing on the cake.


Secjay, I am of course guessing at the size. Actually, I my last gf watched it with me and was AMAZED. She is a nurse and had done a “size” evaluation on MANY patients. Her funniest story was about a 50ish black preacher. She said he was HUGE. While giving a sponge bath (yes, this is a REAL duty nurses HAVE to do) he got “excited”. She said he was appologizing perfusley, and all she could do was drap the washcloth over it. She says nurse training says to “thump” it if this happens. She couldn’t bring herself to do it and had major laughes about it with the nursing staff and was still laughing telling me.

Anyway, she couldn’t believe those 2 girls could get that HUGE dildo in. At first about 2/3s fit and then, slowly, the rest. I guess I cannot swear that it was 10x6 but it could easily have been bigger. It was WAY bigger than 8”…. WAY.

BTW, I told this same ex-gf about my PE and she said my penis was perfect for her as it hit her G spot. I told her not to worry, I could still get the job done ;) She still won’t give me any… :(

my girlfreind said i am a nice size i am 6.25 nbp and about 5 inch girth about an inch below my night while i was frisky i ask if she had ever had a big dick.she said she dated a black guy years ago she said he was not to bad,when i pressed her she said he was about 9 inches long and she couldnt get har hands around him , needed two hands to toss him off, now she said (no drink at this time) he was to heavey for a long hand job her arms went sore and that sex was sore,but once she was drunk and less inhibited she said it really turned her on sex was amazin she could take him all after he had been in a while,she siad she walked like john wayne for a day or so lol, now i did the same give her a empty toilet roll holder she said yes he was that thick,and about 8.5 inches she said i was a great size , but when i told her about pe she said great ,she wants to help me with it .i would love to reach 8 inches x 6.5( i think that is roughly an empty toilet roll holder)i have just started pe a few days ago, dont know if i could attain that size ? any ideas?

Dunno what you are referring to as a “toilet paper holder”, but the core of a standard roll of toilet paper is 4.5 inches long by 5.5 inches in diameter… Perhaps you are talking about something else? I think MANY guys here are already at the “toilet paper holder” measurements!


sorry i ment the core m8 i from scotland forgive me lol …doffo the core

For those that don’t know, m8 stands for mate. Now you know.

Ahhoy Shipmates!!

Now back to the subject of how women aren’t satisfied with the way God created men.

Maybe they will be if men get satisfied with the way god created women…


6-22-08: 7.5' BPEL, 7' NBPEL, 7.75' BPSFL, 5.25' EG

Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL

Well lets be very honest here. When have you ever heard a woman take equal responsibility in the size issue and say that its not mens fault. Women would also be more satisfied if their vaginas were smaller. When women say size matters, they are only ever referring to men.

There has been an issue created in society centring around the phrase “SIZE MATTERS”. Guess who it’s exclusively directed at! MEN. That single phrase lets men know that they are the ones blamed for the problem and women will not stand with them on the issue.

I don’t think men mind women talking about liking men with big muscles and women shouldn’t mind men talking about big breasts either. However when talking about sexual satisfaction, women don’t share the responsbility with men on the size issue. Men never make women feal like it’s their fault for not being satified due to their vaginas being too big. Men have just silently taken all of the responsibility onto their own shoulders and I tell you, that weight is crippling mens respect for themselves.

Women won’t even take an ounce of the responsibility.

Men don’t want to be lied to about size not being important. We just want women to understand that this whole issue has been very unfairly blamed on men who should really onlyhave been given half of the responsibility for the problem and be prowd of us for not complaining when we were unfairly treated.

Make no mistake! I love women. Thats why I feal so passionate about this. I feal sad to know that I can’t share this issue with the most precious thing to me(women).

I don’t want to be made to feal that I am too small for women. That suggests that I was made incorrectly and women deserve better than me. If men are too small, that also means that women are too large. If we could just share this understanding, men would feal confident enough to share their feelings with women. I know that I would open up to women in a way that I never have.

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I’m with you on that Gottagrow, well said.

I still disagree…a lot of probably ISN’T the size, but the lack of confidence exuded by male lovers of a perceived smaller size. No one wants to have sex with a wimp, and some guys get so hung up (no pun intended :) ) on the size of their units that they forget the point of sex is to have a good time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if women could be nailed by two guys with the exact same cock, and come away with far different perceptions due to mood, confidence, and technique.

I guess I’m not into the whole “hate the size queen” culture that seems to pervade these boards sometimes. It’s their choice—just like guys that only want to do certain body types or whatever.


6-22-08: 7.5' BPEL, 7' NBPEL, 7.75' BPSFL, 5.25' EG

Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL

I agree with some of your views as well as mine. I believe that confidense is one of the things that turns both men and women on. I just think men would have more of this confidense if they fealt they weren’t being given all of the blame.

I don’t hate women that like big dick. I could love a woman that admitted to me that she did, if she also understood that this whole issue of size has been very one sided.

Men are also to blame for it. Men with smaller members have often had the experience of being made fun of by guys who are bigger.

I think many guys would feal much more confident if they fealt that the common belief amongst women was that it wasn’t mens duty to measure up for women. Instead an understanding that some men and women don’t fit so well and that it is both down to the penis being too small and the vagina being too big.

I would just like some balance to the whole “size matters” notion. Is a bit of balance really such a unfair thing to expect.


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