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I got a straight answer out of TWO ladies about size!

Yeah Mr. Average! I think that you should explain to her that you feel really sad that she isn’t feeling you inside her when having sex and you would feel sad if she won’t allow you to do something to make you feel like you’re providing for her in a more satisfying way. Say to her that you feel that it is a mans duty to find ways to make women enjoy sex as much as is possible and that at the moment you feel that she needs to give you a chance to find some alternatives to bring into your sex lifes to make you feel like your providing for her, which makes you feel like a man that can be prowd of himself. Explain to her that its something you really care about and and you feel that you should be given the chance to do something about it.

If she starts to listen with some understanding of how you feel, then make inroads into talking about the alternatives that you would bring into your sex lives. Don’t talk about wanting to give her a big dildo, until you can tell that she is listening to you with an understanding of what it would do for you if she obliged.

If she doesn’t understand where you’re coming from the first time, don’t talk about dildos or any other alternatives.

Talk to her a few days later and see if you can make her understand. Keep trying to talk to her on different occasions with lots of love in your voice, until she starts not dissagreeing and understands what it would do for you. Then when you have made that break through you can either talk to her about a dildos or vibrators or you can simply bring one home without discussing what your alternatives actually entail.

If you do get her to exept yor efforts, even if she’s not enthusiastic to say the least, bring something that doesn’t scare her off. Don’t get one that is made to look like a penis. Get one that is girl friendly that looks like a girly toy. Pink, or orange, without the penis looking veins, and head. Best if its just long, thick, without the features of the penis and a girly colour.

If she accepts, you need to give her some time alone with it, to get to know her own body. She would feel far too self concious if you were in her company the first few times she uses it. Which would ruin the experience for her and turn her off doing it again. Give her some time, but make it clear that you are giving her time to get to know how to use it and in a week or so you will join her when she uses it. That will stop her with trying to get away with not using it.

When she learns that it can bring her much better stimulation than she ever expected, it will make her far more enthusiastic, but like you said before, she has know experiense of big dick or toys so how would she know what it can do for her until she actualy recieves it inside her.

You could just start off with buying her a tiny little vibrator that is just for a womans clitoris. This will definitly make her cum like never before and it won’t be very off putting for her as all she has to do is rest it on top of her clit without any insertion into her vagina.

I hope it works out for you! I hope I gave you some help!


I know there is no norm and I know the guys who get it regularly will respond. But I wonder what is, on average, the amount of sex per week the members of this board are having?

Gottagrow - we’ve had some of the discussions you suggest - and they have proved informative and helpful for BOTH of us - a pity we didn’t have them at the beginning of our marriage instead of MUCH later!

One reason I persist on this subject, is for some of the younger unmarried guys here - as well as some of the married ones who might see themselves reflected in my concerns and comments.

As far as getting too involved with dildos and such at this point, that COULD be a dangerous tactic for folks already married! Unless I find I AM able to make significant improvements to my OWN equipment, exposing my wife to something she then finds is lots more satisfying might not be a good idea. Sorta like taking your wife to test drive new Cadillacs - THEN later trying to explain that all you can REALLY provide is a used Yugo…

What do you do, if after finally convincing your love interest to try something bigger to see if it isn’t more satisfying to her - and she really DOES like it MUCH better than what YOU can provide? Sometimes, ignorance is a GOOD thing! I’m not worried about the fidelity of my own wife - but SOME less moral and stable wives/girlfriends MIGHT want to continue their “experimenting” for the better thrills they have discovered to be available to them! All the worse, when it was YOU who got them started!

That’s why I suggest that sort of testing be done BEFORE marriage, in order to determine these issues BEFORE couples are locked into “surprise, surprise - what you see is what you get - for the REST of your life!”

On a related issue - we see all sorts of “studies” as to the size of the AVERAGE man’s penis - as well as statements as how “70% of women wish their partners were bigger” - yet *I* have YET to see ANY similar study as to the average size of women’s vaginas, or what they (women) consiider the BEST average size in a man’s penis! We just swallow what some off-beat magazine or other source (PE promoter?) feeds as as “reliable data”, and then make rather serious judgements as to where WE fit into the “size wars”…

Penis sizes and breast sizes are pretty easily determined from available visual evidence at gyms and swimming pools and locker rooms - the “evidence” is hanging right out there to be seen - but vaginas are largely a mystery to us, and it’s impossible to determine size visually from a casual glance. *I* would like to see some representative, reliable data - as well as some realistic info on what women REALLY consider an ideal “average size” in a man.

After all, what good does it do to be told average sizes of men’s penises, without corresponding data on the average sizes of women’s vaginas, and their preferences on “average” penis size? We’ve been TOLD so often that our women “want” bigger sizes that we automatically assume OUR specific ladies do as well - and SOME of us MAY just be wrong! Like the fella above who gained an additional half inch - and then found he had all his partner could phyically take as it was…


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Mr A isn’t looking for advice about his situation. He’s trying to give advice to others concerning choosing the correct mate. If your johnson is small then get a woman with a small vagina.


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

Sorta -

At least that’s a logical step in the right direction while there still IS a choice available!

After THAT, all that remains as a solution is PE - assuming it’s the GUY needing enlargement! Sure makes more sense to try to head off problems BEFORE they occur tho’ - and believe it or not, there really IS more than ONE “right” girl for every guy - it’s just a matter of locating her.. AHHHhh - but what fun the search…


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Hey what happened to this thread. I think something has changed.

A measurer

I had a female friend who claims to have measured about all of her sex partners. She decided the minimum size that satisfied her was 7” long and 5” in girth. That is not too startling, but the fact that she was into measuring her lovers certainly was.

I don’t think anyone has talked about the POSITION effect on your “size”. I can bottom out to the point of my wife saying “OUCH!” when she’s on her back and legs over my shoulders. Most any other position there is “room to grow”.

Same for me. She won’t even let me put her legs up any more.



I believe It all has to do with opinions! Everyone looks at everything differently. People are diff. and opinions are diff. Comparing myself to your nurses, My own preference is small. REASON: I am a petite girl. When my son was born I weighed 125 max. He weighed 4.3. There are 4 degrees of being ripped. He ripped me third degree, @ 4lbs. He ripped me a new one! When they sewed me up, they made me smaller than I was before I had him. I begged my X to get a reduction. So it has to be a personal opinion.:babe4:

Settle down

I trimmed a few posts from this thread that were inflammatory. This is the second time I’ve trimmed this thread. Can we make it the last? Thanks !!

This is too good of a thread to lose, so please be aware that what you post may be offensive to others and be considerate of their feelings.

Thanks again !!

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I trimmed a few posts from this thread that were inflammatory. This is the second time I’ve trimmed this thread. Can we make it the last? Thanks !!
This is too good of a thread to lose, so please be aware that what you post may be offensive to others and be considerate of their feelings.
Thanks again !!

Thunder I couldn’t help but laugh when I considered how different this post is from how you might word similar sentiments today haha. On topic, this is a great thread, just going through some oldies.

12 y/o post. Still interesting.


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