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I got a straight answer out of TWO ladies about size!


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

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I’ll do the same! I’ll ask at least 2 women in my area the same question. I’ll compile age and occupation as to the region/area too. We should all participate and see if we can see some kind of consensus as to what these women want. Well, I am off to find my two, hope I don’t cause a ruckus here!

All the women (girls) I know are very open about this kind of thing.
The consensus is that the bigger the better up until a certain point, thats pretty well understood by most… the problem is, what is that magical theoretical “too big” limit? thats what I’d like to know. It probably boils down to their anatomy and their preferences, hell we fellas will disagree on what is the best breast size, but I mean that’s a slightly less um - affective feature? - in sex I guess, than the penis.. hmmm anyways…
One girl I know reckons that the bigger the better, don’t think she will agree to any limit of any sort, but hey, she fists herself so I spose thats one ‘extreme case’ LOL
Probably not as rare as the 12 incher or the beercan dick eh guys?
But I say the bigger the better, in length, think about it… wouldn’t you rather have more than enough to give them their fill to whatever depth they want? Rather than fall short for the task I mean… say if your woman likes to take in no more than 5” usually, but occasionally (when in a particularly horny/slutty mood for example) she’ll take more… I know I would rather have enough to go as deep as she wants…
Girth on the other hand is a slightly different story, although the bigger the better still applies essentially, if you don’t have the same partner all the time, it can take alot of time to adjust to if it’s bigger than they’re used to… the more pressure on the walls the better right? so then theoretically the thicker the better as much as they can get in there right!? But then again some girls don’t like being ‘stretched’… and that’s where it all gets too complicated for me to deal with ;)

But what the fuck do I know, I’m still a virgin… LOL

I asked girls as well. Recently I found a great girl that we talk all about penis size and I even told her all about PE. I even got hard and walked out and asked her if it was small lol. We don’t do anything but she is open to discussion etc. By the way, she said “no, It is a nice size.” Of course I know, what is she going to say yes. Anyway, I can read her face and body language too so I believe her. FYI I am 6.25 NBP by 5 roughly.

She said she was with a guy that she could not wrap her hands around so I grabbed the paper towell empty roll and asked “in relation to this” how big. She said about that thickness and then showed the length. This is a good way to get girls to estimate size. Have them mark off etc. I think most would be very happy with and probably not seen 5.5 very often if at all.

What she says is the same I think many girls would say. Yes size matters but it is only one factor. Surely you don’t want too small, and there can be too big. She said anything over 8 is too big. Others girls looked at the ruler of 8 and said “no way.”

As hard as I screw and thrash I would hate to be limited to certain positions etc., but what the f… I probably will never have that problem anyway.

She then said that even in the averages, say a low and high average, you can feel the difference, but still they can both get the job done just fine. So yes it matters but it is only one factor and by no means the end all and be all of sex. I don’t do PE for sex but for myself. I have satisfied every woman that came my way, (except for the ones that I did not care about and just got mine lol) that includes women that have had children and large partners as well.


If anyone does decide to start asking women’s opinions, do exactly what these guys did: use visual comparisons! Don’t let women start throwing numbers around. They have absolutely no clue how to guesstimate any kind of mesaurement, be it distance, size, weight, or anything else.


Too much length can be a problem. The first girl i was with suposidly had a really small vagina (depthwise). Occasionally she claimed that I would hit her cervix. This would end our sex immediatly and she would start crying or someting and claim to be in alot of pain. So I am a little worried about being to long. For the two nurses, would you please ask them what is the average depth of a womans vagina (medical point of view) and can this strecth when having sex. I am really worried because i dont think i will be able to stop length gains when trying to gain girth, which i need badly.

I’ve talked about size with a few female friends before, and all have agreed that girth is what counts….BUT…here’s what confused me during one conversation.

I asked them to show me what they thought average was. One of them picked up a small deodorant can, held it in her hand like she were giving it a hand job, and the other did the same. They both agreed that this was average size (I measured it and it was about 5” long by 4.5” girth). So I asked, what’s the ideal size. They both agreed that anywhere from that length to about 7” length was perfect.

As for girth, which they said counted the most, they said 4.5”-5”, maybe 5.5”, was as far as they wanted to go (we used a measuring tape for this part compared against the can).

Now I thought they’d be saying 6” and above for girth. What they had described as their perfect dick was surprisingly about where I’m at now, 7.25” x 5.25”. Too bad I’m only friends with them!

As some have already noted, women have a hard time giving numbers. They need something to compare to. Also, remember, perspective DEFINITELY comes into play. If you look in the mirror so that you are looking at your erection from the side, chances are high that your scrotum will be pulled up some on the underside and the top will angle up with pubic hair and skin looseness. Pull the scrotum and skin back and your dick instantly LOOKS longer. So when asking a woman to judge size, keep these type of considerations in mind.

As far as a womans vagina depth. Like penises, vaginas vary. They also relax and expand as a woman becomes aroused. Years ago (years) in college, my girlfriend had a diaphram. Diaphrams cover the cervix and are held between the back of the vagina and the pubic bone. It takes a doctor to measure and prescribe the right size. My girlfriend was average. I have always had what I felt was a “little”dick at 5.25 x 4.4 NBP (currently 6.25 x 4.75 :D ) and even with a “short” dick in certain positions I could feel the back ring of that diaphram. That said, I have seen woman with average vaginas take in a 10.5x6.5 dildo. At first the could not but as they worked on it and became VERY hot they eventually took it ALL… Amazing.

I see, so bigger may be better, just dont show them so they dont get scared. I will not worry so much about length, ill just remember to make them really horny before trying to stick it all in.

I would like to see what women truely think about penis size. Can you suggest the best way to approach women on this subject.

I don’t have a chick at the moment, so I will ask some female friends. How did you all get onto the subject of penis size with the women? I need a way of getting onto the subject, without the questions seeming a bit out of the blue and badly timed.


The best way I’ve found is to start talking about sex somehow, and then lead into the size questions. Maybe you start off with something like, you saw the latest issue of Cosmo on the shelf and it had a feature on sex and what do they think of it…then get onto the size issue. Or, tell them you were at a bar on the weekend and pulled a girl who turned out to be a real freak in bed, makeup a story, and then get onto the size issue.

The key is to make sure they’re comfortable talking with you about sex, even just small innocent stuff first. And be careful if you’re doing it at work, you don’t want to be sacked for sexual harassment ;)

Thanks for the help Kiwi!

Heah Strechin! I’ve got a couple of questions I would like you to ask those sweet nurses.

(no.1)What is going through their minds, whenever they discover that one of the patients they are looking after in the ward, has a very small penis? Are they discusted, simpathetic, or amused?

(no.2)What would they do if that same patient, was attractive and asked them out on a date when he had recovered? Hospital policies asside, would they turn him down, because they knew he had a small penis?

I would be very interested to see what their answers are.

Thanks Strechin!

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NotEnough, was this a porno?

or did a previous girlfriend of yours have a wide selection of dildos and you decided to pick that one to watch her with? :D

Secjay, sorry to dissapoint, porno. Although several past girlfriends had dildos, interestingly, none had big ones!!!

So, NotEnough, how do you know that it was 10.5x6.5 then?
Never trust anything you see in a porno… (not disputing the idea that a girl can get that in, just that they lie and exaggerate about EVERYTHING)

In porn I’ve personally seen two full hands furthur up the arm than the wrist, buried in a pussy at the same time…. so yeah, they ARE flexible things hehehe ;)

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