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How much PE is too much PE? + Plastic Deformation

How much PE is too much PE? + Plastic Deformation

As I was shifting my routine last night upwards from 10 min each to 15 on fowfers, V-Stretching and Jelqing, I asked myself how much more time increases I would need to maximize my routine. I originally thought I may have be working my way up to 30 mins on each, so I decided to look at the collected wisdom from vets and gainers thread.

Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers

I noticed that the times posted for individual routines were not stated. Now I do accept PE works, and that it’s a long term effort. But, however I feel the need to ask how much PE needs to be done in 1 session for gains to be realized. I certainly feel the stretches and jelqs as I do them, but I don’t relish the idea of increasing PE time to say 3 hours in the bathroom just to see the gains. Hanging I understand is a time consuming effort, but to hold fowfers or the such for an 1 hour seems absurd to me.

So I believe that maybe a study could be done on time-efficient PEing. While it can be hard to measure how much an exercise is working in relationship to time implemented, it may be beneficial to us as PE to know for example, that 15 mins of V-Stretches does the same amount of work as 30 mins of it.
This would free up otherwise used time. People have said go by your body and listen to that, but doing 3+ hours of manual exercises intensely seems a little off to me.

So just how much PE is too much PE? Does one need to put in 4 hours a day after working up to it, of brutal PEing just to see gains? Or can there be realistic gains by working in a time frame of 1 hour, which most guys have in a day.

Now, about plastic theory. Assuming the theory holds true to the penis and more importantly the ligs/tunica, is there a device/way that would keep tension on your dick after your finished stretching? To keep it in the state while you slept? Like a ADS, but this one keeps your ligs in the stretched tension state after you’ve already stretched so the ligs or whatever, so it doesn’t revert to its original state quite so fast. Following plastic theory of course.

Actually, this is somewhat tied into the first part of my post. If there was a way to determine maximum time efficiency to plastic deformation, this could be a big find. Then guys wouldn’t have to worry about whether their routines were working.

Sorry, if this thread isn’t very linear. It’s an abstract of thoughts/ideas I came up during PEing last night.

I think most PE’ers complete over-do it, and part of it is due to being afraid that by doing shorter routines, they are wasting time in which their dicks could be growing if they were working harder. That is simply not true. I saw my best gains in PE when I did a 60 minute workout, which consisted of 25 minutes of manual stretching and 30 minutes of jelqing, plus a 5 minute massage at the end. Nothing overly brutal either. I gained around an inch and a half over the summer of 2002 doing this routine. Since then I have tried ridiculous workouts like 60 minutes of manual stretching and 50 minutes of jelqing, and it just gave me erectile disfunction. I tell you, if some of these guys chopped 15 minutes off their ludicrously long workouts and used it to to have a decent warmup with infrared heat they’d see some great results.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

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