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Hope this works...


Hope this works...

I’ve been lurking round these forums for a while, but not until recently did I join up… Anyways, I’ll give you all a brief explanation of why I’m here…

I’ve always been embarrased by my penis, well as long as I can remember… Probably started when I was around 14 at school and the school degenerates took it upon themselves to take the piss and tell everyone I had a maggot for a dick. This wasn’t the best thing for self confidence I can tell you. I am quite small on flaccid, probably around 3” x 1”, give or take a bit. I always feel embarrased when I go for a piss, maybe some of you guys know what I mean? Their flaccid seems more like my erect. I get angry, sometimes I wanna f**king scream, cos it’s like “why me?”, why did I get this, and they got that!? My erect penis ain’t nothing to write about either, 5 1/2 - 6(on a good day), not sure about girth, prolly around 4 1/2 (at the base), and the thing is, its smaller at the top, and the head is quite small.

All this in mind, I’ve had no negative comments by women, but I get problems in my head - kind of get thinking that they’re thinking they wish it was bigger etc…

Anyways, my current g/f is 16 years older than me (I’m mid 20’s), and she’s recently divorced (4 kids). She’s gorgeous, has a fantastic personality, and yes, I do love her. The thing is, because of my hang-up, I get pissed (drunk), angry and ask her questions over and over until she tells me the answers, whether I like them or not. Her husband was longer, thicker, and had bigger nuts. No sizes mentioned, just that. Also, I make her tell me if my flaccid penis is the smallest she’s ever seen. Yup. Another thing to make me feel worse. Then we get onto erect, she didn’t exactly say I was the smallest, but I got that feeling. Oh, and yeah, she’s had bigger than her husband too. She tells me she loves sex, but I don’t know whether I believe her, cos sometimes she seems like she doesn’t feel too much. She isn’t as tight as previous partners, probably because she’s had 4 kids, but I get all hot and angry thinking of her having a bigger dick inside her, and loving it. I always wonder when we’re having sex if she’s thinking back to bigger dicks, or wishing I was bigger. If I walk around naked (flaccid), I cover myself with my hand etc… cos I don’t want her to look at ‘the smallest penis’ she’s ever seen. Sometimes I find it difficult to get a good erection, cos these thoughts stop me. Anyways, enough of the rant…

After reading this place for a while, I decided to give PE a go. I don’t want her to know about it though, cos it would highlight my problem even more. Anyway, I tried jelqing/stretching for a while on saturday afternoon, and it seemed to go ok, the time passed quite quickly. We had sex saturday night, twice sunday morning and again sunday night. She seemed to enjoy it… the thing is, I felt harder and a little bigger, I don’t think gains have started to come yet (obviously!), but maybe my belief that they will come allowed me to get harder? Maybe the circulation is improved, dunno. All I know is, that I’m gonna give this a try. I want to get the kind of dick I deserve.

If anything in this post ring bells with anyone else, please by all means let me know.

Thanks for listening,

Great to hear!

I tell you the gains will come if you stick to a routine over atleast 3 months 4-6times a week constantly.

I know that today since i have gained some centimetres in both girth and length, in only a few months…

Good luck, and lots of gains to you…!

you should worry about being more comfortable with your size before working on PE IMO.

Your hang ups are much worse than they should be especially with an average sized penis. Yes, your penis is nothing to write home about. But guess what? Over half the guys in the WORLD have penises that are nothing to write home about. Out of the other half, a good portion have penises to write home about because they’re absurdly small. The last part are the biggies.

The average penis size (in surveys done where doctors measured) is 5.1”, 5.89”, and some 5.7”. Meaning if you truly are between 5 1/2-6 inches in length, you’re right about where average is. Average flaccid length is 3-4” I think. Maybe a little smaller.

If you think you’re “cursed” look at guys with penises that REALLY are small. I fell into that line of thinking myself a bit. Where you’re around average, maybe a little smaller, maybe a little bigger and you THINK you’re small. But I’ve recently seen a bunch of people online that are small, and THEY ARE SMALL.

You should be thinking about your penis this way. For every guy with a bigger schlong than you, there are 2 with schlongs smaller than you. Ie for every 10”, there’s 2 guys with 4”.

A Real Man

Hey Gorf,

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Be glad that you’re 5.5 to 6 inches. I once met a guy in a PE chat room who was 6’ 1” tall, 190 lbs and had a 4 inch penis. So you’re not as bad off as you might think.

I had a thought as I read your post. Your definition of a man seems to be somewhat skewed. A man is not a man based on how big his organ is. A real man is one who loves his family and provides for them sufficiently. A real man treats his wife and children well. A real man helps his neighbors in their time of need. A real man takes care of his parents in their old age. A real man is kind to strangers. None of this has anything to do with penis size. Work on these things and you’ll discover what it means to be a real man. If you’re able to grow your dick an inch or two, that’s just an extra bonus. Don’t let your size determine your worth and value as a man.

Well there’s my two cents. I hope you’ll reexamine your priorities and I wish you the best. By the way, jelqing really works. I’ve been at it for nearly two years and have grown mine 2.25 inches. It just takes time and commitment.



Glad you are making an effort. Read, ask and learn all you can from this board and

I was 5.8” ELBP x 4.4” EG. My last measurement was 6.8”ELBP x 4.75” EG. This has taken 5 months. I gotta tell you the first time I measured over 6” I was psyched. Now I am working on 7” ELBP. I now feel “average” for the first time in my life and REALLY want to be above average. My beginning flacid size was around 2.5” and now averages about 3.5-4” BIG improvement. I now “hang” most of the time.

Stay with it and keep us posted.


Gorf, i can relate. Two and a half years back, I had a relationship with a girl 13 years my senior. It was fun. But don’t let the whole dick size thing get to you. Something to remember…there will always be someone smarter, better looking, richer, or have a bigger schlong than you (or me). So just have fun and make sure you give her a few good licks. Confidence is a huge turnon to most women. So stop complaining and go out and do it. Before she believes you have these hang ups. Nip it in the bud.

Pe in secret and just wait it out. Think how every day your getting a little bit bigger and better. I come from a camp that believes foreplay is 24/7. Foreplay starts with showing her attention whether it be a dinner, card, flowers, etc… Go for it! Just remember let go of your hang ups. We all know what it is like, hence we are all here.

Gorf, man,

you’re way too hard on yourself.

First off, and don’t get me wrong, I was involved with a woman like that a few years back. The relationship didn’t last, she was more cought up with the fact that a young man was interested in her, an older lady, 17 years my senior, than focusing on the future, like I did. I was a moron, man, I actually thought that this could last….

Sex was great, but only lasted a few months. It was one of those party/sex relationships. My dick wasn’t the biggest either, but hey, did I give a fuck at that time? Hell, no!! I wanted to fuck that chick, who knew so much more than me, all the time. So I took every opportunity and screwed the shit out of her. Big dick or not….of course she had bigger ones, and of course she did a lot more things in the sack than me at that time, but hey, did I give a shit? No. Even today, with a bigger dick, a few years older I still would go for a sexy older woman. The reason? Well, older women fuck better, period. No offense to the females here on this board.

I’d do it again. Sounds very chauvenistic and sexist, but,….hey, reality is a hard thing to understand. Most of us don’t even wanna hear about it.

My advice: Go easy, Bro. That’s all. Don’t jump off the bridge….just enjoy the company of your lady friend. And stop asking those idiotic questions…..

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

it seems like a lot of us are in that same boat with an older woman. It is fun and enjoyable to say the least. the days of sex four or five times a day was awesome! Have fun! that is my words to you. If it lasts, it lasts. If it doesn’t so be it. Just have fun, but make sure it is mutual fun! Relax, let pe and some patience help you out. All of us are in the dick boat with you and some of us are in the older woman category too. So just ask away, I would be glad to help. I am a good listener and a psych student. I bet there is others here who is willing to listen too. Have fun! And calm down! TT

So you think you're small ...


Penis size most certainly isn’t the measure of a man. I started here with NBPEL of about 4.3” (and you think you’re small - don’t make me laugh!). Count yourself lucky that you’re at least a good average size. I will be ecstatic when I get to your current NBPEL length!! Here’s a few things to remember - having a bigger penis will not make you more of a man, it won’t make you a better person and unfortunately it won’t magically solve all your problems either. It may give you more confidence in the locker room and the bedroom but it will not necesarily make you a better lover and it will not solve relationship problems.

Kids can be cruel with names but adults can cut you to the quick. My locker room story (which I’ve told on the boards before) happened in the showers after wrestling training one night. One of my buddies announced to all and sundry that I didn’t have a dick, it was a clitoris…..and one of the others quickly added “Yeah, and not a very big clit at that!”. We all laughed so hard.

For the most part, a small dick has never prevented me from having great sex - and a lot of it. But I still can’t wait to find out what sex is like with an average sized penis (which BTW is not too far away now!:) )

Don’t think for a moment that PE will somehow magically transform your life because it won’t. Enjoy it for what it is - a hobby, something fun to do with your dick. Enjoy what you have and learn to master it. You don’t need a huge penis to be a god between the sheets - in my experience, truly great sex is determined more by what you’ve got between your ears than by what you’ve got between your legs.

lil1 :sun:

BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!


Thing is, I do love this woman, and I know (99.999%) that she loves me. It’s just the fact that after she left her husband, she had a spell of promiscuity, and it seems like *everyone* else was bigger than me. She didn’t mention ONE that was smaller. I ain’t normally this anxious, it’s just she ain’t as tight as I’m used to, and I wonder so much whether she can feel me ok? In fact I remember getting very pissed off at one time (after i’d been seeing her around 3mths) when she was on top, and she reached down grabbed me while I was in her. I asked her what she was doing, she said she was checking I was in. I went fucking ballistic. Then I get the image of the biggest dick fucking her, and her screaming her nuts off, while she is lolling about on my dick wondering if it is in or not… Anyways, sex is generally ok, sometimes she seems like she enjoys it, othertimes not so much. I want her to FEEL me, not just “well *something’s* in there”. My erection size/duration does vary though, depending on what I get in my mind at the time. Maybe I’m just being stupid, maybe not… I am working out (body) too at the moment, I think I just need to build a total self-image I am happy with, cos I am a little overweight and not too toned. Anyway, I’ll keep reading and posting, and thanks for your replies/support people. Your exactly the people I’ve been looking for.


Gorf, I know how you feel! Infact I’ve got things a lot worse than you! I’m only 5”nbpel. I don’t even have sex, because I’m so insecure. I’m far too nervous to even approach women. I think they will be very disappointed when they discover i’m small and tell all their friends about my problem.

The thing is, I am attractive and very muscular, but I feel like nothing, because of my small penis.

I can always get it up, when I masturbate, but I would be so nervous about my size, that I dought I would be able to get it up in the presense of a woman.

I won’t ever have that confidense, unless I become atleast 1” longer. My girth is average, but I would feel much better if that was bigger also.

P.S. I didn’t know that that there were female members on this forum. I could do with their advise or coments. Thanks.

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Your working out your doing PE making your self the best you can be now it’s time to relax if you keep on being worried if your dick is to small your going to give yourself a case of ED. Let this women teach you how to be a great lover ask her what makes her feel the best, ask her the best way to eat pussy learn from her don’t worry about other guys that might have been there before you and may have been bigger. Chances are your not going to last with this women so you might as well enjoy the sex.


why not?


What makes you think it won’t last? Probably the age difference, but I’m just curious :P



I’m sorry I said that bro, that was a little insensitive it could last stranger thing have happened but she is a lot older than you and has four kids and I think once the thrill is over your going to ask yourself is this what you want, don’t you want to start a family of your own?


Good post, Dino

Even though you nailed it right on the head, but didn’t intent to hurt Gorf’s feelings, it was some sound and good advice, Dino. :up:


like Dino said, enjoy the ride, learn something from her, but when it comes to your own future, you should be solely in charge, Bro.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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