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Thanks for the Hope

Thanks for the Hope

Hello all. new guy here. I stumbled on this site as it was mentioned on and have been reading for a few weeks now.

I must admit my penis size has bothered me for years, and I thought there was no hope of changing it. I got involved in bodybuilding and built the rest of my body up pretty nicely, but it didn’t help my insecurities at all..In fact, I think it made them worse as I felt like I was hiding a secret. And if a woman saw my 18” arms she would expect a big penis as well..Or at least “average”..But certainly not small..

I tried some of the pills out there, against my better judgement, and they obviously didn’t work…I saw a lot of pay sites that offer many of the things on this site, but just figured it was just someone else that’s going to play on my insecurities and rip me off..

It was great to find this open forum where people give honest opinions and resullts not motivated by money.

Now I actually feel like there is hope after all..If I work at it..It’s probably a lot like bodybuilding…I see a lot of guys show up at the gym a few days a week, go through the motions, then bitch that they arn’t getting bigger..There are also guys who overwork, don’t rest enough, and actually get smaller and weaker..Then their are guys who do it right, but just have limited genetics..

So, I started last monday and did 5 days on and 2 off, just to get conditioned…And will follow a 2 day on, one off, from here on out.Gradullay increasing reps and stretching time each week. Then Resting a full week every 3 mnths…This is similar to my bodybuilding routine, and I achieved great results in that dept..

I’m currently at 5.5 BPEL, and 4.5 EG..My goal is to achieve my potential, but not more than 8”…Which I doubt will be a problem..

Thanks for the hope guys and I’ll keep you posted on my progress…

Heya Bob, welcome to the forum. You sound like you’ve got the sense and discipline needed to get results. All the best for your PE adventure!



Welcome, I echo Yippee. It sounds like you are the type that can follow a routine diligently and you know this is going to take effort and a lot of time, but yes it does work.

You do realize that your measurements put you in the average range, right?

Of course like many of us that may not satisfy the need/fear.

Congratulations on your body building accomplishments and good luck with your PE gains.

Welcome bob34! You’ve got the bodybuilding mentality, and that’s good. Slow and steady wins the race.

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