Gorf man,

I read this thread with great interest, you got very good response and advice from the guys and I completely agree with them. Let me tell you the most important thing you must do is STOP ASKING THOSE STUPID QUESTIONS. You are only making it worse that way.I mean your lady may have noticed that you are average or small but she didn’t run away did she? The fact that she stayed shows that it’s not such a big issue for her. She had big and bigger ones so what?! By nagging her with your size questions you only emphasize the fact that you are not big, you make her think of it too much, you torture yourself with “the truth” about other guys and appear as an insecure little boy in her eyes. All this can’t lead to any good results.Relax, man, if you have nothing to say then be silent but for God’s sake stop talking about dick sizes with her.

…And have fun!

ù ì å í