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Height vs. Length vs. Girth Project

You’re the same height as me, wibble, but your starting size is great! Your current stats would make great goals for me. I would be quite happy with both.

Welcome to the posting side of things!


Currently at 9” dead-on BPEL, EG 6.3”, or 6.5” after a good jelqing or edging session or when enhanced with a ring.

But this is after a good few years of rather half-arsed on/off PEing. I just want to cement the 9” and reach 6.5” as my standard EG. Curing my very slight lateral curve would be a bonus, but I’m not too worried about it.

Height: 66”

Pre PE BPEL: 7”

Pre PE EG: 5.5”

Height: 70” (5’10) - I am still growing LOL

Pre PE Length: 5.5”

Pre PE Girth: 5”

Started: NBPEL 5.5 == EG: 5

Current: NBPEL 7.5 == EG: 6

Goal: NBPEL 8 == EG: 6

Height: 73”

Pre PE BPEL: 6”

Pre PE EG: 5”

Height: 75” (6’3)

Pre PE Length: 5.9

Pre PE EG: 4.8

Start - 09/10: BPEL: 5.9" Mid-Shaft EG: 4.5" Base EG: 4.8"

August 2015: BPEL: 7" Mid-Shaft EG: 5.1" Base EG: 5.8"

Goal: BPEL: 7.5" EG: 6.0"

Height: 76 inches

Pre PE Bpel: 7 inches

Pre PE Girth: 5 inches

Height: 73 inches

Pre Pe Bpel: 6.5

Pre Pe girth: 5.3

I love my wifes booty. And want to stuff it with the biggest pipe I can grow!

Goal: 8x6

ht: 65.5”

PBEL: 7.5065”

BEG: 6.065”

CWCLARK; Begin_11.11.2010: BPEL=6.5; BEG=5.2

Current: BPEL=7.87(20.00cm); BEG= 6.06(15.39cm): MSEG=5.75(14.61cm). Volume=20.9 (53% increase)

GOAL: BPEL=8.0; BEG= 6.5: MSEG=6.0

Height: 66”

Pre PE bpel: 6.25”

Pre PE girth: 4.9?”

Height: 74”

Pre PE bpel: 7”

Pre PE girth: 4.6”

Height: 77”

Pre PE bpel: 7.75”

Pre PE girth: 6.1”

Next Update

Originally Posted by Gumgum
Average (in inches) :
Height : 70.74772
BPEL : 6.57016
EG : 5.112489
Erect Volume : 13.96049

Standart Deviation :
Height : 3.295942
BPEL :0.747086
EG : 0.512218
Erect Volume : 3.819619

Variance :
Height : 10.86323
BPEL :0.558137
EG : 0.262368
Erect Volume : 14.58949

Median :
Height : 71
BPEL : 6.665
EG : 5
Erect Volume : 13.32923

We have now 284 participant in this survey.

In the file, there is also the Max, Min and the graphs. I don’t know how to add them correctly, so if someone want to do it..

For a final note, I would say that the excel file was programmed by Gimli, so I really just add the data and everything would calculate by itself, so don’t fear to do your part. I propose that the file get updated by each 5 new pages of this thread.

hello Gumgum
I was going to do the next data update, but I can’t open the zip file. Can someone help me out here and i’d be glad to input the new stats.

CWCLARK; Begin_11.11.2010: BPEL=6.5; BEG=5.2

Current: BPEL=7.87(20.00cm); BEG= 6.06(15.39cm): MSEG=5.75(14.61cm). Volume=20.9 (53% increase)

GOAL: BPEL=8.0; BEG= 6.5: MSEG=6.0

Originally Posted by Gimli
Hey everyone,

Firstly, I congratulate you on actually opening this thread, and not just dismissing it as it has to be about the hundredth one with this title! I ask that you PLEASE read this first post in it’s entirety before commenting, as it has some outlines in it that I hope you follow to make my life easier. This is a fairly popular topic, and I am wanting to do some research :) . I find that this has been done in the past with polls, and I personally feel that those are not as accurate as one would like, due to the fact that you cannot put in your EXACT data. You have to instead put it into a “range”. The problem I find with ranges, is that they ignore significant amounts of statistics. For example, let us say that you are 6’6” tall, and have a 7.2” length of penis. If you select something like “greater than 7” and are tall”, you are ‘helping out’ the hypothesis that taller people have larger penises equally as much as a fellow who is 6’6” and has a 12” penis. Obviously, the latter guy should support the hypothesis more than the former, and thus is why ranges are not the best way to gather data (I understand though that in these polls you don’t really have an alternative). There are also other types of errors that can occur with ranges, but I am not going to bother mentioning them as I am sure that lots of you can think up other dilemmas that occur.

What I am wanting to do is to do a full statistical analysis of as much data as I can get my hands on. I am planning on taking people’s heights, lengths, and girths. As far as ‘formal’ education, I have taken statistics courses up to 2nd year university, and so am more then capable of calculating useful analytical tools such as averages, medians, standard deviations, variances, histograms etc.. I plan on not only looking at the possible correlation between height and penis size, but will also be looking at simply the size of the average penis as well, as it is not much more difficult to do so. I can run other tests for other things people would like to see, once I have the database put into my computer.

Now the shitty part.manual input. To be honest, I don’t mind punching in all of this data, I have the time, and am actually quite interested in the results, as well as the simple average. I KNOW that there will be bias in this study, as it will rely on self-reporting, and as such throws off data. For this reason I am hoping to get as many people as possible to participate so that these negative effects can be minimized as much as possible. I am hoping to eventually get well over 1000 people, and in a perfect world I would want 10,000 but I know that is not going to be possible.

Again, as I will be punching all this data in manually, I ask that you help me out by doing the following, should you wish to participate:

1. Put your data into the PE Statistics Database BEFORE posting it on here (it can be located by selecting “PE Statistics” under the “quick links” tab at the top right of this page, it only takes 2 minutes)

2. Convert all heights to TOTAL inches (ie. 72” = good, and 6'0” = bad)

3. Make sure that the height and girth of the penis, are both PRE any PE exercises

4. Post your height, girth, and length, at TOP of your post (make sure to indicate which is which :) )

I don’t wanna sound like a hardass or nothing with the rules, I am just trying to make it easier on myself to sift through the posts and put them into my computer. I am sure some people will goof up and not follow the format exactly, but that is understandable, and I am still very grateful for you helping do this project. I am wanting people to have their data in the PE database for a few reasons. It allows me to cross-reference your posts, it builds the database which will help out future studies should they want to be done, and because I feel their will be less of an incentive to exaggerate size in a tool that is designed to track growth (also because I feel that if you put your statistics into the database, I hope that you continue to use it, and thus help watch yourself grow:) ).

Oh yeah, don’t be afraid in dealing with decimals! I hope to see some on the occasional post, as it makes for a much more accurate survey, and my computer doesn’t mind the work. So if you are 71.5” tall (5’11.5”), please put that as your height, despite probably normally calling yourself 6’0”.

I plan on posting data results along the way, so that people can see what the data is ‘saying’. Oh, and if you have any questions then fire away! Thanks in advance to all who reply!


What’s the point of this thread? It’s has already been scientifically proven a million times that height has nothing to do with penis size. There’s no correlation.


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