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Height vs. Length vs. Girth Project

It’s fun to conduct experiments for yourself. Sometimes the results surprise you.

We need more participants.:thumbs:

Height: 72”

Pre PE Length: 6.75

Pre PE EG: 4.8

Height: 75”

Pre PE: BPEL 7.25 MSEG Mid: 5.4


BPEL: 6”

Mseg: 4.75”

6/11/11 Beg: 6" bpel 4.75" eg ( just under 5.75" nbpel)

2/9/12 Now: 7.25" bpel 5" eg (6.5" nbpel) (Wow! Haven't measured in awhile- this p.e. Thing really took off!)

Goal: 7" nbpel, 5.5" eg (it seems seriously possible- maybe goal a bit too low)

Height: 70”

Pre PE BPEL: 5.5”

Pre PE EG: 4.75”

Start 01/03/2012: BPEL 5.5" EG 4.75"

1st Goal: BPEL 6.5" EG 5.0"

Current: BPEL 6.625" EG 4.85" from the Linear Newbie Routine

70 Inches.
7 Inches.
5 Inches.

I think it would be interesting to do a comparison of penis size by a combination of height to weight. I feel like my 5 inch girth is a result of my smaller body type (skinnier).

Height: 69” :(

BPEL: 8”

EG: 5.75”

Started: 6" NBPEL 7.2" BPEL x 5.6" MSEG

Current: 6.7" NBPEL 8.26" BPEL x 5.75" MSEG

Goal: 8" NBPEL x 6" MSEG >> Progress log and pictures

I have the stats and penis size is linear to height tall people have on average slighly larger cocks( 10% taller with 11 % bigger dick) same as legs and fingers 10% taler poeple have on average slighly average longer legs and fingers.But a lot of people have realatively big or small penis.1 sd is 0.8 inch which is 13 68% within 26 % .that would be the same as 68% of people, men would be between 5-1 and 6 feet 10, but the variation is much less. what this means is that 10% taller people have on average 11 % longer dick but becuase height sd is only 2.2 inch inch 1 sd with an average hieght of 70.5 inch is 3% which is that 13/3 menas that around 75% of the penis size variation you can find within the same height group of people. and now girth which is 0.5 inch 1 sd .1sd build is 5.3% this means 2.4%( 2.4 is like 5.3 % more volume) or so more circumference.0.5 inch girth of 5 inch girth is 10% or like 22% volume , so like 80% of girth variation you can find within people of the same build.So buld and height are like linear to penis size if you take 100 people of some bodybuild and 100 others but still the correation isn’t big. the same with calves 10% heavier build people have on average 10% more calve volume but still there plenty of skinny people with bigger calves then some overall bigger build bodybuilders.

Wow Benjamin. That’s a lot to digest.

I’m curious. I’ve always wondered if stockier, heavy boned men have on average a thicker penis, and a thin man has a thinner penis, on average.

yes they do it is close to linear but there isn’t much variation in bodybuild and height compared to variation in penis size.You also see often people who are bigger overall but have thinner arms or calves etc.1 sd in bodybuild is 5% but 1 sd in muscle is 10.4% or so circumference for example arms whihc is 23% in volume.So total build says only 20% of someones particulier calve, arm etc part of body thickness.

body build 5% overall differnce is at the same height.overall 1d build is 5% and 3% for height which give more volume plus 3% for that 3% taller people are on average 6% heavier 3% for height and 3% more thcikness to compensate the higher gravity you can say 1 sd in build is 8% in staed of 5%.for 5 inch girth 8% is 3.6% more circumference for a normal shaped 8% whider penis then it is deep. average girth is 4.8 for whites so 0.5 inch sd is like 10.5% more circumference is 23% still height and build say only like 3.6/13 part of the story.for length penis 1 sd is 0.84 inch and body height 1 sd only 2.2 becuase height in humans doesn’t variate much and penis size variate much in % you already know that even when tall poeple have not only absolutely but also relatively slight bigger( same for legs taller people have slighly bigger portion of the body being leg) still the correation isn’t big becuase hieght 1 sd is 3% and penis length bone oressed 13%.I saw betwen height and girth that the bigger girth is close to exactly what you would expect from the bigger build they have but again in 1 particulair part of the body you see much more variation then overall.

Heigth: 72 inches
BPEL: 8.34 inches pre-PE
EG: 5.51 inches pre-PE, mid-shaft

Base girth, girth behind glans and girth of glans are pretty different, but I indicate mid-shaft girth only as it is the standard measure at Thunders.

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My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook

Height: 73”

Pre PE BPEL: 6.75”

Pre PE EG: 4.9”


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