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Height vs. Length vs. Girth Project

H - 73.5”

BPEL - 6.0”

MSEG - 4.5”

Weight - 180

Start (8/13/2009) - 15 cm BPEL, 11.5 cm MSEG

Now (3/15/2015) - 19 cm BPEL, 13.8 cm MSEG

3 Month Goal (ending 6/1/2015) - 19.2 cm BPEL, 14.2 cm MSEG



MSEG 5.5”

weight 200


Beginning stats 3/2010: BPEL: 6" Flaccid: 3.5" Erect Girth: 5.25

Stats as of 4/2018: BPEL: 8" Flaccid: 6 1/2" Flaccid Girth: 5.25 Erect Girth: 6 5/8"

Height 67”
Weight 145 Lbs

BPEL 6.5”
EG 5.25”

Height = 72”

Pre PE BPEL = 7”

Pre PE mseg = 4.9”

I am not sure if we/you are still doing this but..

Weight 165 pounds
Height 66 inches
BPEL 5.5 inches
EG 5 inches

Height 5”9”

Weight 175 lbs

BPEL 5.75 in

EG 4.75 in

Height 70.5 in
Weight 170 lbs Fit type(not fat)
BPEL 8 in
EG 6 in

Right on the dots

[9/2010] 7*6 NBPEL/8*6 BPEL pic's Not PEing anymore. (as of Nov '10)

[12/2011] 7.37" NBPEL * 6.4"

[1/2013] Current stats:7.37 NBPEL * 6.5.


Pre pe bpel- 5.9”

Pre pe eg- 5.5

Weight 185lbs

Height: 74 in.

Pre PE BPEL: 6.8

Pre PE Girth: 5.6

Height: 68.4” (or 5’7)
Weight: 128lbs (slender)

Pre PE BPEL: 5.94”
Pre PE MSEG: 5.11”

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(starting: Jun 2007) 5.75" BPEL x 5" EG / (Sept 11, 2011) 6.375" BPEL x 5.125" EG / (July 1st, 2014) 6.25" BPEL x 5.125" EG (lost a bit of size)

Originally Posted by ssa5522
Hey guys! Finally I’ll try again to send my results!

Pay attention to everything I wrote. I included some fun calculators, try them and compare your size!
This doesn’t include the last measurements inputed which I will include later on when I get to a higher number of participants.
Hope you like it.
A survey which includes the spanish speaking community of thunders coming soon.

I have not seen the latest stats, but dug this one out from 2008.

Despite many variations (short guy with a big one, or a tall guy with a small one), I am still inclined to believe that height and penis length is somehow correlated. If evolutionary is of any indication of penis size, then it does make sense to see this correlation.

This is why I am still a believer that Asian guys, on a greater average, have smaller penises than Caucasians.

I was born in Taiwan (Chinese Asians). The average build (height, weight and body frame) is smaller than both Caucasians and Blacks. Even with proper diet, most Chinese Asians are built on average smaller than say, Blacks in Africa who suffer from mal-nutrition. So diet is only a small variable, which means genes play the majority of differences in penis size.

If you ever watch Japanese, Chinese, Viet and Thai porn, you will find that most porn actors are smaller than Caucasian and Black porn stars. If it was somewhat true that porn industry would hire male actors with plus sizes, why would the Asian porn actors are smaller? I would say 6” x 5” would consider fairly large in Asian porn films (and with small body structure, a true 6x5 can easily been seen as 7x6). And of course, Black porn industry is the most biased in terms of who they hire to perform since there’s such a stereotype about BBC (Big Black Cock).

I believe penis size may have something to do with the type of culture one’s ancestor was in. Let me give you an example. A typical stereotype is that Chinese Asians and Indian Asians are said to have the smallest penis size among all races. It could be true if one analyzes about the type of culture that China and India was in: far more populated agriculture society. So the success of one’s ancestor is not really based on physical build (bigger body, bigger penis etc); in fact, a success of an Asian family is based on the interrelationships with his/her surroundings. It is imperial to stay alive by being a smarter thinker? better businessman?

In Comparison, Caucasian cultures were a mix of agriculture and hunting society. In hunting society, one has to be physically strong enough to fight and to bring food to the domestic females. Perhaps throughout history, those who were more physically fit also happened to have larger size penises. And they tended to have more offsprings because the women were more attracted to those who could bring them food and security. On the other hand, a greater part of Caucasian culture was agriculture, so the same Asian theory may apply to these groups of Whites (hence the greater variations among Caucasians). Mind you, Caucasians also have the most cross-racial offsprings than any other race. So the result is very complicated.

Lastly, there are ancestors of Blacks who live and have lived in Africa. Africa is the most challenging continent to survive in. In order to live, the males have to be extremely fit to fight the wild animals and withstand the extreme dry, hot weather. So it is possible that throughout the history, the males who were stronger, were also more physically fit (larger body frame, larger legs, bigger penises). Perhaps Black women were inclined to choose mates who could put food on the table; as result, more offsprings were produced from survival of the fittest perspective.

Notorious "Hardgainer". No Gain in 4 Years! Check out my "Blog" under Profile.

(starting: Jun 2007) 5.75" BPEL x 5" EG / (Sept 11, 2011) 6.375" BPEL x 5.125" EG / (July 1st, 2014) 6.25" BPEL x 5.125" EG (lost a bit of size)

Height: 65”

Pre PE BPEL: 6.496”

Pre PE EG: 4.921”

Weight: 145 lbs

Okay everyone!
The data project seemed a little neglected, so I decided to update it. I took the Data Project Excel File of Gimli and add the new data. I’m no mathematician or probabilist, so if someone feel to play with the data, I’ll add the file at the end of my post. Something like the ssa5522 excel, where you could put height and find your supposed length and girth would be cool.

Anyway, I might not be mathematician, but I can read a excel file, so here is what it is said :

Average (in inches) :
Height : 70.74772
BPEL : 6.57016
EG : 5.112489
Erect Volume : 13.96049

Standart Deviation :
Height : 3.295942
BPEL :0.747086
EG : 0.512218
Erect Volume : 3.819619

Variance :
Height : 10.86323
BPEL :0.558137
EG : 0.262368
Erect Volume : 14.58949

Median :
Height : 71
BPEL : 6.665
EG : 5
Erect Volume : 13.32923

We have now 284 participant in this survey.

In the file, there is also the Max, Min and the graphs. I don’t know how to add them correctly, so if someone want to do it..

For a final note, I would say that the excel file was programmed by Gimli, so I really just add the data and everything would calculate by itself, so don’t fear to do your part. I propose that the file get updated by each 5 new pages of this thread.

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Height: 69”

Pre PE BPEL: 6.1”

Pre PE EG: 5.1”

Height: 67”

Pre PE BPEL:5.75”

pre Pe EG: 5.50”


07/08/08 nbp 5.75; bpel 5.93; eg ?;fsl >6.25

07/31/09 nbp 6.5; bpel 7.0; eg 5.93 ; fsl 8

08/24/10 nbp 6.75;bpel 7.25; eg 6.0; fsl 9.0-Too bad PE doesnt work =D


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