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Height vs. Length vs. Girth Project

Height = 72.25”

Pre PE BPEL: 6.7”

Pre PE MSEG: 5.1”

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."


Pre PE BPEL: 7.25

Pre PE MSEG: 5.4”

Start (october 2010) : BPEL 18,5 cm ; EL 17,5 cm ; MSEG 13,75 cm ,BEG 14,25 cm ;FL 12 cm ; FG 10,75 cm ; BPFSL 18,5 cm

3 months later ( January 2011) : BPEL 19 cm ; EL 18 cm ; MSEG 14 cm ; BEG 14,5 cm FL (hard to say if it grows due to size shifting of the soft state.. The same as before or bigger!) ; FG 11 cm ; BPFSL 19 cm***all hard sizes taken @ my hardest and doing a kegel***Goal: cementing a round 18 x 14 hard coupled with a good EQ.


Pre PE BPEL: 6.7”

Pre PE MSEG: 4.9”

Height: 72.5”

Pre PE BPEL: 7.0”

Pre PE MSEG: 5.5”

Start (04/11) - BPEL : 18 cm (7 1/8 in), EG (midshaft) : 14 cm (5.5 in)

08/11 - BPEL : 20 cm (7 1/8 in), EG (midshaft) : 14 cm (5.5 in), BPFSL 21.5 cm

Just hit a plateau >.< gotta go through it!

Height: 71”

Pre PE Length: 6.625”

Pre PE Girth: 5.125”

Height: 65.5”

Pre-PE BPEL: 5.5”

Pre- Girth: 5”

Height: 68”

Pre PE length: 7”

Pre PE Girth: 6”

Height 66.5”

Pre PE length: 6.3” BPEL, 5.5” NBPEL

Pre PE girth: 4.7”

12.2009 - BP 6 x 4.7 :cutlass: Goal - BP 7 x 5.1

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Height: 69.3

BPEL: 6.7

EG: 4.8


Stats in sig

BPEL: 7.5inches

EG: 5.5 inches


Originally Posted by large4life
Well.I wouldn’t consider myself “huge,” but “big”-yes. I don’t think I look any bigger than before, but the ruler doesn’t lie. Makes me wish I took before pics.

Excuse me but your girth is HUGE and length is PRETTY BIG. I think most would agree.

Ht 68

Bpel 6.5

Eg 4.5

Height 71”

BPEL 7.7”

EG 5.5”

Height: 73”
Weight: 140lbs

BPEL: 5.9”
MSEG: 4.625”

BPEL: 7.0”
MSEG: 4.875”

I’m surprised to see so many starting girths at or above 5” and it is a bit disconcerting. I began PE only concerned about girth and this has been a very tough gain for me. There has been a wide range of reported sizes though and even a comment from someone that some smaller girls couldn’t fit his 4.5” EG. As girth is a much under-reported stat outside of the PE community and yet is probably more important, I’m very interested in seeing this much data presented. I’ve never really settled on a goal and I hope the data along with some fresh discussion will help me finally set one. I would probably at least like to reliably hit 5.0” MSEG without my clamp on.

Height: 73”
Pre-PE length: 8”
Pre-PE girth: 5.6”

Hi all, first post from a long-time lurker.


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