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Head Size: Makes All the Difference in the Illusion of Size

I’ve posted several times, in many threads (including this one), explaining the anatomy of this situation. Exercises may give a temporary increase in glans size, but the material you’re working with is different than the rest of the penis. It’s very elastic and can deform and expand greatly, but will always, eventually, return to its former shape and size. It has nothing to do with blood flow and Viagra will definitely not help.

But, you can keep trying. If your head size really bothers you, keep trying. Go back to my post above and see if the exercise links there are of any help.

WorkForLong - your head increases at ejaculation because of the extra squeeze it gets from the bulbocavernosus and ileocavernosus muscles (see my first post in this thread. Also, can you please use “I” when you refer to yourself, we try to encourage proper grammar and punctuation here. Thanks!

This is all it is with me too, a circulation problem. I mean my actual glans are still not large, but theyre not “small” when theyre engorged fully with blood. I regularly wear a 1.25” wide metal cock ring when I do my stretches, and this really helps engorge my head completely. I had a 1.5” wide ring and that helped too, but I think a slightly tighter ring helps even more. Who knows?

I notice after a good few stretches with the head a little engorged my head fattens up a bit, too.

I’ve been working on the CS to pump it up. It’s worked very well up until about where my glans begins. Up until that spot (Perrenium spelling??) it has times where the CS is actually engorged to some extent. It’s not like a porn stars or anything but it has at least got some pressure. At the perrenium its soft and my head is still soft. My glans is so soft that when I press on it I can actually feel where the cc finishes inside the CS.

The upside is that on a decent erection my head is a little firm. The exercises I’m concentrating on now are doing a few kegels and then a slow jelq to engorge the glans. Then I squeeze the glans to fill up the perrenium area. I’ll let everyone know how I go.

Try standing while PEing/fucking/etc.. I find it greatly increases blood flowing into the penis, after doing this I noticed a significant difference!


I was reading a site on the internet on head size. If I can find the link I will post it. But the asians believe that the difference between head and shaft size has a large bearing on the pleasure recieved by the woman. As we know the vagina can adapt to the size of the penis very well. If the head is larger than the shaft when the penis is thrusted in and out the vagina is forced to adapt to the size of the head as is moves in and out. Do the women on the board have any experiance of this. It sounds feasable .

Definetely a female should give an opinion here.

If I may just add one thing, the best penis shape would be one which the head is relatively larger than the shaft for increased sensation, assuming that the rest of the penis has a nice girth. That might basically be the basis of Inspiral Condoms to become popular. Because it stimulates all the right spots deep down the vagina. I heard that it got 10/10 rating from Cosmopolitan Magazine.

It might also be nice that the penis head would have a thick helmet so that for guys that do it bareback, the ridge might give extra sensation.

Another thing, maybe it might be better if the penis is a bit curved so that it creates even further girth inside in terms of opening up the walls of vagina. I am saying this, because mine is a bit curved to the left, :) . Otherwise you can disregard this last opinion.

Inspiral Condoms

Pardon the off-topic question.


you mentioned Inspiral Condoms, so I looked them up. They’re described as having a helix shape. I need to see a picture of this because I can’t understand how it would keep a tight fit.

Have you ever seen one?

Re: Brief anatomy lesson

Originally posted by westla90069
Increased pressure in the CS might enlarge it if the base of the penis is also clamped, but it otherwise is connected to a “reservoir” of blood in the base, called the “bulb” of the penis, which would absorb any increase in pressure. Enlarging the CS may add some to girth, but most girth increases in PE come from enlarging the CC.

So in your opinion, WestLA, Horses440 for shaft girth, or at least to stimulate the CC, is a waste of time?

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The Horse440 squeeze implies that you can move blood from the glans into the corpora cavernosa (CC) and you cannot because they are not connected. You can move blood from the glans into the corpus spongiosum (CS) and bulb of the penis because they’re essentially the same tube. Horses probably do put some pressure on the CC once the squeezing (downward) hand passes the corona so there’s the possibility of expanding the CC, but most of the girth gains of the exercise are probably made in the CS.

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So you can get girth- gains from Horses440 and other squeezes, but not width- wise? Fine by me, cause my dick is quite flat, at least near the head. Any girth gains would be great, actually.

So, what would be the best excercises for CC- growth, in your opinion? Everybody do squeezes, I do a combo- routine, pumping and jelqing/ Squeezes/ ULI’s/ Horses440.

January 2009: BPEL: 8.6" EG: 5.7"

Goal for 2009: BPEL: 8.75" EG: 6"

Ultimate goal: BPEL: 9" EG: 6.5"

I think the illusion of size is increased by how pumped and full the penis looks too. A 6x5 that looks like it is ready to burst out of the skin, might look bigger than a 6x5 which has less skin tightness. If it ended up not looking bigger, it would certainly leave a more impressive impact visually.

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Originally posted by ahund

So, what would be the best excercises for CC- growth, in your opinion? Everybody do squeezes, I do a combo- routine, pumping and jelqing/ Squeezes/ ULI's/ Horses440.

I’d say you’re on the right track. Any exercise that can expand the tunica around the CC and cause new cells to grow should work. And you’re doing a combination of all of them, including pumping. Girth can be an illusive animal. Most guys don’t get a lot of girth gains even with a long time dedicated to PE. Those that do seem to have tried every type of exercise, including hanging, to attain their girth goals. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t increase in girth as much as you might in length. The tunica is very tough and often proves difficult to grow.

I imagine head expansion and CS growth are possible, but call me crazy I thought if you had a “harder” head it would be difficult to ejaculate during sex? I mean think about it, its already damn near impossible to take a piss during an erection…

I think I remember BIB or someone saying that you can’t have a completely hard head for this reason???

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Urine leaves the body basically using the squeezing force of the bladder contracting. Ejaculation uses the squeezing force of the bulbocavernosus (BC) muscles, which are much stronger. The urethra and meatus (pee hole) are flexible and can accommodate the added force caused by the BC muscle contraction during ejaculation. Plus, the erectile tissue of the glans isn’t contained in a strong tunica like that of the corpora cavernosa (CC), so the pressure against the urethra is much less and easily overcome by the ejaculatory forces.


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