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Head Size: Makes All the Difference in the Illusion of Size


So it is basically clamping for the head, if I understood that right.

And you don`t do any motion with your hand while beeing clamped, just wait with the engorged cock for 3 times at 20 minutes, right ?


It’s very intense clamping for the head. It’s a kind of full-shaft “clamp,” if you will. The elasticity of the theraband is great for forcing large quantities of blood from the shaft into the glans.

No, I don’t really do anything with my hand during the set. Sometimes, while I am all wrapped, I will squeeze the upper part of the shaft with my hand to push even more blood into the glans. I do this as the pressure on the glans begins to subside and to expand the glans that much more. Throughout the set, I will also re-tighten the last strip of theraband—again, as the glans can take more pressure. But all the work is being done by the wrapping, mostly by the theraband. The only other thing I do with my hand is monitor the glans, to make sure it doesn’t get cold, etc.

I get a uli effect when hanging with the regular bib hanger. I have gained 1/4 inch permanentlly this way. Even if I squeeze the head before tightening, too, although if I don’t squeeze the blood out of the head, the pressure is intense.

I am about average but have recieved comments on the size of my head. My mid shaft girth is around 4.75 while the base of the head is 5.75-6 inches so it is much larger. I would like to eventually get my shaft girth up to that size.

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I have noticed that if I kegel alot, me erections are better which shows the biggest difference in head size. The reason I noticed is because I stopped Kegeling for a few months and my head size is way smaller.

Starting, Feb. 04' BPEL 5.5, EG 4.5, Feb 06' BEPEL 6.00, EG 5.0

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W.B.H what was this porn flick called?

WBH have you found any way of improving your situation?

Of course there is always Restylane (sodium hyluronate) which is available on the black market, and then again, perhaps some crazy out there has tried silicone. I say this because many of the trannies shoot it all over the place for augmentation, not condoning it at all.

Restylane would be about the only thing I would have injected in my body - it’s made naturally in the body anyways and breaks down over time and is flushed out. If it can be used in lips, I guess it could be used in a glans as well (but needles, arghhh!)

regards, mgus

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I have a pretty big head, bigger than my shaft. What I do is I make a standard ok grip right beneath the glans, what I call the neck. Then I loosen the grip slightly and then kegel, the head becomes engourged with blood and then I tighten the grip back up, not letting any of the blood out. I then stretch it out. I can feel my head expand, works for me, and its a good stretching excersice.

So basically, we’re back to additional girth at any given point in the forward 1/2 of the penis, is an acceptably better trade off than additional length ?

Interesting. I guess in this case I could be thankful that I have a shaft girth that is quite a bit bigger than my glans. I don’t know how to exactly measure the glans but I’d say its about 5 inches around. Shaft girth , top/mid/base 5.4/5.6/6.0

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I have alway had a big head (bigger than my shaft), and by clamping my wife claims it is getting bigger. I can’ tell anymore. I like the way it looks, I just don’t like the way my bulb (base shaft) looks. It is about the size of my head.

My mid-shaft girth has always been larger than my head girth. With PE, the glans has gotten thicker and I’m noticing some improvement from the vacu-hanger I recently purchased. My mid-shaft erect girth with a full erection is right about 6”, while the glans girth is around 5.5” in the same state of arousal. I have noticed that there is an advantage to a smaller head girth as far as anal sex goes. It seems that the smaller head allows for reasonably easy penetration and as little time to adjust for the bigger mid-shaft width.

tntjockey, that could also be somewhat of an illusion. Looking down from the top, the head appears to be larger, even wider than the rest of the penix. From the side, even the bottom, perhaps it appears to be the same size or slightly smaller, just slightly offset from the shaft. I don’t know, it’s probably just me though ?

But judging from what I see, there’s the girth off the head, it’s the starting point of girth at the top. Then you have the shaft girth at the head that extends underneath, the girth at the bottom. So upon initial penetration, a larger girth is actually attained than just the Darth Vader shaped head and then you’d have to consider what curvature of the penix would tend to stretch the vagnal orifice. But from the shape of the head, it almost appears to be shaped to resist on the out motion, kinda like a fleshy barb like a barb on the end of a hook. Anyway, I’m sure there are differences even with this ?


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