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Head Size: Makes All the Difference in the Illusion of Size


so you’re saying under optimal situations everybody should have a hard head and a cleary defined CS chamber?

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I guess we could talk about it in several ways such as is the head bigger than the shaft, is it soft or hard, is it wide or pointed. The ultimate evaluation is, does it work as intended? Can it enter a vagina and deposit sperm. In most cases it can in spite of the fact that there are differences.

At “maximum erection” which occurs just before ejaculation, the bulbocavernosus (BC) muscles and the ischiocavernosus muscles squeeze the part of the penis under the pubic bone. This forces more blood into the CS and CC which gets everything harder, including the glans (head) which is an extension of the CS. This maximum erection is intended to get the meatus (pee hole) as close to the end of the vagina as possible so the sperm will be injected as close as possible to the cervix.

Each man is slightly different from the next. Some have a soft glans, some have one that’s harder. Some have a large one, some have a small one. Some have a wide flat one, others have a small cone shaped one. Biologically it doesn’t matter what they look like or how hard they are before ejaculation, the contraction of the pelvic muscles will occur at ejaculation and things will be as “optimal” as they can.

Here at Thunder’s we’re dealing with more than biology. We’re dealing with sex for fun. Sex for pleasure of yourself and your partner. We’re also dealing with aesthetics - how things look. My opinion is that some of the guys here are way too concerned with how their glans looks. There are many threads about making it bigger or harder. In this thread I’ve posted links to the exercises that have been developed by the vets here, but I’m personally not convinced that head exercises work.

Unlike the tunica that surrounds the CC, which is at any one time not all that flexible and requires a lot of pressure and time to grow larger, the tunica covering the erectile tissue in the glans is very expandable. Just doing a Kegel can cause the head to enlarge. I’ve said before that the glans-urethra-bulb portions of the CS are like one of those circus balloons that clowns make dogs from. A bulb at each end with a thin tube between them. Squeezing on one bulb makes the other larger - temporarily. Because it isn’t surrounded by strong tissue like the CC, continual squeezing of the CS doesn’t make it grow. It’s too soft and balloon-like. There’s no real resistance to the pressure to cause microtears and repair.

So, no, I’m not saying that everyone should have a hard glans, or a large one, or a square or cone shaped one. I’m saying that you get what you get and it will still function properly at the moment of ejaculation if you have no other problems like poor circulation caused by diabetes or heart disease or some other medical condition. I’m saying don’t worry about how it looks or how hard or soft it is because in the end you can’t do much about it.

I just got some questions, im not saying your wrong westla, cos we all have different opinions, but when I started PE I read a few times in articles and post that girth was a lot easier to gain than length, but maybe I read that wrong.

Also, people saying they jelq with a 90-100% erection, but when I do this my dick is FAR too hard, so it dont push blood around, maybe thats because I get harder than most people, very easily excited and my dick goes to 11 - 12 oclock, most of the time standing with the head of my dick touching my stomach.

So, how do you guys do it with such a hard erection? are your dicks softer, easier to push blood around cos of this?

thank you all

Mr. Mary - If you’re going to hang around here and post you will have to read the section of the Forum Guidelines that discusses “style and language.” Please use “I’m” not “im” and “because” not “cos.” Use proper punctuation such as “don’t” not “dont.” If you continue to ignore the guidelines your membership will be terminated. People come here from Internet chat rooms where using abbreviations and not using capital letters will get your message on the screen faster. Speed is not necessary here. We require members who speak English as their native language to use it properly so as to set good examples for our international members for whom English is a second or third language.

This thread is discussing head size, not girth in general. Many of the veterans of PE here will tell you that girth is less easy to attain than length. They’ll also tell you the erect jelqs cause injuries and don’t contribute to growth as well as jelqing with a 70% erection. However, this thread is not the place for either discussion. Please use the search button (at the top right of every page) and look for the topics for which you have questions.

Here’s an easy one for you. Click on the search button. In the window that opens, type “Girth Routines” in the “Search by keyword” box and “ThunderSS” in the “Search by user name” box. You’ll get some useful information. Please do not return to this thread to discuss it unless you have an on topic post about increasing head size. If you want to talk about girth, find a thread on that topic to post in or start another one.


Haha, you comment on my grammar because I said you might be wrong, I didn’t mean it nastily, but I will correct my grammar which seems a lot more English than most peoples anyway.

I may seem out of line, but I am just another guy trying to get a bigger dick, I don’t mean to offend anyone, I am still quite skeptical. I am sorry for any inconveniences. Thank you for your support though, I need to realise that you are trying to make it easier for others.

No, not really Mr. Mary. You’ve had the grammar warning coming for some time now. You can believe me or not when I talk about PE. I’m not upset by anyone disagreeing. Did you do the search?


I have to concur with you on the dismal prospects of significant glans enlargement. Even though I’m one of the oddballs who’s gained girth much easier than length, I can’t seem to do shit with my glans - which isn’t small, by the way, I’m just saying that it has changed very little.

My shaft has increased by an inch erect girth, and I’ve grown a little over an inch erect length, but through it all my head looks the same.

I appreciate the old archive links, I think I might try the ulis & the head mashing, just to see if I can get any glans growth.

Well I’m glad to know I have a big head. ( And I mean that literally ). As far as how women like the difference in the head size i think they like it alot. My head gets much bigger when I use a cock ring. And my wife absolutely goes wild when i put that thing on. I never considered beyond the fact that it makes my dick bigger. I would think that you can compensate for a small head with a large shaft.

I’ll ask her and get back with you guys. I’ll bet she doesn’t know. One thing she does know is that if i can grow bigger in size she wants more girth. That seems to be the biggest women request.

I’ve only been jelqing for a week now and she knew without me telling her that I had done something. Right in the middle of sex the other night. She said ” What have you been doing with that thing!!” I didn’t hint or anything. She is currently living in a different city and we only see each other every other week. So I get time to jelq and her to notice the difference two weeks can make.

I haven’t measured but i can look at it and tell that it’s growing at a huge rate!

I have been doing a sort of PE over the years. I pumped for 5 years. Not to increase size ( I had given up on pumping increasing size) my pumping I have noticed gave me very hard erections.

Jelqing is where it’s at for size increase i am convinced of that! And for hard erections. I only use my pump now for heating up, and at the start, and in the middle of my routine. Filling the pump with hot water and pumping up just enough so the cylinder stays on. And as a size comparison. I hope to completely fill that thing by the end of the year. If not sooner if I can keep this rate of growth up I’m sure I will soon.

Interesting thread. Thanks, westla, for the high quality info, as usual.

Do we all need to start posting glans dimensions now? ;)

This is my second week and I am just starting Uli’s #3. I know he said 10sets and 5 squeezes. I tried that today and it didn’t seem to really effect me in any great deal. I did see the head swell while I was doing it. Should I increase the sets or should I hold each squeeze for longer? Also i thought maybe get more erect, more than 50%? any advice would be highly desired.

Second week of PE? You should wait. Wait at least six weeks before doing something as advanced as Uli #3s.

WBH and anyone else trying to increase glans size:

I wanted to post this suggestion when this thread first appeared, but I didn’t as I have no hard evidence of success at present. I’m going to post it anyway and let you all make of it what you want.

In my opinion, it is possible to increase the size of the glans. Westla is right, the glans is very elastic. But it is significantly less elastic than the rest of the penis. At least in my case it is. As others have suggested, the key is getting enough blood into the glans to do the trick. There is a point beyond which the glans does not want to stretch. Believe me, I’ve reached this point with some pain! The trick is getting to this point and then “pushing the envelope” from there.

So here’s an exercise I’ve practice. I bring myself to about a 50% or 60% erection. Then I wrap with a layer of Ace bandage, starting at the base and wrapping toward the head. I wrap the Ace bandage very snug but not super tight. When you do this starting from the base and wrapping toward the head, it will push blood up the shaft and then into the head. I am careful to wrap the Ace bandage entirely around the shaft just under the glans. The importance of this will become clear later.

Then I wrap with several strips of theraband that are about 1”-1 1/2” wide. Again, I start at the base and wrap toward the head. But I wrap the theraband strips very tight, especially the first strip at the base. This first strip of theraband that I wrap tightly around the base acts as a clamp: it both prevents the blood from draining out of your unit, and it forces this blood up the shaft. I keep wrapping strips of theraband tightly around the shaft toward the head, all the while forcing the blood further up the shaft and into the glans. By the time I get to the top of the shaft with the tightly wound strips of theraband, the glans is massive! It’s also very taught, and not a little tender. You’ll be astonished.

If necessary, I then wrap an additional strip of theraband around the top of the shaft to adjust the tightness to my limit. This limit is the point at which pain becomes a factor. Like with other PE exercises, pain is not good. I keep the wrap on for no more than 20 minutes. Throughout this period, I periodically re-tighten the last strip of theraband until I’m at my limit again. I also squeeze the shaft from time to time just below the glans. The goal is to keep pushing the limit further, increasing the amount you can expand the glans without experiencing pain. If necessary, I’ll keep stimulated during the set, perhaps by watching a bit of porn.

I then unwrap, rest, and repeat. I’ll usually do 2 to 4 sets. With each set you get more and more expansion. By the end in the flaccid state your glans will be massive. Very impressive. Of course, this inflation subsides, just like with clamping and other girth exercises. But I have a hard time believing that consistent practice of this exercise would not lead to true gains in glans size. At least, if it doesn’t’t, then Westla is probably right and nothing will. At present, I only do this exercise periodically, as I’ve been focusing on length exercises, and my time is limited.

Warning: This is a very dangerous exercise. Proceed with caution. This one is definitely not for newbies. Just work up to things slowly. The theraband is great for controlling how tightly you wrap. But you want to get to the point where you are pushing the limit of the ability of your glans to expand. I know that when I’ve made some more progress in length, I’m going to hit this exercise hard and regularly.

Two things:

1. “…the glans is very elastic. But it is significantly less elastic than the rest of the penis.”

How can you say this? Or, I should ask, what do you mean? There is no tunica to contain the erectile tissue in the glans, like there is in the corpora cavernosa (CC), so it would seem the glans is much more elastic than the rest of the penis, not less so.

2. Keep in mind the anatomy. When squeezing the shaft of the penis, only blood in the corpus spongiosum will move into the glans. Blood in the CC is separate and cannot be moved into the glans by any means.

Do the exercise and you’ll see what I mean.

Regarding your first point, when I clamp I can expand the shaft very greatly. And even though there is a limit to this expansion, I never feel the kind of tightness or pain that I can feel if I expand the glans too much. Granted there is no tunica in the glans. Still, this exercise has demonstrated to me that it is less elastic than the shaft.

Regarding your second point, whatever blood there is is more than sufficient to stretch the glans to its limit (again, the point at which pain becomes a factor). This may only be blood from the CS and not the CC; still, there is more than enough, and then some. The most important thing with this exercise is not pushing things too far. (I suppose this is true with most or all PE exercises.) Yet it would be easy to go too far here. Simply by wrapping more tightly with the theraband you can push more blood (from the CS or wherever) into the glans.

Still, you may be right that the glans cannot be developed like the rest of the penis. I don’t know as I haven’t tried this exercise with any consistency or for any length of time. This is why I was reluctant to post this information. But my experience with this exercise has given me much hope for developing the glans. Should anyone else try it, I would only caution again: Be very careful. This is very dangerous.


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