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Head Size: Makes All the Difference in the Illusion of Size

I do the overhand “ok” grip, and put more pressure on the cs. Also try a number of kegals with a 100% erection. You will see your head swell more when kegaling with an erection.

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Guys, I have to get a bigger head. I am going to honestly do whatever it takes to grow my head to a massive size. As of now I basically just feel like my head is so small. I am backing off shaft exercises completely because I honestly do not want my shaft to dwarf my head anymore than it does now. My shaft is 5.25” and my head is 4.5”. I am going to continue doing squeezes with the head slightly engorged. BTC and regular stretches. Trying to figure out the most effective exercises for head size.

WestLA gave you some very good links. Reat up on them and try the exercises mentioned.


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Wannabe is your head girth 4.5” with a cock-ring or without?


i’ve got a 5” head girth… is that above average… just wondering


I’m followed this thread because i have (as so many) a little head to.
I really hate to say that but i don’t think there is a way to increase head size with the known techniques.

As many knows i’m a penimaster user: When i put it on i always pump my head before fasten the rubber belt so it creates a uli type constriction in the head. I though that the increased pressure would “expand” the head tissue and enlarge it… But, nothing is happen.

What i believe is that the tissue in the head is a very different as the rest of the penis. There is no layer that holds the blood, thats why no much chances to stretch and increase its capacity…

If that is true, the only way to increase head would be, in my opinion, to expand the head own tissues, and how do we do that….???????


Hey, this post has me excited!

I’ve been having a terrible time gaining girth, I’m up to about 5 1/4…but my progress is a little disappointing considering all the squeezes and jelqing I’ve done.

However….I did notice that my head has increased in size.

I’ve never measured it before, but now it’s a full 6 inches around!

It sounds as this is a little abnormal, but I’ll take it!

I can’t offer any real help on how to increase the head size. When jelquing or squeezing…my head was the first to get bigger, go figure.

Anyway, I guess I’m just dropping a post to say you’ve made my day.

Is the average head size the same as shaft size?


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Originally posted by northstar

Is the average head size the same as shaft size?

From the thousands of dick pics I’ve looked at over the years (and I am the penis connoisseur) I’d say that the average head size is the same as the shaft size or just a little bit wider. Heads smaller than the shaft are very much a minority and heads significantly larger (“mushroom,” if you will) are uncommon.

Here’s my two cents:
Somebody in this forum once wrote to hold at the end of the jelq, up to 10 seconds. That might help. I’ve been doing this and my coronal rige seems a little more pronounced.

But I’d also like to add, by putting a 3 finger pressure on the perineum area, while doing jelqs, one can keep the blood pushed out of the bulb area which is part of the CS. This I got from reading one of Mantak Chia’s books. This could keep the blood mostly in the CS and glans.
The way he described it was ‘air lock method.’ Another part of it was to keep the penis erect and slap it vigorously against each inner thigh 36 times at the end of the excercise while holding simultaneously an ok grip at the base.
I did this for a month and seemed to keep a lot of pressure on the head while doing the excercises he described but was kind of an awkward position so I don’t do it now. Might help, though.

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The Power Jelq device would be good for enlarging the head. That’s probably the only thing it’s good for.

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Originally posted by westla90069
From the thousands of dick pics I've looked at over the years (and I am the penis connoisseur) I'd say that the average head size is the same as the shaft size or just a little bit wider. Heads smaller than the shaft are very much a minority and heads significantly larger (“mushroom,” if you will) are uncommon.

Well, I guess I’m in the minority on this one… I’ve got a small head..

I think New_Member is right. Jelq and hold the blood in your head. It will probably take a lot of effort and time but the key is jelq and hold. Keep expanding those cells.

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I am in the minority too, I have a small head. Thinner than my shaft, definitely.

Also, Power Jelq device did NOTHING for my head size at all.


If you kegel several times or wear a cock ring, you will observe that your head is very large and increased… when you release again it goes to its natural size…

That means for me that i have enough tissue on my head and that the problem probably is the constant blood supply to the head, it dosen’t works very well

If we could improve or increase the blood supply to the head, or regulate the blood back flow (in case of a cock ring), it would keep enlarged and big…



I’m not an expert on this but I do agree with matti. My head is small thus put me in the minority group. :-(

From what i notice is that
1) when kegel hard the head will engorged temporarily then back to normal.
2) when about to ejac. the head is bigger then normal (maybe of the
blood pressure increase or *hormon level” have effect on this.

Maybe viagra will help on this? anybody who use viagra for PE see any effect on the head size?

P/S : I don’t use Viagra coz i’m current using PEgra constantly.


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