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Has anyone made really good gains from just manual stretching?

Has anyone made really good gains from just manual stretching?

I’ve been doing PE for about 2 months now. My early routine consisted of mostly jelquing. Now I do 5 mins warm up, 5 -10 min jelq, 50 squeezes, manual strecthing - 4 ways, 35secs, 5 sets, 5 min cool down, thats 5 days a week/weekends off. I have gained about .70” EL and about .2” girth. My goal is 7.5BPEL x 5.75girth. Right now I am about 6.4 x 4.8. I was reading up on hanging, but right now I don’t really have the time to hang or know if i even want to hang, seems scary. I was wondering if anyone has just concentrated on just manual exerices and acheived their goal without hanging at all. If so, I’d like to hear your routine. My gains now seem to have slowed down and I do realize that I’ve only been on the program for 2 months. Thanks..

Those are nice gains coolguy54321. There’s also V-stretches that you can try out, the PJ Device, and various squeezes. Alot of guys have had been pretty good gains just through manual exericses. Hanging is a great alternative, but its not for everyone, and by no means is it necessary to do hanging to reach your goals.

I know UCLA had made great gains, and never did try hanging. You can do a search and find his routine. Anyone want to help me out on what his full user name was? I forgot.

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I don’t know how much is from manually stretching, or from “pekker pills” but I think most from stretching. Today for the first time I notice a real difference in flaccid size in both penis and foreskin, which I am trying to restore. I am happy.


The turnaround with PE on results is very rapid. So I am happy for you and know that it will always stay that way if you just do minor work while in the shower or whatever every few days (I say this for the super longterm when you are finished reaching your goals). It doesn’t have to fade.

But seriously… dude, pecker pills? Tell me you aren’t doing those…

good gains for me

I gained about .75” in 1 month. But since I do jelqing at only 50% erect length, I think that that might have contributed to it also.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

Manual stacked

I have definitely made gains using manual stretching, but I don’t think the gains are from this only. Along with them, I have included a jelqing routine with 2/3 erection that seems to be helping (3/4 erection for girth), and maybe most important is the kegeling done in conjunction with manuel stretching and jelqing. It gives the ligs a better stretch for both.

I’m a relative newbie (4 wks manual Big Al routine, 1 1/2 wks hanging), so if’n I says sumpin stoopid, chalk it up to newbieness.

From my reading, lots of guys have gotten good gains from manual stretching only, including Big Al. To me, the biggest advantade haning has is that you can actually do something else while you’re hanging, and you don’t wear out your grip/arms/skin.

I still do manual stretching as the bulk of my routine, because I believe I can pull harder than any weight I could stand to have on could do. So I do 3 major workouts per week, 2 of them are manual, 1 is a hanging session, with mini manuals on the days off. I believe in maximizing stress (max weight, max number of manuals). We’ll see if I’m correct or not. So far, I’ve only gained about 1/8” in length (from 7.5 ebpl to 7.625 ebpl), but other things are happening, because my flaccid bp stretch has gone up 0.5 inch(from 7.5 to 8). I think I’m gonna need more time than most, because I started out naturally very thick (6” erect mid shaft), and thick cables are harder to stretch than thin. Everybody working on length should read the thread: Healing…and apology! in the hangers forum, there are some absolute genious words from Bib about gaining length.

When your manual sessions start taking 45 mins, and you can’t hold a pen in your hand afterwards, you might wan to try some hanging….

neuromancer, how hard do you pull? Do you try and achieve maximum pain threshold? I have heard that overly strenuous pulling inhibits gains, but would like some first hand accounts.

no, never any pain, ever! The great thing about manuals is you can stop quickly. I pull to max feel of soreness…hard to describe, but never any kind of pain. I’m so paranoid I’ll even let go if I get a lig pop…

I don’t know exactly how hard I’m pulling, but it feels like more than the 14 lbs I hang with…

Maybe some of the more experienced guys will answer this?

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