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Hardness and the Feeling of Size

Hardness and the Feeling of Size

In various “size” threads at Thunder’s Place, guys have noted that their women partners cannot accomodate as big of a dildo inside them as they can an actual penis. The usual explanation put forth is that whereas the penis — especially the glans — is compressible even when erect, dildos tend to be made from inflexible materials.

I’ve observed a related phenomenon: Even though I ordinarily have pretty outstanding erections, when I take a generic ED drug before sex, and get that “110% steel” effect, women tend to comment on how my dick feels “bigger” than normal, even more than they say it feels “harder” than normal. If I measure my dick, however, its dimensions (length and girth) are not noticeably different when on an ED drug than when not on one.

The difference, then, I assume, is that on the ED drugs, my penis is almost impossible to compress, like a glass dildo or whatever. Even though we men cannot sense it, perhaps an ordinary erection is significantly compressed by a vagina clamping down on it.

The point of this isn’t to advocate the recreational use of ED drugs, but rather to point out that any erection-improvement effects from PEing may actually be making your dick objectively bigger inside a tight pussy even if your dick does not measure any bigger when nothing is clamping down on it. This is also another reason to pay close attention to “physiological indicators” when PEing and to make diamond-cutting erection quality a real priority in any PE program.

I think an erection curves inside a pussy, sorta like a boomerang. Not sure, but I’ve seen a video and it looked something like that. Perhaps a doctor here could weigh in and give a more detailed explanation.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

I noticed this too. Even before I put it inside her, my ex was noticeably more excited when she saw it 100% erect than at 90%. And she only ever got off when I was totally rock hard. And she would comment on it feeling really big. I harbour the belief that a super healthy rock solid erection is even more key to a woman’s satisfaction than a slightly larger cock at lower erection levels. But I guess this is just anecdotal.

Just my 2 cents.

More often than not, the extremely large guys in porn are not 100% hard, which might explain why women are able to actually take them most of the way in.

I’ve definitely seen this as well. My girlfriend seems to get sore much easier since I’ve been using Cialis, although the soreness has been getting much less frequent.

I agree : the harder the bigger (it feels).

I have had the same experience as “74.” My wife responds best to a “rock hard” erection—inside or out. If I am only 90%, she will not even stay moist. As my erection improves near the end of sex, I can sense she is responding (from her body motion and sounds). A little “C” makes a difference in my older age. It brings out all the work I’ve done with PE.

Harder is better than bigger. Like Para Goomba pointed out harder is better, as in harder from PE. Has PE made you harder? Objective is lost when you only do PE to make it bigger. Make it harder first then bigger will follow suit.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

From personal experience, the softer an erection the less ‘real’ size you will have in a vagina.


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