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Hard gainers or bad routine

Hard gainers or bad routine

Hi there..How come some people do PE for a long time with little or no gains, maybe a few years,and then “all of a sudden” start gaining more? There seem to a be a consensus in this community that there is a timespan, sometimes very long, that some hard gaining individuals have to go through before start gaining. As if their ligaments will withstand the stress for a certain time and then start to give after.

I just do not understand how the tissue or ligs can “remember ” the stress for a long time, lets say more than one or two months. Or is there an scientifical explanation.

I mean if you have been doing a routine for 1 year with no gains and then gain 1 inch length and half inch girth in the next year, is in not more likely that you started doing your routine in a correct way after year one ? ( Rather then it took a year to “break down the resistance”..)

I am self a hard gainer and I have kind of been waiting for some good gains, maybe I should change my routines instead. How long do you think one should wait before changing the routine or approach if there is absolutely no gain. Six months or so ?

I dont know if I make any sense or you understand what I mean here and I am sure it has been discussed but I could not find any good threads.

I sure like to know how to get past being a hard gainer. I have bought many pieces of equipment, tried different techniques and so on. My ligs seem only to get stronger. I am currently using the bib with my PM w/autoextender end in different combinations. I use hot water prior to the workout for the warm up and sometimes use a infared lamp. I have thought maybe I need to lighten up while I have also considered I am not going hard enough. I have been at it longer than this forum has been up and I just can’t help think either I am not going to make any increases in length or I am needing to modify my approach.

BTW, the wrap that came with the autoextender is by far the most comfortable material I have found. My circulation never seems to get cut off and with the expandabilty I can remove the head harness and push blood back into the head for a good anchor point. This wrap does not sting after prolonged use either. Works great with the bib also.

Idea I have wondered about as to a stretcher, remember the old days when a shoe was a bit small? There was a device that you put into the shoe and stretched it out by leverage. If an approach of stretch release, stretch release is a way to deal with adaptive ligs, maybe such a device mod for a stretcher would be helpful. Let me know what you think of this one.

Anyone else also having “Hard Gainer” problems and got past them I sure like to get a fresh idea.



I hear your frustration.

I am also a hard gainer and believe it is simply a matter of physiology not technique. I have changed my routine MANY times. The only advice I can offer is to keep changing until you find something that works for you. Try more sets more time then less etc. It is frustrating I admit, especially when you read about someone who has just started and they have already gained a 1/2 inch or more.

Best of luck to all the fellow hard gainers.

Hey there Thunder,
Never heard of the deconditioning idea. I will take a look to see what that is.

Thanks Thunder!


There are a several deconditioning threads in my favorites. See below.

Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

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