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Good Bad Ugly

Good Bad Ugly

I have been PEing for 2 1/2 months, with the first month of over training. Started 5” x 4.5” and now at 4.5” x 5.25”.

Good: Gain alot of girth
Bad: Lost 1/2”
Ugly: Dick looks like a mushroom

Is this normal, help! Been using standard routen ever other day

I’ve never heard of that much length lost and that much girth gained in such a short a time.. Ya sure you measured correctly prior to your efforts?

I just hit my 6 month mark and have only gained .25 of NBPEL and nothing worth mentioning for girth.. PE did help kill my “premature ejaculation” issue though…

If you measured correctly both times you have a “massive” girth increase, the sort people spend thousands of dollars to pull off! If anything, congrats.

Are you sure you were 100 percent erect with both measures? My semi erect dick is shorter than my erect, but slightly fatter. Maybe you werent up all the way

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Are your erect measurements bone-pressed or non-BP? NBP leaves a lot of room for error. Added girth will make your dick appear shorter, even though it hasn’t actually shortened.

Even my minimal girth gains have caused me to view my dick as more stubby, but the ruler and tape don’t lie. You added a whopping 3/4” girth increase in remarkable time. Congratulations!


Actually (I’m sure I read this in another thread) BIB gets shorter when erect as well, I believe also from his girth increase. maybe he can chime in here and let us know what his take on this is.


Thanks for the reply.

I did another measurement with non-bone press and bone press for my records. I was erect and had the same results + or - 1/8”.

My girth is the largest in the middle which is another problem. I would like it to be the same along the entire shaft.

I have decided to do only length exercies only to see what happens.

Does anybody recommend type of lenght exercies?


Some guys hang and swear by it. I have no experience in that area, so I’ll leave them to discuss that avenue.

Manual stretching is something you may want to look at. Here’s some info, read and get smart on it before doing it:

Go easy for a while, build up some tolerance first to avoid injury.

Best of luck to you. :)

Dont forget this one:

DLD blasters

DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains

Although hanging is a better chioce IMHO if you have the time, privacy and motivation

Good Luck

Ya, sorry dude - had it but forgot to slip that one in there too.
Sometimes I think I’m doing overkill-

Thanks SS4Jelq :)

Thanks for the info. will try them and take it slow, will up date everone on my progress.

I Love UGLY! The uglier the better…The perfect reaction for me would be:

“Oh my gosh your cock is ugly”

DarkTrick and SS4 dropped some great exercises that WILL work for you. Don’t worry about ugly…beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

DLD cracks me up-

I’d settle for :

“Oh my gosh your cock is ugly, but goddamn that thing is big!!!”

Originally posted by DarkTrick
DLD cracks me up-

I'd settle for :

“Oh my gosh your cock is ugly, but goddamn that thing is big!!!”

Can I change mine to that now?

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

That’s what my wife said, but she sure didn’t complain about the extra girth. This motivates me and I am a believer.

Originally posted by stocktrader8
That's what my wife said, but she sure didn't complain about the extra girth. This motivates me and I am a believer.

Women Love Ugly Cocks…As long as there Big!

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

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