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- Girth Measuring Device [with pics]

This looks very similar to the devices used to measure bulls’ testicle circumference in the cattle industry . I never even thought of making my own .

Hahahah! They Measure They Size Of The Bulls Balls!?!? Hahhahahahha.

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Odd, that’s not how I recall posting my last post…Anyway. Thunder, I think we should make this thread either an article or a tutorial. The device works well and serves its purpose, and I think it would be a good tool for newbies to have.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

I stole a commercial version of this device the last time I took my kid to the peditrician. I saw it over on the counter and put it in my pocket while the doctor was out the door for a minute. It’s used to measure baby heads. It works great. I just found it depressing. I thought I was up at 6 inch girth using a cord to measure and this device measured 5.75. Discouragingly accurate, I’m afraid. But, it compelled me to really work on girth now.

Very good, it’s like the PE gods were answering my questions. Yesterday I was measuring girth and finding it so difficult because of the lotion and everything else involved. “What is a good way to do this I thought?” Well thank you for your device. I will construct one shortly.


Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!

A little update, after 5 months, mine broke the other day (although I measure girth just about every session) , the slit ripped open at the side. But I just taped it back together again with more sellotape.

Speaking of which, does anyone know of a more waterproof alternative to sellotape? Moisture really messes it up.

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Has anyone else have any success with this? Looks well put together but marking out all the small increments 1/16th might be a little troublesome (1/8th and bigger should be easier)

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Thanx for sharing!

Good idea.

But couldn’t you just take a standard cloth measuring tape and add the cardboard doohickey to the end of it.

Just wanted to bump this thread for current members/members who haven’t seen it.

Yay, problem solvers.

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Nice! Thanks.

2 cents:

- Any kind of tape (paper, textile, leather) changes its length over time depending on air humidity. You should check it against a solid ruler, from time to time.

- The wider the tape is, the more it measures the maximum girth from a wider area along the shaft.

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