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girth measuring and its 'truth'?

girth measuring and its 'truth'?

As probably most of you guys do, I measure my fella with a ruler. My ruler is a 12 inch one.

I measured today (just then after a PE session with a ‘final’ erection) exactly 7 inches up the right hand side, 7 inches down the middle and about 6 3/4 up the left side. Sound ok so far yeah?

Then I measured my girth at midshaft using a tightly wrapped around piece of 12 inch string (I presume you guys also use string right?) and my measurement was around 5.1 / 5.2 inches. Again, so far so good.

Then I decided to measure my length again, but this time with the string. I was expecting a measurement of 7 inches (as the ruler indicated) but no, the length of the string was 7.4 inches.

What I’m getting at is, does measuring the girth with string actually provide a ‘false’ measurement then?

there was a difference of .4 of an inch between my ruler and the string on the length measurement.

your thoughts/advice appreciated as always guys

The string follows the slight curves of your penis, thus giving a larger measurement.

Are you stretching the string out well? Maybe you’re not stretching it straight enough, hence the longer measurement.

Or do you have a curved penis?

My cock has an upward curve starting from midshaft. Whenever I measure it with a measuring tape the measurement is usually up to half inch more than a ruler measurement, probably because of the curve. It’s kinda diffcult for me to measure my erect length with a ruler because of the curve. I always try to find a way to measure with a ruler though, but I think if my cock was straight I would get a longer ruler measurement

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A tailor’s tape is really the best way to measure girth. They’re flexible and don’t stretch. Moreover, you can read the result while it is on rather than trying to hold a point on a piece of string and transfer it to your ruler.


I noticed that the first time I measured. Most string will stretch a bit. I’ve found that measuring girth with a paper tape from IKEA works great! Never stretches. I would think that a tailors measureing tape (cloth) would also work well.

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Some rulers have a “dead spot” at each end that do not include the measuring increments. Did you take that into consideration?

measure girth with a tape measure (cloth). it is the most accurate way to measure girth. Also when measuring try not to wrap the tape too tightly as it will give you a false measurement. Wrap it just right. Not too tightly nor loosely.

YEah, you might want to stay away from the string measuring. There is too much “play” in a piece of string. It stretches rather easily.


If you measure after taking a day or two off you will see more gains, usually. I never measure right after but you might also try giving it 12 hours to recoup. I have found that after a secession that it tends to draw up in length and any girth is just swelling and not real gains.

I had the same problem with a string and I got a tailors tape measurer and I was about .5 inches smaller in girth than I thought I was. Stay away from the string!

BTW: I used a string for measuring and got me a tailor’s tape measurer because of this thread..
Result? No change.. I’m getting exactly the same measurements :)

IOW: You can measure correctly with a string (but it surely is more likely to get a good measurement with a tailor’s tape measurer than with a string).


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