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Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique

Can somebody add a little film or image or photo to explain “girth blaster jelq”? I’m Italian and it too difficult understand it..

Thanks to everybody.


Okay, I guess it is my turn to give a little info here in the forum. I have been doing my own routines for several years prior to finding this site. One routine I have perfected for myself over the past several weeks that have produced solid gains in girth and I have gone from a about 5 3/4 inches to 6 3/4 inches in less than one year and the bulk (no pun intended) has occurred over the past two months (6 1/4 TO 6 3/4 INCHES. My BPFL is only 6 1/4 to 6 1/2 on good erections and has probably contributed to the solid gains I have made in this regard in that I can really bear down on the shaft with this routine..

Admittedly it is very much like the routine gprint101 has posted above but is much more intense and should only be attempted by “experienced” pe’ers.

I perform what I will call the “Squash” maneuver. It is very strenuous and puts serious outer forces/stresses on the tunicae. Your penis has to be conditioned very well and no longer forming little pin prick blood bursts whenever pronounced pressure is applied to the shaft. I perform this with a 90% to full erection. Taking the palm of your hand you lay it just below the underside the head of the penis. Then supporting the sides of the shaft with your free hand you press fully against the the tip creating as much a force toward the base of the shaft as possible. With mine penis I go ahead and allow a bow to form slightly, almost but not to a kink, and then slinky it back and forth along the entire length. The effect is dramatic and I often gain a more powerful erection as a result of the activity. There is some dull lingering pain as a result but isn’t long lived and las not produced lasting injury ever. I have started doing this routine wearing a bull ring around the lower part of the shaft and this produces an even more pronounced effect but I am even more careful with it as it has produced some blood blisters when I have have become too aggressive.

I find it doing the squash actually has sensitized my penis even more when wearing briefs to the point now that I carry a 1/4th boner most of the time during the day.AND THIS IS BAD THING?? Lol

Anyway, my wife wonders what the heck is going on as every time we have sex, I am stretching her again like a virgin. That has been fun for me and has really sensitized her again after having had four children. I feel like I am locked into her by the end of a love making session and the orgasms have been unbelievable..

I would like to hear back from those with more length their success with this technique. I would think it might be more difficult to perform as a smaller penis seems to allow the “squashing” maneuver, I would think, a little easier.

Now if I can just get some serious length going along with the girth.It is a little disconcerting to be wider than I am long though my wife isn’t Later, s

Ok so I’m having a little trouble with this one. My hands are rather large and beefy and whenever I try to squeeze my second hand inbetween my body and my other hand, it moves my first hand up like 3 inches up the shaft. So basically, it’s like I’m doing a half jelq, half girth blaster.

Is there some tip you could give me to help me squeeze my hand in there tighter without moving my other hand forward so much.

You are using a palms down grip right? Just reach in with your index finger and thumb and do the best you can.

I tried using the palms down grip and my index finger kept getting snagged on me droopy nutsack. I had better success with the palms up grip, but again, the problem of my first hand going too far up the shaft before I squeeze with the second. I’ll just keep trying anyways. It makes for a searing hand workout.

BTW, what is your typical time between strokes? Like how many seconds does it take you to work your hand in there? And incase I don’t get the hang of it, how effective is the c-ring method?

Do this exercise nice and slow, like 3-5 seconds per stroke. If for some reason you can’t make a complete OK grip, a c-ring is OK, as long as the base grip is a complete “O”.

I’ll give these a try tonight, seems feasible.

Thanks for sharing

Nice advice

Okay, would it be advisable to start doing this along with my Newbie routine? I want length but I really want girth - so could I incorporate this or should I stick to the Newbie routine for about another month? I’ve started PEs a month ago, but not very thorough, but I decided the start of the summer would be perfect for me to do more intense PEs.

Starting: 05.24.05 - BPEL: 5.50" EG: 4.75" FL: 3.00" FG: 3.50" Current: 09.14.05 - BPEL: 6.00" EG: 4.00" Wtf, my length went up and my girth went down? I think I measured wrong the first time. Goals: 6 months 11.24.05 - BPEL: 6.50" EG: 6.00" FL: 4.00" FG: 4.50" 12 months 05.24.06 - BPEL: 7.50" EG: 6.50" FL: 5.00" FG: 5.50" I can dream, right?


Are you still doing these and if you are are they still working? If your not what are you doing these days routine wise?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Originally Posted by Dino9X7

Are you still doing these and if you are are they still working? If your not what are you doing these days routine wise?

I am not doing this exercise right now, but this is the closest manual exercise I have found to pumping for really getting great girth expansion.

Right now I am pretty much pumping exclusively. But for anyone without a pump, I would suggest giving girth blasters a try.

I’m confused.

I’m doing them, I thought I was doing jelq squeezes, but it is like gprent explained I do.

For 4 months, I’ve gained nothing, until this month. Even if it is a small gain (1 mm or .05”) I think this exercise along with Uli#3 and some manual clamping could get me out of this hell hole called plateau. I will check my girth later this month to see the gains more clearly.

Keep it up.

Gone cementing - Started (2005): 7.25 NBPEL 5.7 EGMS. 5 years later (2010): 8.25 NBPEL 6.3 EGMS. 8 years later, 3 years with no PE (2013): 8.1 NBPEL 5.9 EGMS

So far this has been working for me. Constant erections.


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