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girth and privacy


girth and privacy

I have been doing the routine in “the experiment” Group B for about a month and a half and I have noticed the baseball bat effect… I was wondering if anyone knew how I can combat it without hanging or anything that will take to long. (I don’t have very much privacy and the less time it takes me to PE the better) Thanks

Manual stretching will help increase the base girth. Try adding some static stretches if that is allowed by the program.

Also you can just jelq the base of the shaft to even things up.

Other than that, you are jelqing with an insufficient erection or allowing your erection to fade and not correcting it quickly enough. When you are jelqing with a sufficient erection it won’t happen, assuming your grip is consistent throughout each stroke.

what is a sufficient erection and how can I just jelk the base/midshaft?

An insufficient erection is less than 50-60%, personaly I jelq with much greater an erection. Jelqing with a 50%-60% is supposed to impact length primarily and as it goes up from there it is suppose to impact girth more. Personaly I don’t find this, I gain length no matter how erect I am, people differ though and you may find you grow girth more easily than length.

You can just jelq the base by starting at the base and discontinuing the stroke before you hit midshaft. Similarly you can jelq the midshaft by start the stroke a little before the midshaft and discontinuing well before the glans.

One thing I noticed myself doing early on was not gripping properly at the start of a stroke and unconsciously correcting half way through. To combat this whenever I strated a stroke I would always pay special attention to applying a firm grip before starting the stroke (and I still do).

Hope this helps.

i hvae been trying what you said, but i am still having problems. It feels like the upper shaft is still gaining and the midshaft is not (the upper part feels thicker when i jelk). Am i doing something wrong? How can I fix this?


Maybe you are gripping too hard and effectively doing a uli, try experimentinting with a lesser grip or a greater erection.

Also as you’ve been jelqing for a few months now, you can probably increase the intensity. Try pumping and holding the PC muscle prior to fixing each grip.

How is your penis actualy looking? Theres a difference between the pressure ahead of the grip and the pressure in the head which may well increase as the stroke progresses.

Can’t believe you waited so long before coming back. If you have more problems feedback quickly.

Anyone else got any other ideas here. Maybe its the way I’m putting it across.

From what I can tell, jelking the shaft has helped a little bit, but ill try with a weaker grip and see how that goes.

Thanks again

Memento, I'll take a stab...


try Jelqing the base as Peforeal describes in this thread:

Try this for better base girth

Your legs should be spread more than usual to allow you to get in there really deep. Maybe try sitting down. When I do this I stand with my hips thrust forward and I use a palms down pinkie towards Glans grip. It can be tiring to do it correctly. Some of the Jelqs turn into Ulis but I personally like it this way. I am in the experimental stage with this technique but I love it already.

Really dig in to the sides of your unit with your thumb and forefinger at the root. Be careful to not pull to hard across the plumbing that holds your balls up… ouch! You may need to clip your pubic hair very short to do this without aggravating the skin.

Immediately after the PC clench you Jelq this additional blood forward about 2 - 3 inches. That’s it. Change hands if you wish or kegel again and Jelq with the same hand. Don’t rush through your stroke. Make it last a couple of seconds at least even though it is a short stroke.

Logic dictates that the baseball bat imbalance will take a little time to correct.

Peforeal describes it quite well but if I have muddied the waters at all let me know.

BTW, I lack privacy as well but I have learned the hard way to not forget the hot wrap at the beginning and end of each session! Very important.

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thanks torso…i’m on my second week too…getting used to it.

think it takes time and some reading..

Thanks Torso good info.

The thread link you posted is non functional (cut and paste from the screen)?

Which thread is it.

Try this thread

I think Torso may be referring to this post. I did a few in regards to girth gains, and you can do a further search under my name in the members section.

Try this for better base girth


Thanks guys!

I messed up with posting the thread. Sorry.


how’s it going? Are you doing it daily?

I am on a 1 on/1 off routine and I already feel girth improving. Hopefully this time it will be permanent.


I have to thank you for this technique.
Though it is too early to tell if it will give me girth gains it is a real pleasure to perform. I do ten very intense minutes of tight Jelq squeezes and pulls and my unit feels very worked out.

Would you suggest daily sessions?
I am still trying to hold my discolouration at bay so I do it every other day.


still gaining no matter how hard you are during Jelqs… some %$#**^% guys… dammit!!!! Just kidding dude. That is great. I wish you would pass on some of that luck because 1” length is all I’m after.

Take care all.


I do a lot of static stretching !

Torso….yes it seems to be going ok. first i hot wrap,then i stretch

each way(i do ten kegels during each way) dont know if thats right or not…then i wrap again. I then jelq for 15-20 min with baby oil..underhand and overhand (mostly underhand) starting to get a little more used to it …it looks alot more healthier.. and thanks for gettin back to me…just new here. ANYONE ELSE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS? hope im doin it right,thanks again!


Also I do 5 days on, 2 off..gets a little sore towards the end of the week and i do hot wrap alot…

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