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? about the base while jelqing

? about the base while jelqing


I have started jelqing recently. However, I have noticed that when my penis is semi erect and I am jelqing, the base part does not get much blood and remains thin. Also, the base becomes thinner than usual while jelqing. At the end it comes back to its normal thickness.

Is that a problem?

How can I get to thicken the base too?

How do you folks handle this?

I am already getting better erections. I have noticed in the morning I have a lot of erection.


Try this for better base girth


Try this.

1. When you do your ok grip, be sure to do your initial squeeze as close to your pubic bone as possible.

2. To help get the best and deepest grip, gently grip your penis head with one hand, stretch out your shaft, kegel and then do your ok grip with your jelqing hand.

3. While holding your ok grip, you may want to squeeze or do some pump/squeezes first for a few seconds in order to force more blood into your dick.

4. Now start to jelq with slow intensity up the shaft. This way you will be maximizing your jelq from the base and up.

I prefer dryjelqing (jelqing without lube) by using the loose skin on the shaft as the sliding barrier, rather than topical lubrication.

Through trial and error in my first PE attempts, I learned it was better to jelq this way. My personal result - GIRTH GAINS AT THE BASE HAVE BEEN SUBSTANTIAL. Good luck.


Good points :)

If you jelq too flaccid you will tend towards the baseball bat effect. Aim for at least 50-60% erection. I go for 80%+ and pump PC muscle on each stroke (like perforeal suggests) and use an ok close to a tourniquet but this can be quite hard on the penis so its worth gradualy building up to to avoid injury.

I also found that its really easy to not grip properly at the base and correct mid jelq and to not maintain a constant slow speed (of say 3/4 seconds per stroke) if I don’t concentrate.

You can always just jelq the base if you feel you haven’t given it enough of a workout. Secjay mentioned that he has tried jelqing the internal penis:

Baseball bat penis

hanging/stretching helps improve the base girth too.

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