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girth and privacy


Sounds like a very sensible starting routine. I’m glad to see that a newer guy is not killing his dick with impatience.

Keep at it but listen to your body. If you really need an extra day off then take it. keep an eye out for discolouration. I was not forewarned and fell into the trap. Very wise of you to hot wrap a lot.
Read through the injuries forum to know what to look out for and be consistent. Realize that you may not gain a thing or may gain only girth and no length or vice versa. Likely you will gain easily but some of us are very hard gainers. Perform searches using the name of other PEers to get a good idea of what others experienced. This can be both a very motivating and sobering experience.

Good luck dude.

THANKS MAN! I’ll do that…have a great weekend!


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