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Gf finally admitted that pe works :


Some people react saying things they do not really think: it is not that bad in fact she wants to be your girlfriend. Apparently she likes your cock then.

Perseverance wins


I can relate to you and understand where you are at and what you are trying to achieve in your life. I was once there too and but not at the same level where you are at, but I am still playing the game you are playing, but at a lower more relaxed level. However, I have chosen to have that personal relationship with a woman over those similar goals and dreams we have shared. But in this arena we play in it is a double edged sword that few here understand. I have never had to seduce a woman in my life till I met the one I am with. And maybe that is why I am with her, she is not with me cause of my body or my cock, but both those things drive her crazy with lust. I can tell woman in your life come and go, and you know why they are there. It is because there BF’s or husbands do not rock their world or they are not “bad boys” that are willing to treat them like a tramp. In reality there are not there cause they really care about you as a person, they just want to get their rocks off riding a big cock and go back home to their man, who is stable, but sits in the easy chair with his big gut watching foot ball all day not paying them any attention.

What I see is that you have embraced what you know are, where as I saw the same thing coming and experienced the same kind of women as they filed through my life. But each one left me empty and in reality they took part of my soul with them as they walked out the door. You on the other hand have hardened up to the pain you have felt and have became numb, focusing on yourself only knowing that only you can bring yourself happiness and these woman only bring pain. So you use them as they are using you.

I am also no spring chicken, but at 42 years old, I have had my share of women in my life and I have gone through the phases of being flattered that they wanted me and giving myself to any one you gave me attention, to phase of avoiding women at all costs and never going to a bar unless I was with some else, cause I knew I was going home with someone that night if I went, to the phase of knowing that I had the control and learning how to seduce a woman then playing them for all they are worth till I had them begging for me to do them, to the phase of now saying no and pretty much snubbing anything that hits on me cause I have grown tired of their silly little games of seduction cause I know they only want one thing from me.

I know many reading your story and this will not believe it and think this is just a bunch of bull. So be it, I could care less. But I see in you a person that I once was and maybe to point still am. Cause now I get a big kick out of telling some chick no and watching her squirm cause is she so used to getting what she wants. I know that is mean, but I see it as pay back for all those years I was used by so many others. Besides I am with a woman now that is totally wonderful in all ways, should of been a model and is a walking sex machine like I have never seen. So there is nothing they can give me that is going to better than what I got right now.

All I can say is that I wanted true love and I thought it was just a fairy tale and never existed. Now I know it does and has been well worth the wait, the pain, emotional turmoil and everything else you want to throw into that pile of feelings. Cause Dabone.all we really want is to be loved, and someday you will come to the point of realization that is all you really want too. The trophy, the fame, the applause from the actually pales in comparison to being loved by a great woman.and some day you will also realize you have the ability to choose your woman instead of letting them choose you. You will take that power and find that one woman. Most men settle for second best and then end up hating life. Never settle for second best, kicked her butt out the door and move on. Cause all she will do is drag you down. I was married to an alcoholic for quite a while trying to be the good guy. It don’t work, she is now going from guy to guy who have also settled for second best sucking each one dry for all he has. (

I finally realized to get a prize you have to be a prize.

I am done now. So for whatever that was worth, I just wish you good luck in your journey of life.


your post is sweet and sour. I think we should always remember that women are mainly persons as men are, and that being mean to some one who has been mean to you, is no excuse and just makes you mean too. I have decided not to be mean, especially not in reaction to some ones behaviour. Some times, the girl you find in a bar just wants to have sex with someone: there’s nothing wrong about it. Of course, if you change partner every night, sooner or later you’ll find some bad ones, but that should not be enough for you to abandon your values, if you want to remain a good guy. Also, words do not always reflect thoughts and thus we should not give them too much of an importance, especially when they come from a person who lives with us and therefore, more than anybody else, takes all the shit we all give around.

Perseverance wins

Hindshot, that was an incredible post (except maybe the vindictiveness thing). I am with you all the way, Hindshot. Incredible when you get to that point in your life, and I am now there. It makes everything I’ve ever gone through worth it. Happy for you, man, and for all of those who’ve likewise reached that pinnacle.

Buby, I’ll agree with not giving your heart to every word a person utters - that’s actually Biblical and quite sound. OTOH, there is a distinct line between a momentary lapse and just being a plain abusive person. Hopefully each person can recognize that. Verbally assaulting and trying to diminish a person, IMO, is abusive.

I agree Buster

Perseverance wins


Being a NYer yourself, you know that we live in one of the most expensive cities on the planet. I’m in Manhattan, so, when you say freeloading, you don’t realize how right you are.


I am a little older than you, so I guess I have suffered a little longer as well. I am glad to hear that you’ve finally found what you were looking for, and I only wish that I could find my happy ending as well. I too, rarely bother to pick up girls, at least not in an overt way. There are techniques, which you are probably aware of that work in a passive way. Women are always attracted to confident men or to what some would say, to men with a “big dick attitude”. To have a big dick attitude you don’t neccessarily need to have a big dick, but it helps. :-)

I guess each region has its own type of superficiality. On the west coast, I guess it’s physical attractiveness. Here on the east coast it’s all about the money. In D.C. it’s about the power……so on and so forth. Actual dick size doesn’t seem to be a real factor. Many of the women that I come across are always telling me how proud they of themselves that they are independant and self-sufficient. This is all a bunch of shit. I have heard it so often, but when I get them in a moment of weakness, they confess they want nothing more than have a man take care of them. Make all the decisions, pay all the bills and give them a break from having to hack it out day to day. In my case, I get a woman who is gainfully employed. As soon as she feels that we are in a steady relationship, she will tell me something like, “You can’t believe what my asshole boss said to me today…………and I told him to take his job and shove it.” or “My job is stressing me out and I need a break or I’ll lose my mind.” or some other excuse as to why they can’t work anymore. They figure that just because I have money that they can ride on my coat tails for awhile.

Here’s the part that I can’t understand. Often they get this false expection of entitlement that is cetainly not warranted by their less than adequate treatment of me. I guess a part of their behavior stems from the fact that they are usually very pretty women that are used to getting what they want from men. I think they believe that I am lucky to even have them. Unfortunately for them, that is not what I believe. I try to make a difference in the world and I try to measure each person by their accomplishments and not by their looks. I once had this one GF who was in Playboy. She was stunning, but was nothing more than a model. To me, a model is a stupid occupation that adds nothing substantial to humanity. It requires zero intelligence and requires almost no ability except for a bit of grace. I wasn’t really satisfied with they way she was interacting with me. So I asked her, point blank, “Ask yourself this question: How am I making this man’s life better? How am I enriching this man’s experience?”

And then I added, “If the answer is: In no which way. What the fuck do I need you for? I’ll replace you with someone younger and better looking.”

She stared at me like a “deer in the headlights”. I guess she wasn’t used to not having a man plead with her. “Oh, baby please don’t leave me! I’ll put up with anything so long as you stay.”

“Fuck that shit,” is what I say. And you know what, she changed her ways real quick and I was finally getting what I wanted. Unfortunately she succumbed to the perils and pitfalls of monied city living and turned to drugs. I had her leave the city and go into rehab. She has not returned since (over 8 yrs) and is now married and doing very well. OK, you may say that I choose the wrong type of woman. You’re probably right, but I did try. I joined Mensa in the hopes of finding someone more substantial. Either all the smart, good looking chicks don’t bother to join the club or they don’t bother to show up for the meetings. Either way, the women that I did come across were either too ugly or dull as hell. I am far from being an angel and so I tend to look for a little danger in my choice of women. I guess I just haven’t found a woman with the right combination of smarts, personallity and looks. You seem to have lucked out. Consider yourself blessed.

Originally Posted by dabone
Being a NYer yourself, you know that we live in one of the most expensive cities on the planet. I’m in Manhattan, so, when you say freeloading, you don’t realize how right you are.

Man, that is hilarious. I never quite thought of that, but I suppose there are some serious gold-diggers in a city that worships the superficial.


I think you hit a few things right on the head. Women really do want a man to take care of her. That is how they are wired, and we are wired to take care of them. That was how it was designed in the first place. I do agree, I get so tired of a woman who says she is independent and doesn’t need a man. I do respect their independence and any career aspirations they may have. But each one, given the chance to let those walls come down, will admit they want a man to lead the way. I just don’t want one that wants me, like my ex wife, to do it all for her so she can sit home on her butt and watch Oprah while she sips her vodka.

I do agree that being vindictive towards women is not a good move, but I have for the most part stopped doing that. I just let any advances slide by and I allow myself to fade away with out any further interaction. But on occasion the temptation raises it’s ugly head and I have to fight it, especially with a woman who is spoiled. Sometimes they need to learn a few things.

I think in some areas money is a bigger issue than others. But even where I am from money still is a factor. I think it still has to do with a woman seeking out a man that will be able to take care of her. But the sad part of it is you get a lot of shallow women who don’t understand their is more to a relationship than just material things and a nice body. But then many guys are that way.

I guess the reason I made this post is that I was at this crossroads in my life and I had to make a choice. Each path had a different destination with one being happy and the other being alone and empty. But the alone and empty had more fun and more women involved in it. But on the surface it appeared all great, in side I knew from experience after leaving so many women’s beds after they were done with me that it was the most empty of all. I had a choice to make, purposefully find a meaningful relationship or just be a male slut. The relationship choice would take work and would be more rewarding, but the other, it would be the easy road. I looked around and there were so many woman wanting a man on a part time basis, who wanted some one to roll the eyes back in there head and then send him home with out any strings attached. I was talking myself into it saying I would be doing a service and in a joking way I told myself I would be doing charity work helping out these poor ladies. But I had this girl sitting out there on the edge who had my attention. She was different, she was real. I guess the real part was the most attractive, cause most women seem to want to play stupid games. I knew if I made the other choice, the easy one, that I would loose out on her and would forever be regretful.

I know I made the right choice. Cause it is so nice to not have the drama of five or six women in your life.


Women are genetically programed to receive. They take not only for themselves but for the offspring that they will eventually give birth to. Men are programmed to give. They show that they can provide enough for the offspring to survive. This is nature’s way and there is no way to fight it. That’s not saying that you can’t pervert it.


I’m starting to think that every woman in this town is a natural born hooker. It’s going to get so bad one day that a man’s going to have to to bling out his penis just to get some head. A fucking studio apartment goes for over $2200/mo. Car insurance is over $200/mo. Just a parking spot is about $500/mo. And then there are the accessories. Ouch. Every day here is “bend over day”.

At least it’s a lot better than LA or Miami. You can look at it that way. And where else are you going to live? San Fran would be great (aside from the expensive part) if it weren’t for all the in-your-face self-righteousness.


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