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Gf finally admitted that pe works :


Gf finally admitted that pe works :

My (otherwise sweet and very sexy) gf kept teasing me for about a year stating that I was wasting my time with my pe efforts. She is used to fuck at least once a day (which I love) and was pretty much frustrated when I had my blisters which hurt so badly that I needed a one week time-out both times. This fueled her polemics against pe which now, above being useless, lead to serious handicap. In addition, pe - for me - is absolutely unneccessary since dick size does not matter to her to as long as the dick is not a 5 inch or so.

I am a very stubborn person and kept trying to convince her to just let me do my thing for my own pleasure and that I would try to avoid blisters as good as I can.

So a few days ago we were in bed and she was playing with my dick for quite a long time, so I slowly grew into a pretty impressive erection (which I could monitor in the mirror at the side of my bed). I saw her head close to my dick apparently contemplating it whe I heard her murmur ‘it’s actually growing - I can’t believe it’.

Also, when I hit her from the back, she feels some pain on heavy and deep thrusts, but experiences better or other orgasms in all positions which are apparently related to deeper penetration.


1. The ruler doesn’t’ lie
2. Don’t get discouraged by a gf’s comments. Progress comes slowly, so initial changes are seen on the ruler but may not be felt in her pussy. Just be perseverant.

Happy new year and keep pe-ing.

Later - ttt

Good work tick what was your gain and over how long?

Yesterday I was naked in my bed with my wife when I said to her :

” Have you noticed I have lost some weight?”
She said, laughing:
“What makes you think so?”
I said: “Well, I can see my penis when I seat on the toilet!”
She answered:
“It’s your cock that is getting longer, you haven’t lost a pound my dear!”

It is at least the third time she made this kind of comment in the last few months..

Perseverance wins

Yes, perseverance pays. BIG dividends.

I can’t agree more. Sure the tape don’t lie but when the one you are with notices a difference, then that makes it all worth while. Last August/September my girl and I had a problem develop and we took some time apart. I really didn’t know if we were going to get back together or not, but I upped the level of my Ping thinking if I end up with another woman I am going to make the eyes roll back in her head or if my girlfriend comes back I will make her say “oh my God!” So over a three months period of time I gained 1/4 to 3/16 of an inch in length, but I was really pushing for thickness and I was a afraid to measure cause lately each time I do nothing changes. So I wanted to avoid getting disappoints. But it felt a lot heavier in my hand, so it had to be thicker. In mid December my girlfriend and I do a date weekend Christmas party thing and when we get back to the motel room she is in the mood and wanting it. That was three months and no sex with her, and she could tell the difference. I got my the “Oh my God” that I wanted. At first it was uncomfortable for her and the extra length was hurting some. But in the last two weeks she has gotten used to and makes comments like “I love your cock” to “You are big”. I finally measured the thickness at midshaft. I have found measuring thickness is such a variable cause it just depends on how hard you are and when you last did your PE routine. But I got a solid measurement of six inches at the mid-shaft. A few days later I got five and three quarters.I was a little bummed at the smaller measurement, but it still meant I had put on at least a 1/4 of inch in thickness. A noticeably enough gain for her to definitely feel. She was a little intimidated by it at first but has grown to appreciate the larger size. She agrees, size matters. But it was kind of brutal for me to get there, cause a few times I put enough pressure on my cock to squirt some blood out the tip. That freaked me out and I have learned to back off on applying so much pressure.

Good story hindshot. - If SHE could not tell, who could have.

Later - ttt

Glad to hear it guys, great stuff! Makes it all worth while. Last night I was sitting at the edge of my bed with my vac extender on and hanging 6lbs SO for my third set of 30 minutes and thinking to myself that is all of this worth it? I must admit that I still get bummed out thinking that I have to do all this work to get what some guys already have, that I have to continuously pull,stretch,hang,clamp and jelq my dick. Then I refer back to my own personal story and read ones like these and think that I do the same thing with my body in the gym. So is it worth it? Hell yeah!

Started 5.5 x 4.5 erect Length and Girth Goal 7 x 6.5 erect Length and Girth

Currently 5.9 x 5.5 erect Length,Girth and going !

Originally Posted by Lil J76

……. thinking that I have to do all this work to get what some guys already have, that I have to continuously pull,stretch,hang,clamp and jelq my dick. Then I refer back to my own personal story and read ones like these and think that I do the same thing with my body in the gym. So is it worth it? Hell yeah!

Also consider that those guys who always had larger penises seldom realize what it means, thus we ex average guys get the best out of our new tools and girls really appreciate

Perseverance wins

Originally Posted by ticktickticker
whe I heard her murmur ‘it’s actually growing - I can’t believe it’

Mine said “I think it shrunk.” Let me tell you that hurt! Like a swift kick in the nuts. Of course I tried not to let her notice this, so I tried to laugh as best I could. Picture that if you will, a guy trying to laugh after having been kicked in the balls…

Hey mule - how was that possible? Why did she do that?

If she’s getting all too bitchy tell her that her pussy is getting loose and her jelly too thin so you can hardly feel her vagina. She won’t forget that in years.

Later - ttt

Lil J76 - you’re on the right way. Keep rocking.

Later - ttt

Buby - that’s right. I was always a little above average but my feeling was ‘could be longer if only it were a little thicker’. But ‘til age 47 I had know idea that this was a realistic PERSPECTIVE.

A guy born with an 8x6 inch dick has a pretty big unit but that does not make him be a happy guy.

I started with 6.5 x 4.7 and I am now half way there. It may take another year, or two, or even more - I don’t care. I’m happy every day ‘cause I know I am on the way.

Later - ttt

Oh no, no bitchiness. She’s just very honest and outspoken, and I love her all the more for it. She knows I have no dicksize issue, by nature I’m well above average and I’ve never run into a woman who put me down because of my dicksize, so I guess the circumstances were never there to develop one. And I’m certain that if I had a dicksize issue and she’d know it, she’d never say a thing like that. But of course, no guy wants to hear his girl say “I think your cock shrunk!” lol Regardless of how secure I feel with my dicksize - I definitively DO NOT want it to shrink!

So what happened? No idea! I just blame it on bad angle and lighting. :D

The remark didn’t come during sex, she was lying next to me on bed and I saw how for a moment she was studying my hard on, not something she does often. Then she made that remark, and later added “You know you didn’t have that vein before.” Around that time I had one vein swell up to ridiculous proportions, seemingly out of nowhere, and a few other thinner veins to accompany it. So maybe it was a difference in overall look that gave her the perception that it shrunk, I don’t know. I’m glad to say she hasn’t said anything of the sort since. :)

I got you mule. - My always sceptical gf would well be able to do such a thing to me, in all innocence.

Later - ttt

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