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Gf finally admitted that pe works :

ticktickticker, your story is inspiring. Thanks

hindshot, I enjoyed reading about your new size also. I need this kind of motivation.

Thanks kojack10. May I ask you one question? - Why are you not updating your pe statistics?

Later - ttt

Great to hear, all of you.

It certainly is a motivator for me when my girl utters the words “its getting massive” and “what have you been doing to it”, the best one had to be “Your dick’s so juicy”
Though I havent had MASSIVE gains like some of the users on here. I have had a reasonable amount. Most of which have been gained from stints of PE. Though I have had to take breaks because I was moving home and travelling a little bit.

As I say I havent had HUGE gains but I just looked at my volume calculator on the PE Stats page and Im 4CI up from when I started. Going for the 25CI mark though.

Originally Posted by ticktickticker
Thanks kojack10. May I ask you one question? - Why are you not updating your pe statistics?

I found Thunder’s in the spring of 2003 (I discovered a book and extenders in 1997) and started my statistics then. I attempted 2 or 3 different routines that year only to give up due to missing too many scheduled PE days. In 2004 I purchased a Bib hanger. I did hang for about 6-8 weeks, but I didn’t have computer access to report anything. I didn’t get any gains, but I believe that I was on the verge of it. That was the only attempt in 04 besides a jelq routine maybe. In the spring of 2005, I attempted hanging again and gave up once again after not sticking to it. I had some computer access at that time, but I was spending time elsewhere on the net. That was it for 2005. Then in 2006, I actually considered giving up hopes of enlarging my penis forever. For a month or so, I actually accepted it. That was only temporary though, and my desires for enlargement came back. I also purchased a computer, so this has allowed me to return once again to the forum.

Basically, i haven’t updated my stats because I haven’t gained from a lack of PE’ing. So, that is what happened. Too much info maybe, but there you have it.

I’m currently attempting to stick to a modified newbie routine that starts off with only 20 jelqs and adds 10 more every third session. I’ll add manual stretches after a month. I’m still having trouble sticking to this even. I’m going to do this routine while learning more about IPR, deconditioning, and traction/extenders.

I have an interest in reading more about cell division to see if indeed mitosis is occurring and additional new cells are accounting for the size increases. Basically, that’s what I’m up to here at the forum. I will post measurement pics on my pics thread, and give exact measurements on my routine thread. I need a new ruler. I only have a measuring tape for girth with me.

Cool sacred. No bi gains you say - but excellent starting stats. At 25 you’ll be perfect, and you are almost there. Basically that’s also were I want to get: 8x6 (nbp).

Good luck to all of you.

Later - ttt

I’ve certainly not head the words, “it’s getting massive” yet. But the benefit of having a wife who is totally upfront and open with everything is that I know it works. She sees it even when I don’t. She’ll say, “well, it’s still kind of small, but it’s bigger than it was.” She even said a couple of nights ago that it felt a little bigger inside her. So yes, more anecdotal evidence that it really works.

Littlehobe, you make me smile.

‘Still kind of small’ :) - you know, for a man who knows nothing about pe (such as myself 2 years ago) these words could bring him to the edge of suicide or at least a life long dick complex. Since I am pe-ing I wouldn’t care anymore just as I don’t care anymore in the locker room of the gym or whereever you may be reminded of guys with more meet.

Later - ttt

Kojack10 - are you serious now?

I mean are you going to stick to it?

Later - ttt

Originally Posted by ticktickticker
Kojack10 - are you serious now?

I mean are you going to stick to it?

Yes, I am. I had reached a point where other areas of my life were getting out ot hand also. Procrastination was setting in too deep. I’m turning things around now.

Seeing results from PE, however small they may be, would really give me a boost.

If fucked my girl yesterday night from the back and hit her really hard. Found a space deep inside where I never been before where my glans was held so tightly that I came like hell. I know that it hurt her but I noticed that she was coming anyways so I continued thrusting hard and deep. When she recovered from her O she started to complain about pain as never experienced before.

I asked why she didn’t tell me earlier. She said that when it started to hurt she was going to come and didn’t want to interrupt the flow. Then when she came down again felt that dull pain again but now I was coming and she was kind enough to let it go.

Later, she told me that another time in a similar but a little less painful situation I had told her to hold still and that she remembered unconsciously I guess. So tell your bitch once what you want and if she is well educated she won’t forget forever :)

Later - ttt

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

An educated man calling his girlfriend a bitch. Sad.

I am sure he means well, though.

Perseverance wins

I mean very well. I love her. She is beautiful, smart, and a little more educated than me.

Never would I call her a bitch in the presence of anybody else. Never in my dining room or in the kitchen.

In the bedroom though it can happen occasionally and she never complained.

Later - ttt

Tick did u find the Fornix, by any chance?

Sacred - I’m not sure, it was too dark in there, from the feeling of tightness it could well be.

I know that she has a retroflexed uterus and I never had a woman with the fornix so close to the vaginal opening. I speculated that I might have been between her fornix and the retroflexed uterus.

The fornix - in the fornix .. Well that reminds me of a porn story I read when I was in puberty. I never thought it is possible except in books. Is it? The cervical canal is very small normally? Isn’t it?

Zaneblue - help, please. You’re the one who knows these things - aren’t you?

Later - ttt


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