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Gaining in Bursts

Gaining in Bursts

hey guys.

okay, so this is the 3rd month i’ve been PEing. At first, i wasn’t really gaining anything. But holy shit did that change! I couldn’t believe it! I had gained about a centimeter in the space of a couple of weeks! Are burst gains like this considered normal (or at least not too outlandish)?

Also, now that i’ve been doing it for a while, what do you suggest I do to ensure continued gains?

Bpel: 6.57 Eg: 5.5 (26/8/05) Bpel: 6.77 Eg: 5.55 (23/9/05) Bpel: 6.91 Eg: 5.7 (8/10/05) Bpel: 7.06 Eg: 5.8 (23/11/05)

It has been like this for me also, Long time with no gains, and then suddenly I notice the gain, Happens almost over night.

If what you are doing is working then why would you change it?

Are you doing the newbie routine Zapata?

yeah, something like it. A couple of sessions of jelqs a dsay (i don’t count, i just do them absent-mindedly), and random stretching as well.

Bpel: 6.57 Eg: 5.5 (26/8/05) Bpel: 6.77 Eg: 5.55 (23/9/05) Bpel: 6.91 Eg: 5.7 (8/10/05) Bpel: 7.06 Eg: 5.8 (23/11/05)

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