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Having trouble gaining?

Having trouble gaining?

I haven’t gained anything for several months, and I decided I was going to change that. I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t been gaining untill yesterday when I was doing some squeezes. It just didn’t feel like It was doing me any good so I started thinking back to the days when I was gaining and realized I haven’t done a workout of only jelqing since the last time I gained. I’ve gotten so caught up in advanced moves that I haven’t been making time for jelqs. I decided to do a couple sets of 200 jelqs like I used to. By the time I finished the first set my dick was wore out. I couldn’t even begin the second set. Today my dick is the sorest its been in a long time and I’m very excited. I am starting to get that fire back that comes along with the joy of making gains. So this is just a thought to anyone who has been struggling. If gains haven’t been coming maybe it’s time to reevaluate your workout and get back to the basics. After all, the basic maneuvers are what got most of us our first gains.

Thats great man… sometimes its best to just get back to the basics. How much did you gain before?

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

I gained 0.7” BPEL and 0.5” EG in about 6 months and have not gained in about 7 months. Hopefully that’s about to change.

5/02 5.8" BPEL x 4.3" EG 7/03 6.5" BPEL x 4.7" EG Goal 8.0" BPEL x 6.0"

Does it really have to be sore to gain?

what’s your method of jelqing? Single hand dry jelq (grip at base, run throughout the shaft length till head), or double grip dry jelq (one hand grip at base, the other hand moves up) or doing the above 2 by wet jelqing. Do you erect jelq, or flaccid jelq or semi erect jelq when doing any of the above???

I’m also getting frustrated with no gains, esp after an injury in the foreskin about a month back, due to which I’m doing things light and occasionally.

HLH, I’ve always felt that if I wasn’t sore the next day I didn’t work it hard enough. The past few months I guess I have just been slacking off because it rarely became sore.

rg, I am currently using one handed dry jelqs from the base to about an inch under the glans. If I have some extra time I will do wet jelqs, but I haven’t really had much time lately. I suppose I could be doing them right now, but lube on the keyboard isn’t a good thing. :D

5/02 5.8" BPEL x 4.3" EG 7/03 6.5" BPEL x 4.7" EG Goal 8.0" BPEL x 6.0"

Yeah, me too. If at all I do jelqs wet jelqs is out of question. For me it simply burns the skin… gains or not it’s too much of a hassle.

Me, myself, also decided to go “back to basics”, now that the LOT experiment was over. I noticed that I had gone too far with these complexive “ground breaking” new exercises, even though I’m sure I still have a lot to gain with the basic ones.

I had one month of no real lenght gains. Now that I took 30 sec stretches (with reverse kegels, though, to eliminate the PC muscle, to put more stress on ligs/tunica) and basic wet jelqs back, I feel like I’m going to make some good gains again and my dick is really responding to the exercises. :up:

Even though my manual streching is probably going to go bye-bye as soon as I receive my bib… ;)

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