Foreskin help!


I’ve been doing a wet/dry jelq for about two weeks now and all I get out of it is a lot of discolouration. What seems to happen is that all the foreskin will pile up to the glans and when I do the “milking” motion, blood just gets forced into the skin and not the penis. I believe that is the reason why I have terrible discolouration happening. As well, it visibly appears that only the vessels in the skin are expanding. I’ve attempted to jelq by using a modified procedure which involves stretching the skin back to its original position, but that does not work either. I have a “turkey effect” going on where the foreskin and the skin covering the scrotum will all just be moved forwarded so that it renders the jelq pretty useless. Is there any technique I can apply in my situation so that I am not just forcing blood into my foreskin? More importantly, I also have a “baseball bat” effect going on here, and I’m jelqing and stretching to get rid of that, so if you can provide any assistance, be keep that in mind when providing a procedure. Thanks!

- Eric