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foreskin no-retraction

foreskin no-retraction

Pardon the tangent, but as long as y’all are on the subject of circumcision, does anyone have a foreskin that doesn’t retract?

My six year old son’s foreskin doesn’t retract, and he’s beyond the age of two or three or four when the foreskin is supposed to naturally pull back. The condition is called phimosis. Some doctors freak out about it and recommend circumcision. Our pediatrician says we should leave it as is, and just see if it eventually retracts, or if not, let him participate in the decision about whether to get cut after he reaches puberty. The doctor says it will not restrict the growth of his penis.

But I’m wondering: do any of you grown ups have a foreskin that doesn’t retract? How’s it working? And how does it feel? Any hygienic concerns? I’m cut so I can’t imagine having a foreskin, let alone one that doesn’t retract.

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It is my late in life understanding that “scegma” can be released
so that the skin can be retracted MUCH later than the ages you say.

I know for me I was 14 or so.

Look at me now!

Do NOT make him have surgery. Leave it alone and it will be OK.,

mine doesnt retract, never has, i remember going to get it checked out when i was a kid but they said leave it and let me decide. i decided no, its not wierd, the only thing is if a girls jerking me off then she wont know that it wont pull back, it can be a bit of a bitch when pissing, if you dont get enough pressure behind it then it dribbles out and can come back at you, not nice.


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I think you need to consider circumcision.

I would get a second and third opinion.

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Well, that six year old is now almost 11. His foreskin still hasn’t retracted, but he hasn’t had any problems with it. On advice of his pediatrician, I remind him to pull it back and stretch it a little each time he’s in the shower. The opening is a little bigger now, but not more than maybe an 1/8th of an inch — when he pulls it back his glans are not visible from my side-of-the-tub view. I’m not considering having him circumsized. It’s not an issue in his life right now, and if it ever becomes one I’ll support him in whatever course he wants to take. He’s a smart kid. I’m sure he’ll make a very informed decision, if he wants to do anything about it at all.

I remember my foreskin being very tight and I wasn’t able to retract it, when I got to somewhere around 11/12 years old i was able to. At first it was still tight but over the years it got easier and it’s been fine for years now.

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Originally Posted by Giblet
I remember my foreskin being very tight and I wasn’t able to retract it, when I got to somewhere around 11/12 years old I was able to. At first it was still tight but over the years it got easier and it’s been fine for years now.

In my case, the phimosis stayed until I was 16 or 17, and only by some good old porn did I realize how the penis was supposed to look like with the foreskin retracted. Without any advice from any doctor or anyone else, I began a series of manual skin stretches to be able to pull back the foreskin. When in privacy, I just simply pulled and stretched it back and held it in place, feeling the stretch.
I do not know how long it took for the skin to fully retract. But I do remember that it was very gradual, each time a little more of the glans would peek out like a timid gopher.. But even as it gradually retracted, and then fully retracted, the skin felt too tight around the glans for me. When erect, it was impossible to fully pull back the foreskin, but eventually I managed that, but sometimes it felt like the foreskin was strangling my penis. After a few years I think it has been stretched enough that I do not have the sensation of tightness.
I fact, I think that because the hood was always on the penis, and then me pulling it back, it caused extra skin that I would not have otherwise had if only someone who knew better had told me as a child that the skin is supposed to fully retract. I honestly did not know that, only that certain men, like my father, had had a circumcision, which meant death to the “hood,” but I did not know that those who kept the foreskin were able to fully retract it.
Then there is the gnawing suspicion that perhaps if my foreskin had retracted since youth I would have at least another half an inch of length, but who knows, and now it makes no difference. Another BIG issue I had was the sensitivity issue.. I could not even touch the glans without it being too much, let alone wash it with water and soap. So I thought that I had to condition the glans, so that sensitivity would subside, but it took a while. Sex was sometimes too much as the glans pulled back during intercourse due to a sensation not of pain but of uncomfortable sensitivity. I had to make sure when putting on a condom that the foreskin would not retract, otherwise the sensation was too much for me. But the skin always retracted anyway. Eventually this was no longer a problem for me.
Another thing that I had to teach myself was the importance of thoroughly cleaning under the prepuce and the head of the penis. If not done daily an accumulation of smegma is apparent, and of course this is not desirable. Oh how I wished I had been circumcised if for only the hygienic reasons, as I think about the 16 or 17 years without me being able to wash the penis under the foreskin. Also when trying different P.E. Methods, and finding out how much harder it is for the uncut in many different ways, I wish those in charge of my infancy had taken me for a snipping.. But they did not know any better. But then thinking about having it done, an adult circumcision, and then knowing all that was in store for me from that as opposed to an infant circumcision, it is not worth it.
So my advice Ike would be to have your son stretch back the foreskin gradually, so that eventually it can retract fully and before he reaches puberty. There should not be any need for him to be circumcised. He would most likely decide not to do so.

Mine doesnt retract. Consider that it hurts like HELL for me when a girl is jacking me off. I didnt tell her, nor did I want to ruin the moment. Regardless, she tried. After about 30 mins, still no ejaculation and I went limb. She was confused, and I told her “forget it, I’m finished”. I swelled up and couldn’t erect for over a week =(

I had that as a kid till I was 9 years old. My mother tried everything to pull it back manually to no result and my dad once before showering said, son look, you have two options:
1)get circumcised
2)Every time you are in the shower pull it back little by little and let the stream of warm water push the skin back.

I chose option number 2.
At first it hurt like you wouldn’t believe, but I was dead set on doing it, and after six months of this daily battle I finally pushed my skin back. It’s the tougher road, but if you want your foreskin it’s the only option really.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

I was cut as a child so cannot comment personally. However, as food for thought, a gentleman on the TLC Tugger website comments:

“Phimosis usually is not a problem anyway, for I personally know 2 guys whose foreskins will not retract who have perfectly fine sex lives, and I saw an amateur video a while back of a man with phimosis having oral sex and intercourse with his wife, and he had no problem either.

Phimosis being a problem is usually a U.S. Obsession. In most of the rest of the world (including the developed nations of Europe, Canada, and Australia), it is just considered a normal variation.”

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