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Red foreskin

Red foreskin

Im uncut and have red foreskin, its not a result of PE but it has become worse.When i say i have red foreskin i dont mean all of my foreskin is red its only at the tip of the foreskin and extends down a little.Iv noticed that because of PE and stretching of the foreskin and foreskin growth the redness has extended lower if you understand what im saying.My question is, is there any way to prevent it or reduce the redness.I know this may sound like a stupid question but i have to ask, im sure im not the only one.


Dear Jelqking,

Well I saw you also post about cleaning cock, right?. Well maybe your bad cock odour is coming from the red foreskin problem?. Why don’t you go to the Doctor and get definite check-up.

I also uncut and in the early days-the the foreskin starts to loosen up I also produced lots of cheese, but I try always to retract the foreskin and always clean with soap when showering. As the result the cheese is Nada :) . Well, hope that could help. Oh ya, may I know your stats??? and how long you’ve been doing PE because I saw you are a senior member. Thanks, seeya and take care:)

The redness may indeed be related to a cleanliness problem or mild infection. It wouldn’t hurt to see a physician about it. See my reply to your cleaning question, too.

occa - you’ll be a Senior Member in about 38 posts. That status is based on the number of posts only and has nothing to do with a person’s age or their PE skills or gains.


As a Senior Member you should know the Forum Guidelines by now.

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Occa, i remember when i was very young when i pulled back my foreskin for the very first time.I remember seeing the cheese, the very first time the cheese was fairly thick and i had to kind of peel it off.Now that i think about it my memory is becoming clearer, i know remember masturbating when i just discovered masturbation, i remember feeling the cheese because back then i couldnt retract the foreskin.WOW i can still remember exactly where i was in the house at the time.From what i can recall the cheese keeped on producing but not as much, maybe because i keeped cleaning it.Since the cheese i realised the penis must be cleaned and iv been cleaning it ever since.The cheese has never come back and iv never had a problem with any penis smell ever until now. I clean my cock every day in the morning and every time after a workout and after sex and sometimes after masturbation.My stats are 6.5x 4.5 iv been doing PE for maybe 15 months on and off.

Westla, you sure do know what your talking about im starting to think maybe i should see a doctor but could it be because of enlargement,like i said iv never had a smell before and the redness has gotten worse but theres no irritation at all.I wouldnt be comfortable telling my doctor about PE.Is there anything else you could add.

Memento, i do know the rules but please tell me if i have broken them.

Maybe you have a yeast infection, does it itch? If it does get some jock itch medicine like lamisil

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Jelking me most likely means I instead of i

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


What guideline did he abuse? As a newbie myself, it is frustrating to see someone be admonished for not following guidelines, but with no details.

Commas, periods and spaces….at least.

It’s kind of hard to read a post without ‘em.

But besides that, start a good personal hygiene program for your dick, meaning, pull the skin back, soap him up, clean and then…rinse. You can even apply some good moisturizer after you dried yourself. Nivea Cream works wonders…I’m not kidding.

Make that your routine every morning and every night in the shower. Trust me, it works if you keep it up. But that should be done without saying, though.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

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Hi guys:)

Hi there Westla
Thanks for your info, I never knew how much post should I had until I could be called as senior member, but thanks to you, now I know it. For me it doesn’t really matter if I’m a senior member or not, the important thing is I could still be in this cool forum and could have as many info from all of you nice guys:) . Thank you very much to all of you:D

Hi there Jelqking,
Wow your stat know is 6,5”x4.5” Damn thats big. How big is it when you first started?. And go to the doctor OK. ASAP!:) and gives us what he thinks OK.-Hopes nothing serious.

To Uncut4big
Have you ever think of getting a circumcision before? especially when you’ve found out that you’ve got something more than the other kids.

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