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Does the foreskin grow with your gains or are gains limited to what the skin allows

Does the foreskin grow with your gains or are gains limited to what the skin allows

I read at another board that for guys who are uncut, gains could be hindered because of the foreskin. Not because the foreskin causes complications or anything like that, but because once there isn’t enough foreskin, it’ll become a problem.

I was reading some poste here on Thunder regarding foreskin and most cut guys say they actually have a lot of loose skin after doing PE and they get some foreskin restoration. Can that apply to guys with foreskin as well? I’m not cut and I just want to know if my skin will strech along with my gains?

Hey quik123,

The skin stretches, don´t worry. If it ever becomes a problem just get a hanger and you´ll stretch the skin easily with it. Kind of a nice problem to have though huh, outgrowing your skin ;)

For the record, I´m uncut and I have stretched skin through hanging. Not sure about jelqing and stretching, that doesn´t put the same preasure on it as a hanger. But since growing is a slow process it´s possible that the skin adept without problem there as well.

Jelktoid, or another devoted jelqer, should be able to answer this better.

No your not limited by your foreskin you r skin will grow allong with you dick.

Thanks for the help guys!

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